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zvite is the fast, modern way to schedule meetings. It takes the pain out of finding the right date and time to meet and makes scheduling virtually effortless... read more.
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StrawPoll Meetings

StrawPoll Meetings offers a simple interface to create polls that can be used to schedule meetings. With two simple steps, your next meeting is scheduled in seconds.
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Doodle is a free tool that is based online and used to help with creating schedules that will work for everyone involved. The app is a freemium piece of software, which means you can download, install, and use it for free, but there are paid tiers you can elect to purchase for an additional premium that unlock additional features.
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Calendly is a piece of software that makes it easy to schedule meetings amongst various individuals. It is excellent for managing your own schedule of meetings with your colleagues, and it works well for businesses that want to schedule appointments with their clients.
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Appointment scheduling software. Smart customer scheduling on autopilot.

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zvite Icon More About zvite

zvite is the fast, modern way to schedule meetings. It takes the pain out of finding the right date and time to meet and makes scheduling virtually effortless.

With zvite there's no more emailing back-and-forth, switching tabs to see your calendar, or checking off time slots. You can do it all with one click.

Organize group meetings and 1-on-1's instantly. zvite is beautiful, easy to use, and fully integrated with Google Calendar. Sign up for free!

zvite Icon Features of zvite

Schedule group meetings and 1-on-1's
Modern, easy to use interface
Unlimited invite types
Private by design
Fully integrated with Google Calendar
No ads
100% free

zvite Reviews

by Dude McDude about zvite on August 24, 2019:
New and not yet good enough. Couldn't figure out how to avoid double-bookings. Invitee is told they'd get a confirmation by inviter, but that function does not exist within zvite.

Good idea: You can block a timezone. Perfect for conference use if not in the invitees timezone. (But the timezone needs to be more clearly visible to invitees.)

Conclusion: Cannot recommend at this stage (August 2019).
by altsimon about zvite on August 24, 2019:
Fantastic design and incredibly easy to use! A great free alternative to Doodle polls.
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