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Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. By bringing people together to work as one unified team, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate. Sl...ack helps you work in a more connected, flexible, and inclusive way. Slack makes access to your colleagues easy — message anyone inside or outside your organization and collaborate just like you would in person. People can work in dedicated spaces called channels that bring together the right people and information. Read moreless
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Alternatives to Slack

  1. SeaTable alternatives



    With SeaTable, teams can easily organize their tasks, assets, projects and ideas. It looks like Excel, but its not limited by text and numbers. SeaTable brings structure to any type of information,...

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  2. TimeGuru alternatives



    Advanced Planning, Time tracking and Invoices made easy. Customise the worksheet to meet the requirements of your company. Decide what to register by enabling modules for time tracking, mileage, ex...

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  3. Skype alternatives



    Skype is a one-stop shop for everything you might need related to communication, and it provides all these services in a sleek, easy to use interface. The software can handle text messaging with r...

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  4. Telegram alternatives



    In a world where free information is under pressure and the eye of surveillance is everywhere, Telegram Messenger is an instant messaging app that keeps users hidden. Social, gadget savvy people wi...

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  5. Trello alternatives



    Trello is a productivity app with a strong visual bent. With this app, you can organize your professional or personal life on a colorful customizable digital bulletin board. Trello is available on ...

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  6. Hangouts alternatives



    Hangouts is a chat application by Google that can send text messages, video messages, and even host conference calls and live streams for YouTube content. The app is free to use and is available on...

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  7. Discord alternatives



    Discord is a Voice over Internet Protocol software system that provides individuals from all over the world with the opportunity to talk to their friends, make new ones, and enjoy a group forum env...

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  8. Asana alternatives



    Asana is an exceptionally simple way for any business team to monitor their performance levels while improving systems where they can be improved. The software gives your team the power to take co...

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  9. eXo Platform alternatives

    eXo Platform


    As a communication and data sharing program, eXo Platform has been designed from the ground up to help enterprises streamline their most important communication processes. Businesses that have wast...

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  10. Signal alternatives



    Use anything by Open Whisper Systems. Edward Snowden, Whistleblower and privacy advocate. Signal is the most scalable encryption tool we have. It is free and peer reviewed. I encourage people to us...

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  11. Wrike alternatives



    Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. With the help of our product, managing projects becomes easier. Our project management too...

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  12. Todoist alternatives



    Todoist is an iOS & Android app that helps you organize your life by scheduling all of your tasks, syncing across multiple devices, and even offers shared to-do lists so you can keep your whole fam...

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  13. Basecamp alternatives



    Basecamp is the calm & organized way to manage projects and people.

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  14. WorkFlowy alternatives



    WorkFlowy is an interesting app that was designed to help you make lists and take notes. It has simple utility that almost anyone can use right away without any training, and it is powerful enough...

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  15. Glip alternatives



    Glip software is a framework used for the purpose of integrating: • Task management • Video conferencing • Notes • Calendars • Communication tools • File sharing It is developed as a cloud-based c...

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  16. Bitrix24 alternatives



    Bitrix24 is a customer relationship management platform that can help you business improve their outreach to and communications with your clients.

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  17. Samepage alternatives



    Collaboration software that makes team communication and online project management easy from any device. Award-winning team chat, video conferencing, file sharing, task management, and real-time do...

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  18. Redbooth alternatives



    Redbooth is a browser-based project management app designed to scale to the demands of a wide range of businesses.

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  19. Freedcamp alternatives



    Our mission is to empower people to achieve great things together​. The notion of simple collaboration has been lost and split into hundreds of fragments with countless tools trying to solve each p...

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  20. Wire alternatives



    Secure messaging, file sharing, voice calls and video conferences. All protected with end-to-end encryption.

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  21. Mattermost alternatives



    As an alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging, Mattermost brings all your team communication into one place, making it searchable and accessible anywhere. Its written in Golang and React and runs...

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  22. Rocket.Chat alternatives

    Rocket. Chat is an open source software application for communication among team members via chat, videoconferencing, live chat widget, and other methods. Rocket. Chat is free to download and offer...

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  23. Hall alternatives



    Review Source: Software Advice. I have not used Hipchat competitors extensively so I cannot compare features or anything like that, but I would say I am very satisfied with Hipchat. I work remotely...

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  24. MeisterTask alternatives



    MeisterTask is the most intuitive collaboration and task management tool on the web. Sign up, invite your team and start working. No training required.

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  25. Producteev alternatives



    Producteev is the world’s top social task management app for teams. It’s really powerful yet seamlessly simple to use. It’s helped thousands of teams get work done faster. And it’s….

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  26. Taskulu alternatives



    Flexible task management, realtime chat, time logs and deep integrations. Taskulu helps you get results and scale your team performance.

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  27. Hitask alternatives



    Hitask is a unique project and task manager for teams. It helps to focus on team collaboration, getting tasks done and manage an entire project.

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  28. Beehelp alternatives



    A collaborative web platform that allows workers to be put in touch with the aim of sharing questions, good practices or ideas.

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  29. HipChat alternatives



    Atlassian is probably best known for their JIRA product, which helps development teams organize their work while tracking the life-cycles of software bugs and new features. However, the company has...

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  30. Quip alternatives



    Quip is a software program that allows for businesses to create "quip" documents that act as a spreadsheet or centralized data hub. Quip documents are very flexible and can get a lot of information...

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  31. Zulip alternatives



    For those who are familiar with Slack, Zulip provides something similar except ensures productivity while emphasizing communication with your teammates. Too often, workers are bogged down with emai...

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  32. Confluence alternatives



    Confluence is a project collaboration tool that makes it easier for companies and organizations to create project ideas, work together, and complete projects. The editor section of the software all...

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  33. Yammer alternatives



    Connect with people across your organization to make better decisions, faster.

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  34. Paymo alternatives



    Paymo is a project management tool that enables freelancers and small businesses to keep track of the multiple projects they are handling to ensure they are completed successfully and within the ti...

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  35. DropTask alternatives



    DropTask is an app originally designed for mobile phones, but currently available across a wide variety of platforms. Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, and iPad operating systems will all support Dro...

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  36. Gitter alternatives



    Gitter is a website that is designed to create and connect communities online. It is somewhat like a social media site, but is often geared more towards businesses or other organized groups. It all...

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  37. Let's Chat alternatives

    Let's Chat


    Way back in 2012, we didn't like any of the existing chat services out there. So we decided to write our own. Let's Chat is a persistent messaging application that runs on Node. js and MongoDB.

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  38. Messenger alternatives



    Count on the broadest range of innovative laptops, 2-in-1s, portable All-in-Ones, and phones that you can use like a PC. Expect long-lasting batteries, faster processors, and high-resolution displays.

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  39. Smartsheet alternatives



    Smartsheet offers businesses spreadsheets for the 21st century. The product's varied features make it a versatile tool and lend it heavily to project-management needs. Businesses can purchase per-u...

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  40. Podio alternatives



    This is a mobile app that puts communication at the forefront of any business.

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  41. Dropbox Paper alternatives

    Dropbox Paper


    Dropbox Paper is a new type of document designed for creative work. Collaborate in real time, assign tasks, make to-do list and more. Start today!

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  42. Teamwork Projects alternatives

    Teamwork Projects


    Teamwork Projects is a project management software for professionals who want to deliver results. Teamwork Projects helps you plan, collaborate & deliver. Learn more.

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  43. Stride alternatives



    I found a great domain name for sale. Check it out!

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  44. dapulse alternatives


    Commercial is a collaboration tool designed to help managers better organize their teams and busy professionals focus on the task at hand rather than determining the task to focus on.

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  45. Taskworld alternatives



    Turn your mobile into a hub for all your projects. Track work, chat with your team, organize files and analyze performance on the go. Trusted by thousands of teams in over 80 countries to finish wo...

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  46. Bloomfire alternatives

    A smarter knowledge sharing platform to transform tribal knowledge into working company data. Eliminate information silos, increase productivity.

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  47. Flow alternatives



    FLOW Snowboarding, snowboards, boots, bindings, snowboard apparel and accessories. Flow snowboarding sick since 1996.‎Boards - ‎FLOW Bindings - ‎Boots - ‎Snowboard Bindings.

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  48. Huddle alternatives



    Huddle is an application that is designed to create the ultimate document sharing program. Huddle allows you and multiple partners to all work on the same material at once, and makes it easier than...

    {{ alternatives[47].votes }}
  49. GroupMe alternatives



    They say more than a sentence ever could. Snap a pic on the go or share an old one to relive some memories together.

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  50. Pumble alternatives



    Pumble is communication tool that allows teams of all sizes to collaborate. Unlike other team chat apps, Pumble is available for an unlimited number of users and with unlimited chat history for free.

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  51. Twake alternatives



    Twake covers all of your organizational needs through a single platform - no need to deploy 5 different tools simultaneously.

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  52. Moxtra alternatives



    Moxtra, a business collaboration platform, offers power messaging, annotation tools, voice clips, and voice & video meetings.

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  53. WhatsApp alternatives

    WhatsApp is an app supported by Android, Apple, Windows phones, and Mac or Windows PCs that allows you to message people all over the world for free.

    {{ alternatives[52].votes }}
  54. Hightail alternatives



    Hightail allows professionals to easily share large files and more effectively facilitate collaboration on projects.

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  55. IBM Connections alternatives

    IBM Connections


    Transform your business with infrastructure, services and tools for integrated cloud computing.

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  56. Higher Logic alternatives

    Plug in a few numbers and automatically calculate your business’ potential cost savings through ticket deflection, attributed to your industry-leading online community platform.

    {{ alternatives[55].votes }}
  57. Microsoft Teams alternatives

    Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration in Office 365 that integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.

    {{ alternatives[56].votes }}
  58. Zoho Connect alternatives

    Zoho Connect is a team collaboration software that helps teams ideate, discuss, and work together, from any place, on any device.

    {{ alternatives[57].votes }}
  59. alternatives is a tool that simplifies the way teams work together - Manage workload, track projects, move work forward, communicate with people - Adopt a management tool that people actually love to...

    {{ alternatives[58].votes }}
  60. LeanKit alternatives



    Leankit is an app that allows you to identify opportunities for your business to improve through the use of Lean fundamentals.

    {{ alternatives[59].votes }}
  61. Telegram Messenger alternatives

    Home · FAQ · Apps · API · Protocol · Recent News · Dec 30. Themes, Multiple Accounts and More · Nov 15. Albums, Saved Messages and Better Search &mi...

    {{ alternatives[60].votes }}
  62. Teamwork alternatives

    Teamwork is not an individual software. Rather, it’s a whole suite of them (think Microsoft office). The Teamwork suite includes Teamwork Projects, a project management software; Teamwork Des...

    {{ alternatives[61].votes }}
  63. MyChat alternatives



    Secure instant messenger for enterprise network that can work in LAN and over the slow Internet connection.

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  64. Notezilla alternatives



    Notezilla is the leading sticky notes app for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad and the web. Set reminders to sticky notes, Pin sticky notes, attach sticky notes to websites, docs & folders, sync them ...

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  65. Mana alternatives



    Have everything in one place. Communications, notes, projects, wikis and documents. Run your entire Team using Mana.

    {{ alternatives[64].votes }}
  66. Pensil alternatives



    Pensil is a simple and easy-to-integrate platform for creators and educators to run, manage and monetize their online communities, cohort-based courses, or micro-schools.

    {{ alternatives[65].votes }}
  67. Riot alternatives

    Communicate the way you want with Riot - a universal secure chat app entirely under your control.

    {{ alternatives[66].votes }}
  68. Contus Fly alternatives

    Contus Fly, an instant messaging solution helps to build chat app, voice & video calling apps for Website, Android & iOS platforms. And also integrate messaging SDK & chat API to your existing apps.

    {{ alternatives[67].votes }}
  69. Tipicalls alternatives



    Tipicalls is a free meeting room with team management features. It will help you in your everyday life working from home or at the office. It is the best free alternative to the actual platforms in...

    {{ alternatives[68].votes }}
  70. Ayoa - The all-in-one online whiteboard alternatives

    The smarter way to work. Ayoa is an all-in-one online whiteboard where you can brainstorm ideas, work together and get things done

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  71. CopyBucket alternatives



    CopyBucket is a cloud-based clipboard. It gives you the power of cloud-storage with the ease of use of copy/paste. Add items in buckets using copy/paste or drag-n-drop. Items appear on your o...

    {{ alternatives[70].votes }}
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Slack Reviews

We have 2 reviews for Slack. The average overall ratings is 4.5 / 5 stars.

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grex avatar
My Opinion on Slack
written by grex on 2018-03-26 08:05:01
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money

Overall Opinion: Keeping a team on track requires good communication. Slack was developed for project teams as a multi-faceted messaging app. While the software is not intended to replace email, it can complement methods of traditional communication. It is a much better alternative than using Messenger or similar apps. Team members are able to maintain a connection and discuss projects in real time. Slack can be used for free, but doing so is restrictive. All features are unlocked with paid plans that begin at $8 per month for each user. It is possible to pay annually and receive a discount. Large organizations can qualify for enterprise pricing. One drawback of the app is that teams with many members will find that the platform is expensive. Messages on Slack are delivered in channels. The organization can decide which channels to create and which team members have access. One a user has signed up and logged in, a dashboard appears with all accessible channels in the left sidebar. The user clicks on a channel and the channel's messages are displayed. Up to 10,000 messages can be retrieved. It is possible to edit messages once they have been posted. Links can also be shared in messages, and there is a decent preview mode that allows users to see content before clicking on the link. One of the best features of the software is an ability to create custom alerts. Users can create an alert that will trigger when a certain word is used in a message. There is a Do Not Disturb feature which will let users turn off messages when they are asleep or otherwise engaged. Slack succeeds on many levels, but at times the app can become chaotic. It is very easy to lose the thread of a conversation in a channel where many people are communicating at the same time about different issues. This can be easily resolved by creating more channels, but learning how to efficiently use the platform requires a strong learning curve.

Pros: Create customized channels Edit messages after posting Alerts can be customized to keywords

Cons: Channels can become too chaotic Plans for large teams are very expensive Takes time to learn how to use effectively

grex is using Slack every other week recently.
downy avatar
A chat app for teams that belongs to this day and age
written by downy on 2020-06-03 15:37:20
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money

Overall Opinion: It helps me collaborate with my colleagues to do day-to-day tasks, via chat most of the time and via video calls on the rare occasion. It has a beautiful interface which can be customized to fit your taste.

Pros: Slack makes communicating with your teammates easy. It has been very useful especially during the covid-19 pandemic while everyone has been working from home.

Cons: I really dislike the Drafts feature and wish I could remove it but they don't offer this option unfortunately.

downy is using Slack almost every day since at least a year or more.


  • Free ($0.00 / month)
  • Pro ($6.67 / month)
  • Business+ ($12.50 / month)
You can view all available pricing models on Slack's pricing page.


  • Team messaging app
  • Create unlimited channels
  • Free basic plan
You can always update Slack to add more features!

Slack Videos

Youtube Video: Slack Tutorial. Inbox Zero for Everything

Unified Communications with Slack Slack has become for my team an essential tool, keeping us on track. Here is a link to our newest course.

Disclaimer: This video was not made by us, but we found it interesting enough to embed it here.


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