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Zoho Mail is an app that is convenient so that you can check your messages while you're on the go or when you don't want to log in on another device.
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32 Best Alternatives to Zoho Mail

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Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. 15 GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access.
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Thunderbird is a free, open source e-mail client from Mozilla, the makers of the popular web browser Firefox. It comes with a number of powerful features to manage your e-mail accounts and messages.
Slack icon


Slack is a team messaging app that allows all members of a project to maintain clear lines of communication. Users of the app can receive notifications on their desktop when new messages are posted, integrate the app with office tools, and create customized channels.
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Email made easy and beautiful. Manage multiple accounts with the best email client for Windows. Download the #1 mail client program free Now.‎Features - ‎Why Choose Mailbird?
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ProtonMail is one of the best encrypted email platforms on the market, and the encryption is more than powerful enough to protect your most sensitive email communications.
Yandex.Mail icon


Get Yandex mail. Free spam-free mail. Unlimited mail storage, protection from viruses and spam, access from web interface, email clients, cell phones, smartphones and tablets.
Postbox icon


Postbox is an email client that combines all of your email accounts into one program for use on your Mac or PC desktop. The software gives you access to both IMAP and POP email accounts, along with your RSS feeds.
G Suite icon

G Suite

An office suite built by Google, G Suite integrates a growing list of the brand's cloud-hosted products. As a business-facing title, G Suite has a monthly fee structure, but new clients can sign up for a 14-day trial.
Mailpile icon


Mailpile was built so that users would have the ability to keep control of their sensitive data by hosting email directly on your own system instead of through the internet.
Yahoo! Mail icon

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is a full-featured web-based email program that runs on both desktop computers and mobile devices. On mobile, it can run either as a web app or as a native app for Android or iOS.
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Personal & professional email ➤ 100% free ➤ spam filter ➤ Convenient mail collector ➤ Mobile app ➤ Register with GMX today.
Inky icon


Inky is a software program that roots our phishing emails to better your cybersecurity. Phishing is the process by which cybercriminals copy the majority of a legitimate email, but outfit it with an attachment that leads to a site that makes you more vulnerable to hackers, exposing your personal, and oftentimes financial, information.
Spark icon


A Description of Spark Software Spark application is a cloud-based platform that allows construction companies to manage their customers. It is a customer relationship management platform that allows construction companies to contact their customers, manage customer inventories, offer branding options, make accurate reports, automate sales, and offer many other services with the aim of increasing sales over time.
Airmail icon


Airmail - Lightning Fast Mail Client for Mac and iPhone.
FastMail icon


Secure, reliable email hosting for businesses, families and professionals. Premium email with no ads, excellent spam protection and rapid personal support.
Newton Mail icon

Newton Mail

Newton Mail is a versatile cross-platform email client that will work with most Android and iOS devices. It was originally called Cloud Magic before the company redesigned the platform to include more features.
AOL Mail icon

AOL Mail

Discover the AOL app: Where it all comes together. With the new AOL mobile app, access your AOL email anywhere and receive instant email notifications.
Mailgun icon


Mailgun is a service that helps you make sure your transactional mail makes its way directly into the inboxes of your clients.
TypeApp icon


TypeApp - The best Android and iOS email app ever created for mobile devices. Fast, simple and easy, TypeApp is the best email app for Android and iOS.
ALTO Mail icon


Alto Mail is an email client that with a deep bench of features and the ability to aggregate all of your email accounts in a single application.
Hushmail icon


Hushmail is a mobile email app that allows you to send secure emails to both Hushmail users and other email service provider users. The app uses encryption technology to ensure that only the person with the correct password can read the email.
Campaign Monitor icon

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor gives you all the tools you need to effectively reach clients for your professional marketing campaigns.
mail.com icon


Email how it is supposed to be: ✓ Free, simple and secure ✓ Manage multiple mail accounts in one place, from any device ✓ Sign up today! Premium LoginUpgrade to Premium using your email login.
Front icon


Front is a collaborative email platform that allows a team of professionals to work together in the same digital communication system no matter where they are in the physical world.
Mail-in-a-box icon


Mail-in-a-Box is based on a collection of other software packages provided by Ubuntu. We call these packages system software packages. These packages may have security or other functionality updates.
elevio icon


Used by Fortune 500 companies right through to small SaaS sites, elevio helps you increase user engagement and loyalty, while dropping support costs.
Mailjet icon


APIs make software much more accessible and are changing the way we code and what it means to be a developer.
Microsoft Outlook icon

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a popular information manager that is included in the Microsoft Office suite that can help you keep your email, calendar, contacts, and more all in one place.
Zimbra icon


Over 500 million people rely on Zimbra and enjoy enterprise-class open source email collaboration at the lowest TCO in the industry. Discover the benefits!
Sanebox icon


Sanebox is a software program that is designed to clean up and reprioritize your email inbox. What Sanebox ends up doing is usually a complete overhaul of your email system.
myMail icon


The home of Mail Rewards and everything you love about the Mail.
Amazon WorkMail icon

Amazon WorkMail

Amazon WorkMail is a secure, managed business email and calendar service with support for existing desktop and mobile email client applications. Amazon WorkMail gives users the ability to seamlessly access their email, contacts, and calendars using the client application of their choice, including Microsoft Outlook, .

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Pros of Zoho Mail

Templates to follow
Make separate folders for contacts
View multiple messages

Cons of Zoho Mail

Overwhelming at times with so many

Zoho Mail Icon Features of Zoho Mail

Can't customize notification sounds as much as other programs
Calendar for reminders
Add contacts
Create and save files

Zoho Mail Reviews

by grex about Zoho Mail on May 22, 2018
"This app is similar to other websites and apps that allow you to check your messages, but you can log in to multiple sites at one time instead of only one at a time. You can send and receive emails with the app and so much more. Set up a calendar to create events and track appointments or special dates that you need to remember. There is a notification that you will receive before that day, making it easy to keep track of everything that you have to do when you're not at home or when you're not at a desk. You can create a list of contacts from your mobile device or from social media pages. The people you interact with via email messages are saved to your contact list as well. When you need to send a message, all you have to do is search for a name or enter the first few letters of a name to see a list of the people on your contacts list.

There is a detailed menu featuring separate files for contacts in your inbox. This alone is a benefit of the app because you can clearly see which folder needs your attention more than others, and you can customize the name of each folder. There are templates for messages to follow if you aren't sure what to say in a message as well as a folder for drafts that aren't sent out yet and that you might need to edit in the future. You can swipe from one screen to another to view the different options that are available. The app is simple to use and offers numerous details that other email programs don't offer."
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