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Dudepins is a visual blog that allows you to bookmark content that interests you by pinning it to your personal page. It is essentially a version of Pinterest with content that is catered directly to men and male interests.
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Pros & Cons of Dudepins


  • Easy to use
  • Clean, stylish design
  • Content marketed for men
  • Lots of results to browse through


  • Very similar layout to Pinterest
  • Small variety of different categories to make up your montage

Features of Dudepins

  • Easy to use, image driven blog with plenty of content that men might find interesting or useful.
  • Allows you to customize your interests to see the posts you might want to see first, as well as follow other users if you like the type of content that they are pinning.

Dudepins Reviews

  • Written on 2018-03-02 04:26:11:
    "The website itself is designed in a way that is very minimal and stylish, with all borders logos and text featuring a monochromatic color scheme that makes it appear sleek and clean. Dudepins tagline claims that it is “the site for men & manly interests” and just from the landing page alone I can see that is true.

    Before even registering for an account I am greeted with an endless scroll of suggested posts to look at or save, everything from watches to recipes, cars to facts about nature, and fashion advice to workout tips.

    Thus far Dudepins has lived up to its claim, all of the suggestions feature products and advice directed at men specifically, though there is nothing to be seen that might dissuade a female with similar interests from creating an account either.

    The registration process is simple, asking you to log in with either your existing Facebook or Twitter account, or if you prefer to create a new account using your email address.

    You then have the options to choose what interests you would like your “montage” to contain which included the expected things from my first glance such as sports, travel, and diy-tutorials, but also more ambiguous categories such as “dude-stuff” and “dudettes”.

    After choosing your interests you are then prompted to “follow some dudes” with a list of suggested users you can follow.

    All told it took less than a minute to get registered and begin browsing.

    The website itself was very easy to navigate, and it took little time to get used to the features in order to make the most of my experience. I spent about 15 minutes browsing through the different categories and found several interesting articles available to be pinned.

    All in all, I thought Dudepins was a well-designed website and a marketable idea. With their unique brand of content, I think they have an opportunity to capitalize on some men’s reluctance to use Pinterest if they can increase brand awareness.

    If there was anything negative to be said, I would have to say it relates to the execution of the idea itself. The whole thing felt like a clone of Pinterest, and I could not help but feel like they could have found a more unique user interface."

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