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Animation Paper is a program that is easy to use with features for those who enjoy drawing or draw for a business. You can draw images in black and white and in color.
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10 Best Alternatives to Animation Paper

Synfig Studio icon

Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is a powerful piece of animation software that offers a pleasantly surprising number of features for a free platform.
Pencil icon


Download Pencil for free. Cross-platform 2D animation software. Pencil is a cross-platform open-source 2D animation software. Its first aim is to make traditional animations (cel, cartoons, etc).
Pencil2D icon


Pencil2D Animation is an animation software optimized for two-dimensional hand-drawn animations. This free software comes with its own tutorials, and the website frequently updates with news about new content.
Spriter icon


28 Jun 2013 . Report post. Posted June 28, 2013 · http://www.
Spine icon


Spine is software that allows game developers to create exciting 2D skeletal animations. The software features a streamlined work flow so developers can focus more on the quality of their games without unnecessary distractions.
PowToon icon


PowToon is a presentation application for users who want to break away from traditional marketing slides. The platform has templates that help you make entertaining and engaging animated videos and presentations.
Animation Desk icon

Animation Desk

Animation Desk x Creativity 365. Unleash your creativity every day with the entire collection of Kdan Creative App Series, premium online services, and 1TB cloud storage.
DigiCel FlipBook icon

DigiCel FlipBook

FLIPBOOK IS FAST, EASY & POWERFUL! - BUY IT NOW! - FOR ONLY $19. 99 FlipBook is undeniably the easiest 2D animation software. But it is still powerful enough to do everything most animators will ever need.
Toon Boom Harmony icon

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is professional software designed for animators and used by some of the most high profile studios in the world.

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Animation Paper Icon Features of Animation Paper

Program allows for drawing any images
Editing and drawing in real time
Details are sophisticated for the novice as well as the professional

Animation Paper Reviews

by grex about Animation Paper on March 2, 2018:
This software program is one that you should consider using whether you draw for a living or if you draw as a hobby. The simple interface and components allow you to focus on your creations and what they look like instead of the technical details that are sometimes seen with other programs. Keep in mind that it's often best to use the program on a tablet or another device that allows you to draw by tapping or scrolling on the surface instead of using the program on a mobile phone as there usually isn't enough room to see all of the details that are offered.

The program is very responsive. You can quickly flip from one screen to another and look at the work that you have created in a matter of seconds instead of downloading and retrieving the files that you have created. The latest technology is used with the program to deliver quality lines as well as striking details. A benefit is that the program works well with frames of all sizes. However, it works best with larger frames. You can easily rotate images that are drawn and edit them to get just the right details in the picture that you want. There are tools to change the colors of the images, or you can draw in black and white. There is an option to cut out details and paste them into a different area of the drawing. An option for importing and exporting videos and stacks of frames is an option as well. This program is one that is beneficial for all who are interested in drawing in any profession and in any manner.
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