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Robora is an eCommerce software platform that helps small to medium-sized businesses manage digital orders, donations, and pre-orders. While Robora's services can be quickly integrated into an existing website with only a few lines of code, they also provide support for businesses that don't already have a website. Instead, users can just copy and paste a generated link from directly to their target audience and watch their sales grow.

4 Alternatives to robora

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Pros & Cons of robora


  • Provides a free trial.
  • Offers a variety of inexpensive pricing options.
  • Payouts occur within a short time frame.


  • Doesn't work with many currencies.
  • Only pays out to U.
  • S. citizens.
  • Small firm with limited support options.

Features of robora

  • Provides order, catalog, and inventory management solutions.
  • Handles donations, waitlists, and a host of other essential eCommerce services.
  • Simple and easy setup, with no pricing requirements.

robora Reviews

  • Written by User 1 on 2018-01-17 04:38:41.
    In terms of the services offered, Robora is especially useful for smaller businesses that have only recently entered the market. With its competitively low pricing model, Robora is ideal for users who either don't already have a website in place, or are otherwise still trying to build it out to make it appear more professional. Since Robora offers a free trial for its services, there's little risk involved for prospective customers, but it's worth mentioning that there are some limits in place. For instance, under the free model, Robora takes a larger transaction fee and limits prices to be no greater than $10.

    For both those under the free model, and those who decide to pay $15 a month for the unlimited plan, payouts occur on a near daily basis. Users don't need to worry about linking their PayPal account or any other merchant accounts to use Robora. Instead, users only need to link their bank account, which will directly receive the deposits from any purchases after just a handful of days. This ease of use is one of Robora's biggest strengths and is one of the main reasons that they're strongly recommended for small businesses.

    It's worth noting that there are some issues with Robora though. As it currently stands, Robora is still fairly small in the industry themselves, which means they have limited support and scaling options. Businesses that are already well established will likely want to go with a different eCommerce sales platform that can offer more comprehensive features. Since Robora doesn't offer any payment services for business owners outside of the United States, their target demographic is also fairly limited. If you live outside of the United States, or would like to trade in a currency that isn't one of the four that Robora currently supports, then you'll likely want to look elsewhere for your eCommerce software needs.

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