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To help you find the perfect screw bit set, our team is putting in a lot of effort to gather information and to present it in a neatly arranged way.
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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
Our Picks

13 Best Screw Bit Set Alternatives

DEWALT DEWALT DWA2T35IR 35 Piece IMPACT READY FlexTorq Screwdriving Set image
Top Pick

DEWALT DWA2T35IR 35 Piece IMPACT READY FlexTorq Scre...

  • Minimizes Drops
  • Reduces Wobbles & Breakage
  • 10x Magnetic Screw Lock
Makita Makita B-49373 75 Pc. Metric Drill and Set image

Makita B-49373 75 Pc. Metric Drill and Screw Bit Set

  • Includes bits for drilling into metal wood and masonry materials as well as...
  • Includes (5) Phillips (5) Pozidriv (5) Torx and (5) slotted insert bits
  • Includes (3) Phillips (3) Pozidriv (4) Torx (2) slotted and (4) hex power ...
Irwin Tools IRWIN Tools 33-Piece Impact Series Fastener Driver Set image

IRWIN Tools 33-Piece Impact Series Fastener Driver B...

  • Built for maximum durability and long life with impact drivers
  • Forged bit for superior fitment and increased life
  • Manufactured with heavy duty cold forged high grade steel
AmazonBasics Amazonbasics 151-piece screwdriver bits set image

Amazonbasics 151-piece screwdriver bits set

  • All-inclusive kit filled with the most common bit types and sizes-perfect fo...
  • Steel bits with smooth sandblasted finish offer durability and corrosion-resis...
  • Also includes mini pliers a magnetic extension bit holder and a ratcheting ...
Jackson Palmer 208 Piece Ultimate Screwdriver Set image

208 Piece Ultimate Screwdriver Bit Set, High Grade C...

  • Ultimate set: 208 Pieces including Nut Drivers Security Bits Torx Slotted Ph...
  • Built for work: Made of high grade carbon steel (50bv30 & 6150 Grade) ...
  • Practical: Includes multiples of the most common bit sizes so you can keep ...
Bosch Bosch T4047 Multi-Size Screwdriver Set image

Bosch T4047 Multi-Size Screwdriver Bit Set (47 Piece)

  • Set includes 47 pieces featuring insert bits power bits magnetic nutsetters ...
  • Made of the highest quality S2 tool steel for durability
  • Ideal for almost all driving and fastening applications
Craftsman Craftsman Ultimate Screwdriver Set image

Craftsman Ultimate Screwdriver Bit Set - 208 pcs Pow...

  • The Craftsman 208-Pc Ultimate Screwdriver Bit Set includes: Slotted Torx Phil...
  • Alloy steel construction delivers durability and reliability for use after use
  • Includes standard & specialty bits for total coverage
Aoxin Mixed Screwdriver Assortment Set image

Mixed Screwdriver Bit Assortment Set Square Screw Po...

  • PH2x5,PZ2x5,SLx5,T30x5 Total 20pcsx50mm(2") Halter
  • Snub Nose Design for Ideal Fitment,Shock-Resistant Tool Steel for Maximum Dur...
  • Advanced Hardening Process Provides Maximum Durability
TACKLIFE Tacklife 61 in 1 Screwdriver Set image

Tacklife 61 in 1 Screwdriver Bit Set, PSDB1A Precisi...

  • Chrome Vanadium Steel Material - Manganous phosphate treatment surface with m...
  • 60 Bits with ansi Standard - Precise match screw driving set includes 60 p...
  • 1/4 Magnetic Extension Bit Holder - Well suited for all brand drills electr...
Kobalt Kobalt 210-Piece Screwdriver Set image

Kobalt 210-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set

  • The most popular screwdriver bits for most do it yourself projects
  • Hardened tempered steel for maximum life and performance
  • Tough case to keep the bits organized
DEWALT DEWALT 100-piece Combination Impact Screwdriver and Drill Set image

DEWALT 100-piece Combination Impact Screwdriver Bit ...

  • DeWALT 100-Piece Impact Bit and Drill Bit Combination Set 4 Storage Cases
  • Tough case container bit retention system keeps bits secure
  • 100-piece set for most drilling and driving needs
Makita Makita A-98348 50 Pc Impactx Driver Set image

Makita A-98348 50 Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set

  • Precision machined tips with superior fitment for full contact fit and longe...
  • Performance-optimized S2 steel construction for extended life
  • Calibrated heat treating process for added durability
 Craftsman 208-Piece Ultimate Screwdriver Set image

Craftsman 208-Piece Ultimate Screwdriver Bit Set New...

  • Craftsman 208-Piece Ultimate Screwdriver Bit Set New Free Shipping
  • The Craftsman 208-Pc Ultimate Screwdriver Bit Set includes: Slotted Torx Phil...
  • Alloy steel construction delivers durability and reliability for use after use
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Screw Bit Set Buying Guide

Buying the right screw bits can be a big problem if you’re not quite sure about what to look for. The handyman, the construction worker and the mechanic all need the right tools for any given task.
That’s why there are an array of different screws bit to use and consider. So let’s take a look at the best features, peculiar ones and those that any person can pick up or those quick buys ready for good use now.
The first thing any screw bit purchase needs is consideration of the strength that each bit on display has. It’s necessary for screw tips to withstand unusual resistance. It’s never advisable to intentionally put extreme pressure on your tools, but often times, the nature of handy work presents unexpected needs.

This also applies for situations where the outcome or response came unexpected and therefore strain the ability of your tools. All of this starts with first finding a strong, reliable bit that you can put trust and faith in. Many bits have a magnetic component, a reciprocating feature or multiple bits patterns you can choose from.
None of these are significant alone. But what you will be surprised or impressed with is a strong screw bit once you realize that you’ve had it over many years. The only way you do this is by first shopping for strength and above all else. If the brand is strong, it doesn’t matter if it has other features.
You can always buy the same product and as a different pattern in most cases. As long as you assure that your screw bit will last or stand the test of time, then your in the best position to make an awesome purchase.
- Types Of Screw Tip Bits

There are four basic screw tip designs that you should take into consideration. The basic patterns that are likely to find daily use include: a phillips head, a flat head, a star head and allen wrench pattern. The phillips head is a four point pattern that's created by two flat head patterns and that cross each other.
The flathead is, therefore, a singule pattern with one wedge shaped head. This wedge shape can even be mistaken for a chisel tool. Next, you have a popular pattern that used to unscrew any screws that have been stripped.
When a normal screw gets stripped, the standard screw bits won’t be able to grip the screw head when it’s already lodge in wood or other material. Therefore, in order to take out a stripped screw, you need a special bit for the job. This specific bit is call a star bit. It looks similar to an allen wrench pattern.

However, the star bit has at least six individual teeth. These teeth are capable of gripping most irregular patterns that we find in a stripped screw head. The next pattern to consider for a good screw tip set is the allen wrench. This is also called a hex key as the basic pattern of a square also comes in a hexagon variation.

Not all screws use this pattern, but you’re likely to run into it for other reasons. It’s therefore good when you find the allen key pattern among your set of tool bits. You should now be aware that once you’ve found a strong brand or a bit that will last through the test of time, you can start looking for pattern variations.
Important Notes And Things To Consider

Now that we know about tool strength and various patterns that can help, we can now look at other features that different manufacturers offer. Sometimes, you find a tool with screw bits either as a box set or an entire driver who bits are stored away within the actual screw driver.
In summation, you have the option to buy new screw bits as single replacements, as a group of up to 10 that come a with a driver or as an entire box set with 6 to 100 different sizes, patterns and materials.
Theses features are helpful depending on your specific needs.
Therefore, some of the features you’ll see are long shafts, magnet tips and special warranties or guarantees. Magnet tips, for example, are good for placing a screw on your bit and without the screw falling of the bit since it’s magnetized. That same feature is great for when you drop a screw where your fingers can’t reach in.

All you need to do is take a screwdriver with a magnetic tip and extend it to wherever your screw fell. In a moment, you should feel the touch of your screw pulled by the magnetic tip.
Some designs for screwdrivers are either very short, medium in length or extremely long also. Theses are features that help for specific reasons. A short shaft is helpful when there’s little space to work within. This small shaft helps yoru hands to get where they couldn’t should you be using a smaller extension.

Longer shafts are helpful for getting to where most tools can’t reach. These are the considerations, and now you’re empowered to finish a great deal of work.
Here are some products to consider:
- MILWAUKEE Electric Tool 48-32-4006 Shockwave Bit Set

This 40-piece set can do wonders for any handyman. The main take away are the shock absorptions of the drivers. This tool will feel good in your hands for the most part. You won’t get tired of using them and may not even realize there’s a tool in your hand to begin with. Customers love this set, and it’s clear as to why.
Not only does this package come with reasonable discounts, the bits are among the strongest material you can currently buy. This is achieved by using s special kind of steel. This is steel that is treated in a heating process and for outrageous strength. The result is durability you can trust.
The tips were also forged in a manner that gives them more grip than standard bits have.
- DEWALT DW2166 45-Piece Screwdriving Set with Tough Case

If you’re looking for a portable case that you can also rely on, then you don’t have to look much further. The DW2166 is a 45 bit set that packages both bits of various sizes, patterns and materials. More importantly, this product is often rated as the best seller. You get bits, a solid case and drivers to use your bits with.
Forty-five different bits should be enough for any labor professional to put to use.
- CRAFTSMEN Ultimate Bit Set - 208 pcs Power Tools Box Case Original
If you find that you’ll need another bit than what’s in this 208 piece set, then not much is going to help you. Yet, for the price and the number of bits you get, this is surely a great winner. You’ll be able to have strength along with the almost endless number of bits to put to good use.
The bits are made from alloy steel that’s been used by handymen, construction workers, and DIY enthusiasts alike. The modeled case will also make carrying these bits a very easy prospect.
- DEWALT DWA2T35IR IMPACT READY FlexTorq Screw Driving Set, 35-Piece

It’s not always a sure thing just because you see a screw bit with a 4.5 out of five stars. The rating is impressive however, and it also fits the actual product. This Dewalt set has an engineering factor to it that allows it to remain protected against falls of heavy weight.
The tool doesn’t wobble or have pieces that can become loose by any means. It uses magnetic tips, and the bits can even pivot to minimize damage or any breakage. But this also includes a lock system, so that you rarely lose your bits if one falls or scatters.
- BLACK & DECKER 71-081 Double Ended Screwdriving Bit Set, 10-Piece
Don’t be fooled by the number of screw bits you get in this set. Though you’ll only have ten, you can get a lot done with them. You also will get all of the basic shapes that most screw bits are used for. They include a flat head, a phillips, a star and square bit. This is definitely a great set to start with.
- Ten-piece double-ended screwdriving bit tip set
- Bit-tip bar fits easily into a tool box, work belt pocket, or drawer
- Part number: 71-081
- Includes Phillips, slotted, square, and star bit tips
- Ideal for common projects around the home and yard
Important Facts

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