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Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is professional software designed for animators and used by some of the most high profile studios in the world.
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10 Best Alternatives to Toon Boom Harmony

Synfig Studio icon

Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is a powerful piece of animation software that offers a pleasantly surprising number of features for a free platform.
Pencil icon


Download Pencil for free. Cross-platform 2D animation software. Pencil is a cross-platform open-source 2D animation software. Its first aim is to make traditional animations (cel, cartoons, etc).
Pencil2D icon


Pencil2D Animation is an animation software optimized for two-dimensional hand-drawn animations. This free software comes with its own tutorials, and the website frequently updates with news about new content.
Polycode icon


Polycode is a C++ and Lua framework for building interactive applications. It is free, open source and cross-platform.
Moho (Anime Studio) icon

Moho (Anime Studio)

Buy the best animation software for creating cartoons, 2D movies, or cutout animations direct from Smith Micro - Moho is perfect for beginner to pro!
Adobe Flash Builder icon

Adobe Flash Builder

If you are facing issues while downloading your Creative Cloud apps, use the download links in the table below.
DigiCel FlipBook icon

DigiCel FlipBook

FLIPBOOK IS FAST, EASY & POWERFUL! - BUY IT NOW! - FOR ONLY $19. 99 FlipBook is undeniably the easiest 2D animation software. But it is still powerful enough to do everything most animators will ever need.
Animation Paper icon

Animation Paper

Animation Paper is a program that is easy to use with features for those who enjoy drawing or draw for a business. You can draw images in black and white and in color.
Adobe Edge Animate icon

Adobe Edge Animate

Download Adobe Edge Animate CC HTML5 animation software when you get started with Creative Cloud. Start your free trial today.

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Pros of Toon Boom Harmony

Facilitates everything from character design to post-production effects
A variety of payment plans mean you can pick the version that's right for you
Easy 2D to 3D integration

Cons of Toon Boom Harmony

Subscription plans can be pricey for amateurs and professionals working on shoestring budgets
Has a slight learning curve for those transitioning from Flash

Toon Boom Harmony Icon Features of Toon Boom Harmony

Deformers and cut-out animation tools
Broad color palette and hand-drawing tools
Pipeline integration with a number of external products

Toon Boom Harmony Reviews

by grex about Toon Boom Harmony on March 2, 2018:
Producing high-quality animation used to require large teams of animators and significant budgets, but technology is creating a more egalitarian approach to who can break into the industry. One of the programs leading the charge in the future of animation is Toon Boom Harmony. Using its intuitive and robust tool kits, you can easily transform your designs into smooth animation and make it ready for film, TV, or video games all through the Toom Boom Harmony interface. Toon Boom Harmony has been used on a range of popular programs, including The Simpsons, South Park, and Rick and Morty.

An artist is only as good as their tools, and Toon Boom Harmony has developed a creation suite that helps artists and animators take their hand drawing and computer design skills and take them to the next level. From sketches to animation, you'll have everything you need to develop your characters and create a living, breathing world around them. Best of all, erasing and adjusting your work is easy with the drawing and painting tools on hand. Toon Boom Harmony's brush engine uses bitmap and vector technology to create component parts that are easier to animate, and a wide range of palettes mean you can easily integrate complicated textures and shading into your designs. Once you have your designs in place, you can make use of other cool tools to create highly stylized features. Their powerful deformation tools are great for facilitating cut-out animation and creating the impression of a hand drawn look regardless of the tools you used to create the animation in the first place. If you're looking to take the traditional path and animate like the old days, Toon Boom Harmony allows that. Their traditional paperless animation simulates the experience of creating an animation by hand without having to sit on piles of cels and without having to worry about starting over when you make a mistake. Once you've created the basics of your animation, you can spruce it up with dynamic lighting and shadow effects.

For the longest time, Flash was the de facto tool for amateur animators and professionals working with smaller budgets. If that's where you got your start, you'll find the transition to Toon Boom Harmony simple. Despite some minor changes to the interface, the layout and tools available are very similar. This software supports drawing tablets like the WaCom but also provides a number of line drawing, freehand, and shape-based tools to create professional looking vector graphics with just a mouse and a keyboard.

The developers of Toon Boom Harmony understand the value of high-quality animation in interactive media, and they have a number of features designed to accommodate the budding game design. Two dimensional and three dimensional integration means you can create complicated cel shading effects or replicate the look of retro games with a higher level of polish. You can easily export your designs directly to a number of major game engines and integrate it with a number of major animation and design software suites.
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