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DropTask is an app originally designed for mobile phones, but currently available across a wide variety of platforms. Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, and iPad operating systems will all support DropTask... read more.
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41 Best Alternatives to DropTask

Trello icon


Trello is a productivity app with a strong visual bent. With this app, you can organize your professional or personal life on a colorful customizable digital bulletin board.
Wunderlist icon


Wunderlist is a program that makes keeping track of all the lists that you make easier than ever. You can create lists for everything from what to pack for a vacation to what needs to be discussed in a business meeting.
Slack icon


Slack is a team messaging app that allows all members of a project to maintain clear lines of communication. Users of the app can receive notifications on their desktop when new messages are posted, integrate the app with office tools, and create customized channels.
Asana icon


Asana is an exceptionally simple way for any business team to monitor their performance levels while improving systems where they can be improved. The software gives your team the power to take control of projects, tasks, and conversations so that they are maximally beneficial.
Remember The Milk icon

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is the popular to-do list that's everywhere you are: from your phone, to the web, to your Google apps, and more. Used by millions worldwide.
Todoist icon


Todoist is an iOS & Android app that helps you organize your life by scheduling all of your tasks, syncing across multiple devices, and even offers shared to-do lists so you can keep your whole family on track.
Wrike icon


Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. With the help of our product, managing projects becomes easier.
WorkFlowy icon


WorkFlowy is an interesting app that was designed to help you make lists and take notes. It has simple utility that almost anyone can use right away without any training, and it is powerful enough to meet the needs of professionals.
Basecamp icon


Basecamp is the calm & organized way to manage projects and people.
Toodledo icon


Toodledo is a productivity management app that allows you to organize your various tasks right from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.
OmniFocus icon


OmniFocus is a productivity app that was designed to help with managing any and all tasks. The app is incredibly flexible, and the controls are easy to learn and straightforward.
Freedcamp icon


Our mission is to empower people to achieve great things together​. The notion of simple collaboration has been lost and split into hundreds of fragments with countless tools trying to solve each piece.
Quire icon


The best collaborative project management software for breaking down goals in hierarchical lists.
MeisterTask icon


MeisterTask is the most intuitive collaboration and task management tool on the web. Sign up, invite your team and start working. No training required.
Doit.im icon


Doit. im is a Cross-platform Best Online GTD Service, which can sync with Phones. Under the guidance of excellent task management principles, Doit. im sort your mind out, to get rid of various pending ideas, and helps you organize tasks and focus on items in hand, so that you can closely track your work and feel easy when faced with bulks of complicated projects.
Any.do icon


Any. do is a manager for your to do lists and calendar events, with both Android and Apple apps, as well as a Chrome extension and web based app. Because of its availability on the web, you can sync your to do lists and other account features across multiple devices.
Wekan icon


Wekan is an open source kanban platform used to facilitate communications and productivity in the workplace.
Taskulu icon


Flexible task management, realtime chat, time logs and deep integrations. Taskulu helps you get results and scale your team performance.
Taskworld icon


Turn your mobile into a hub for all your projects. Track work, chat with your team, organize files and analyze performance on the go. Trusted by thousands of teams in over 80 countries to finish work on time, Taskworld offers you the most complete task management experience available on mobile.
Producteev icon


Producteev is the world’s top social task management app for teams. It’s really powerful yet seamlessly simple to use. It’s helped thousands of teams get work done faster.
Checkvist icon


With Checkvist you can create and share online outlines, project plans, online checklists, and task lists. Very keyboard friendly, with code, Markdown, and OPML support.
Nirvana icon


Nirvana is a cloud-based task manager built for Getting Things Done® that helps you clarify what's relevant now, so you can accomplish big and little things when it counts the most.
Taskwarrior icon


Welcome to Taskwarrior. Taskwarrior is Free and Open Source Software that manages your TODO list from the command line. It is flexible, fast, and unobtrusive.
Hitask icon


Hitask is a unique project and task manager for teams. It helps to focus on team collaboration, getting tasks done and manage an entire project.
Paymo icon


Paymo is a project management tool that enables freelancers and small businesses to keep track of the multiple projects they are handling to ensure they are completed successfully and within the time limit.
Restyaboard icon


Access your Restyaboard notifications through Amazon Echo. This Restyaboard Alexa Skill is developed using AWS Lambda. You will need to login to Restyaboard in Amazon Alexa Android App.
Zenkit icon


Zenkit is a collaborative project management tool that people can use to manage their data throughout the entire project lifecycle. It is a centralized online workspace for users to organize their ideas, projects and business.
Smartsheet icon


Smartsheet offers businesses spreadsheets for the 21st century. The product's varied features make it a versatile tool and lend it heavily to project-management needs.
GTDNext icon


About Us. GTDNext is a Online To Do list software based on David Allen's Getting Things Done Methodology. We are bootstraped and built by a small distributed team in the US and Europe.
Hightail icon


Hightail allows professionals to easily share large files and more effectively facilitate collaboration on projects.
Avaza icon


All-in-one software for professional teams. Seamless project management, time tracking & financials for a more efficient & profitable business.
Process Street icon

Process Street

Process Street is a mobile app that was designed to help businesses keep track of all their most vital tasks. It does so by offering comprehensive checklist functionality and tools for maintaining standard operating procedures of any variety.
TeuxDeux icon


TeuxDeux is a simple, designy to-do app. If you like making to-do lists, you will love TeuxDeux. The idea was to build a bare-bones, but visually compelling and highly usable to-do app: Use the browser-based TeuxDeux at work/home and then take your to-dos on the road with the iPhone app.
Moo.do icon


Moo. do is a comprehensive outliner, task manager, calendar and email client in a single platform. It uses streamlined integration to increase productivity, enhance organization and allow advanced communication between apps.
dapulse icon


Monday.com is a collaboration tool designed to help managers better organize their teams and busy professionals focus on the task at hand rather than determining the task to focus on.
Plan icon


Plan is a software program that allows for all lists, calendars, and tasks to be sorted into a centralized system for organizational purposes. The ability to instantly add tasks to a calendar is one of the main features that this software allows for in the newly developing field of workflow organization.
WeDo icon


Do. Track. Improve. Keep track of habits, groceries, homework, classes, bills, planner, calendar and tasks. For iPhone, Android, Chrome, iPad, and Mac.
Cascade Strategy icon

Cascade Strategy

Strategy software for planning and execution. Create your strategic plan, cascade it to your people then execute your goals, projects & KPIs.
GQueues icon


GQueues is a task management app for Google and G Suite users. GQueues is capable of tracking millions of tasks not only for people, but also for organizations and companies all over the world.
Teamwork icon


Teamwork is not an individual software. Rather, it’s a whole suite of them (think Microsoft office). The Teamwork suite includes Teamwork Projects, a project management software; Teamwork Desk, a help desk software; and Teamwork Chat, a chat software.
FacileThings icon


FacileThings is a website where users can take control of their life and their day by organizing the things they need to do so they can focus on living a stress-free life.

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DropTask Icon More About DropTask

DropTask is an app originally designed for mobile phones, but currently available across a wide variety of platforms. Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, and iPad operating systems will all support DropTask.

DropTask is a visual task management app. Its easily navigable interface, bright colors, and use of shapes are all important aspects of the app. DropTask is an organizational and analysis app designed for visual learners - people who tend to glean more from a graph or a few bright colors than a string of numbers.

DropTask is optimized for use by both individuals and businesses. Whether you're a student organizing your projects or a creative professional working with a team, this app has features that you can use.

The basic calendar doubles as your to-do list. You're able to populate your days with the tasks that you need to do and then create a personalized schedule based around those tasks. DropTask's interface helps you to prioritize and rationally plan the best use of your time, with room for breaks and fun in addition to work.

In DropTask for business (also free, also available for the five mentioned operating systems), there's also a team calendar option. Team members can input their availability, which will help enormously with setting deadlines and assigning important tasks.

DropTask for business also allows real-time collaboration and syncing with other team members on a project. Team members can be "dropped" onto their assigned tasks. Since DropTask keeps track of assignees and task progress, you'll be able to see how projects are going at a glance.

If you're the head of a project, you can have complete control over DropTask for business and restrict what others see using member permissions. You can also integrate the DropTask app with preferred data hosting sites - Google, Outlook, Dropbox, iMindMap, and Evernote.

Pros of DropTask

Visual interface accommodates visual learners with customizable options
Scheduling is easy with the planning of a to-do list and sorting of priorities
Team collaboration is easy to sync and responsibilities are easily tracked
Personal and team project progress can be easily tracked

Cons of DropTask

Analytical and hard data learners may have trouble with the graphics
While DropTask is free, DropTask Business requires a purchase (though collaborative teams receive discounts when they purchase several licenses at once)
The app doesn't do work for you; you are wholly responsible for your own organization and task execution

DropTask Icon Features of DropTask

An easy-to-navigate interface with multiple visual cues for visual learners
Group collaboration across projects
Syncing across multiple devices and projects
System notifications to update on any changes in project status or priorities
Calendars which can be easily populated with to-do lists and schedules
Task reminders when needed
Commenting and messaging functions for collaborative work
Ability to integrate external data programs in DropTask Business

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