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Zapier software is an online platform that seeks to connect different applications, ensuring that workflows are automated at the business or personal level... read more.
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IFTTT icon


IFTTT is an amazing app that allows you to create automation chains between your various apps so that certain events trigger other events to occur automatically. icon

Send automated emails, run drip campaigns. Automate social and mobile messages, run smart twitter campaigns.
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Integromat icon


Integromat is a mobile app that allows individuals or businesses to automate tasks that are currently performed manually. It does this by integrating different apps, transferring and transforming data, and working automatically all day every day.
Skyvia icon


Skyvia is the all-in-one cloud data platform for no coding data integration, cloud to cloud backup, management via SQL and data access via OData interface.
Huginn icon


Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!
CloudHQ icon


CloudHQ is a website that offers an entire suite of productivity tools that integrate with Gmail. Tools include an email tracker, email templates, and email sharing.
Connect icon


Connect is software designed to assist users in database integration. Connect does by way of numerous “integration modules”, on which the foundations of its infrastructure are created.
Azuqua icon


Azuqua helps people integrate their applications and automate their business-critical processes without code or specialized skills. Build powerful integrations between cloud apps to boost productivity and manage data.
Microsoft Flow icon

Microsoft Flow

Automate tasks by integrating your favorite apps with Microsoft Flow. Make repetitive tasks easy with workflow automation. icon is an integration platform that helps your business more easily connect to the cloud-based services they use the most.
Cyclr icon


Embedded integration toolkit for SaaS applications.
Workato icon


Experts agree - we're the leader. Forrester Research names Workato a Leader in iPaaS for Dynamic Integration. Get the report. Gartner recognizes Workato as a “Cool Vendor in Social Software and Collaboration”.
FlowXO icon


Engaging with customers effectively is essential for businesses. icon

AOMEI Tech offers you the best backup & restore software and disk partition manager to help you protect data safe and manage hard drives well on Windows PCs/Laptops/Servers.
Scribe Online icon

Scribe Online

Scribe Online is a leading Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that combines cloud-based convenience with the agility required to deliver successful, custom data integration, migration and replication.
Bedrock Data icon

Bedrock Data

Bedrock Data provides cloud data integrations through bi-directional syncs of softwares including HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, ConnectWise and many more.
Anypoint Platform icon

Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft provides the most widely used integration platform (Mule ESB & CloudHub) for connecting SaaS & enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise.
Babelway icon


Unique online B2B integration platform to easily build document flows, transform them between any two formats and transfer them via any protocol. icon

n8n is a free node-based "Open Source" (with Commons Clause) Workflow Automation Tool. It can be self-hosted, easily extended, and so also used with internal tools.
Sameroom icon


Sameroom helps connect chatrooms (even when they’re running on completely different services).
Dell Boomi icon

Dell Boomi

Accelerate your business. Connect everything, engage everywhere and run anywhere with Boomi's industry leading iPaaS platform.
TIBCO Cloud Integration icon

TIBCO Cloud Integration

TIBCO Software is the leading independent provider of infrastructure software creating event-enabled enterprises to use on-premise or as part of cloud computing environments.
stargate365 icon


Stargate365 is an online platform that connects apps together. You can share or move data automatically from one app to another app to automate your work.
Amazon API Gateway icon

Amazon API Gateway

The API Gateway allows you to easily connect the front end and back end aspects of your applications.
PipeGears icon


PipeGears is a platform that lets you build serverless backends, automations and integration by visually snapping together modules. With PipeGears, you can create and run scheduled jobs to integrate data from one system to another, or create HTTP webhooks that can be triggered by other systems to execute customized business logic.
zzBots icon


zzBots is an easy to use web based software platform for integrating your apps and automating your workflows. 1. Sync data between apps apps in realtime to avoid redundant tasks such as manually importing & exporting or copying & pasting between apps.

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Zapier Icon More About Zapier

Zapier software is an online platform that seeks to connect different applications, ensuring that workflows are automated at the business or personal level. The platform features new and powerful technology innovations that make it possible to move data across different web applications automatically. The software developers hoped to enable users to automate their processes and systems, make it possible for the deployment of computers in executing tasks, and allow employees to deliver services efficiently. When a user has the right tools to get the best out of Zapier, he or she is able to accomplish tasks ten times faster and reduce the workload on his or her employees significantly. The software is gaining market penetration because many people are attracted by features such as capacity to access previous task logs, be connected to different accounts, ability to import or export data via Google sheets, and its dashboard.

Pros of Zapier

Some of the benefits that come with using this platform are
The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for businesses to incorporate it into their own systems.
It makes it possible for the automation of tasks execution using different web applications through the ‘zaps’.
Zapier features a lean dashboard that makes the management of web-based applications easier since it zaps with ease.
It has a task history feature that allows users to monitor all the activities and get an overview of those that were executed successfully and those that didn’t go through.
The platform can support more than 300 connections simultaneously.

Cons of Zapier

Some of the limitations that come with using the platform are
Users might find the application buggy as its operations are based on APIs from other tools.
Creation of a zap can be challenging for new users who have to rely on trial and error to get it right.
The application’s management of folders is quite complex and needs to be simplified.

Zapier Icon Features of Zapier

Some of the unique features that come with Zapier software are
It allows users to share applications easily.
Users will have the capacity to synchronize it with Google Calendar.
On/Off ‘Zap’ controls: This allows users to switch connections on or off easily.
It connects to numerous applications: The users of the platform can create up to 300 connections.
It features online tap templates that you can customize to meet your needs.
It makes it possible for users to develop and create triggers and actions.
Automatic updates: Users will get automatic updates of the software.

Zapier Reviews

by grex about Zapier on March 27, 2018:
The software integrates easily with different platforms to allow businesses to automate their workflows. You will be able to automate frequently executed tasks that require you to use different applications using this application. Users are also able to create connections known as ‘zap’ and create actions that can be repeated after a stimulation by various triggers. For instance, if you need to receive a notification once an email is sent to your Gmail account, the software will make it happen.

Users of the platform have the capacity to create zaps across more than 300 applications. The application features a dashboard from which a user will be able to control the created connections. Users are also able to turn connections on and off conveniently. If your employees have different accounts that need to be managed, the platform’s dashboard makes it possible to manage all the accounts from one dashboard.
by stef about Zapier on April 11, 2019:
Actiondesk makes it really easy to extract data from various systems, build logic and calculations and push the transformed data to another application (CRM for example). And then, this whole process will run automatically at the frequency you'd like. We don't have to constantly run the process of manually extracting data to CSV and crunch it in Excel. All that is done automatically by actiondesk.
This really has been a game changer for us!
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