Amazon API Gateway Alternatives and Reviews

The API Gateway allows you to easily connect the front end and back end aspects of your applications.
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5 Alternatives to Amazon API Gateway

  • Zapier
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  • Dell Boomi
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  • Azuqua
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  • Workato
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  • Postman
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Pros & Cons of Amazon API Gateway


  • Users are only charged for calls made, making it easy to scale to the changing needs of your business
  • Integrates with Amazon CloudWatch to better help you track user activity
  • Parallel development allows you to test multiple versions of an API at once


  • Mapping the response and request of back end services has to be done manually
  • All custom domains have to be SSL secured
  • Limited response times can cause slowdown when dealing with massive traffic

Features of Amazon API Gateway

  • Flexible and adjustable security protocols
  • Integration with AWS Lambda to create applications sourced to cloud servers
  • Scales to hundreds of thousands of incoming user-size calls

Amazon API Gateway Reviews

  • Written by User 1 on 2018-01-17 04:38:41.
    Apps represent the future of business, but one of the largest hurdles to effective application development is connecting your user to your service or product. The front end which serves as the storefront for your consumer and the back end which contains all the resources they need to access, are often built on differing infrastructures, and Application Program Interfaces can handle the communication between both sides of your application. Amazon API Gateway makes it easy to set up effective APIs that handle the communication between user-side and server-side platforms and even allows you to set up a back-end that relies on cloud servers rather than physical servers.

    Amazon's API Gateway makes it easy to design and implement APIs even if you don't have extensive technical knowledge of how these systems work. Amazon understands that coding can be a laborious science, and finding the optimal design for an API may take some time. That's why they allow users to test multiple versions of different APIs concurrently. You can test an alpha, beta, and prototype alongside one another to track their performance, isolate problems, and perfect how your API operates.

    One of the best aspects of this API management system is how much control it gives you over the scalability of your operations. You can set automatic throttling protocol, allowing your API to automatically adapt to spikes or lulls in clients without crashing the server in the process. You'll also have more control over the information you receive from your clients. A cleanly designed and dedicated dashboard lets you track users by a wide variety of metrics, providing you with the information you need to perfect your APIs design and better understand trends and preferences you can use to target your marketing and customer outreach.

    Amazon recognizes that more complicated and longer lasting apps are often a patchwork of different languages. The necessities of programming and the rapidly changing world of programming means that the back-end is often a cobbled together mess of diverse languages put together by a wide range of coders. That's why it makes use of dynamic data transformation capabilities. This essentially lets it serve as a translator, letting front end and back end components communicate effectively with one another without sending back error messages or effecting the speed and performance your customers experience.

    The platform comes supported by a wide range of learning resources. These include diverse documentation for how AWS interacts with the most popular programming languages as well as articles, tutorials, and a forum where you can share your advice and learn from other experienced users.

Amazon API Gateway Youtube Videos

Using AWS API Gateway and Dynamodb for a simple api

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