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POP (Prototyping on Paper)

POP lets developed create a full prototype of their apps before they begin the task of coding.
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17 Best Alternatives to POP (Prototyping on Paper)

Pencil icon


Download Pencil for free. Cross-platform 2D animation software. Pencil is a cross-platform open-source 2D animation software. Its first aim is to make traditional animations (cel, cartoons, etc).
InVision icon


Collaborate with other people about designs and ideas that you have for yourself or your company.
Antetype icon


Antetype is the first design and layout software focused on visual design, built by UI designers for UI designers. It saves you a lot of time creating and optimizing high-fidelity detailed UI design prototypes.
Marvel icon


Wireframe, design and prototype fast with our intuitive design and prototyping tools. Instantly generate design specs and connect integrations that power up your workflow.
Axure RP icon

Axure RP

Axure RP is a rapid prototyping program that has been around for over a decade. While it’s still among the favorites for UX developers, there are far more options available now than there have been in the past.
UXPin icon


10 actionable tips and tricks to help improve your homepage.
Proto.io icon


Proto.io is software that allows users to create working prototypes of apps without having to do any coding. It accomplishes this by mocking up some complex slideshows, sort of like a powerful Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
Fluid UI icon

Fluid UI

Free lifetime account. Simple to learn, quick to master. Design interactive prototypes for Android, iOS, web and desktop in minutes.
Macaw icon


Stop writing code, start drawing it. Macaw provides the same flexibility as your favorite image editor but also writes semantic HTML and remarkably succinct CSS.
Flairbuilder icon


Flairbuilder is a website that provides website designers with wireframes to use as the basis of their new webpages. Flairbuilder gives you the option of working with your wireframe off of a grid, allowing you to design the site more easily and with better results.
Framer Studio icon

Framer Studio

Bring your creative ideas to life with Framer X, the best tool for interactive design.
Pidoco icon


Pidoco is a website that helps you design websites by providing you with wireframes to work with. You can sketch on a blank space if you want to get an idea of what you want to put on your webpage.
HotGloo icon


HotGloo is a UX, wireframe and prototyping tool designed to build wireframes for web, mobile and wearables.
iRise icon


iRise combines the best prototyping tool with inline requirements management software - create wireframes and diagrams too. Integrate with tools like JIRA & TFS.
Flinto icon


Flinto is software and graphic user interface used to design Apple apps. The company behind the software was founded in 2012 by Kazuho Okui and Nathan Manousos, and it remains a small team today.
Indigo Studio icon

Indigo Studio

Design, prototype, and test usability remotely with Indigo. Design. Create a prototype in Sketch and then generate Angular code from your UI designs.
Fliplet icon


Easily create, launch and maintain apps with Fliplet.

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Pros of POP (Prototyping on Paper)

Simple interface makes it easy for beginners to pick up
Collaboration functionality is great for larger teams
Sharing your prototype with anyone is a painless process

Cons of POP (Prototyping on Paper)

Not well suited for the design of more advanced apps
Higher level functionality relegated to the web app

POP (Prototyping on Paper) Icon Features of POP (Prototyping on Paper)

Simple drag and drop design interface
Strong quality testing and collaborative features
Supported by an external web app

POP (Prototyping on Paper) Reviews

by grex about POP (Prototyping on Paper) on March 2, 2018:
Creating a new app can be a laborious process, and communicating exactly what you're looking for to your development team without a visual frame of reference can be a difficult trial. Prototyping on Paper (POP) uses a simple design interface so you can mock up the design and features of your application before you ever start writing a line of code. Whether you're an idea person looking to relay your ideas to your developers or a coder in search of a visual frame of reference, POP is a critical tool for the early stages of design.

POP is compatible with Android devices as well as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple TV, and it lets you transform simple sketches into complex prototypes. It accomplishes through a system where all you have to do is take your existing visual elements and snap them into place. While this won't give you the context for how to create these functions in code, it does provide you with the means to see firsthand what the finished product might look like. You can use POP to create multiple menus and screens and link them together into a larger and more dynamic structure.

Getting started is simple. Users can begin by taking photos of the app's elements using their camera or uploading existing image files directly into the app. Once you have all of your resources into place, you can drag them on the screen to create layouts. Users can create multiple screens and then link them together through the use of hotspots. In practice, this helps you simulate the dynamic linking used by most web based applications. Once your prototype is finished, you can play with it yourself or send it to friends or developers so they can interact with the basic app and provide suggestions and advice themselves. Exporting your prototype is a versatile process. Through the app's sharing screen, you can export the prototype via email, text message, and a variety of social media platforms. That means friends and family with little technical knowledge can take the app for a test drive without having to learn a complicated interface or downloading any extra software.

The ability to quality test your prototype is further enhanced by a selection of feedback tools. Through the POP interface, you can receive feedback from users about the overall experience, access comments on the specific pages within your protoype, and collaborate with would be developers with which you've shared your app.

The POP mobile app comes supported with a more intensive web based application as well. The intuitive design of the mobile app allows a surprising range of versatility, but the web app puts a number of additional tools at your disposal. These include expanded collaboration functions as well as the ability to view and edit multiple components of your prototype in a neat tiled format.
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