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Portainer is a handy tool for managing your Docker environment.
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13 Best Alternatives to Portainer

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Docker is a free piece of software that allows users to develop and manage apps in an environment that takes advantage of Linux-based software containers.
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Rancher, open source multi cluster management platform, makes it easy for operations teams to deploy, manage and secure Kubernetes everywhere. Request a demo!
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Put.io is a data aggregator that pulls data from sites across the Internet and stores them for you.
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Panamax: Docker Management for Humans. An open-source project that makes deploying complex containerized apps as easy as Drag-and-Drop. Learn More Get Panamax .
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Composable Docker Management. Contribute to shipyard/shipyard development by creating an account on GitHub.
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Kubernetes is software designed for managing, scaling and deploying containerized applications. Notable companies that use the software include Pearson, Box, Huawei, Haufe.
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Fast and Easy Setup. Kitematic's one click install gets Docker running on your Mac and lets you control your app containers from a graphical user interface (GUI).
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European cloud computing for cloud native teams. Start your first SSD Instance in 30 seconds.
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Apprenda is a software layer that transforms any infrastructure into a policy-driven, hybrid cloud application platform.
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Joyent Triton

Open source and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure as a Service specialized in running Containers, Serverless Docker and VMs securely at scale for over a decade.
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OpenShift Container Platform

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, Linux, and middleware technologies.
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Twistlock is the world’s first truly comprehensive cloud native security platform, providing holistic coverage across hosts, containers, and serverless configurations.

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Pros of Portainer

Simple installation. Just load the Portainer container into Docker and connect it to an endpoint.
There is an API available that can be used to automate almost anything you can do using the UI.
Portainer is open source and is freely available via GitHub.

Cons of Portainer

Portainer has full support for Docker versions 1.10 and higher. There is partial support available for version 1.9. Versions prior to 1.9 are not supported.
As open source software, there is a risk that the software support will be discontinued due to circumstances beyond your control. The developers may lose interest, go in a different direction or be forced to discontinue in response to external pressures. Other developers may continue developing and supporting Portainer at their discretion.
Per the Portainer license, there is no express or implied warranty for the software.

Portainer Icon Features of Portainer

Web User Interface for managing Docker environment.
Supports management of all docker features and functionality.
Portainer enables the use of templates to facilitate adding new nodes.
All Portainer functionality is available via web UI or via API.
If you don't like or want to use the Portainer UI, you can develop your own UI and use the API to access all the functionality of Portainer.

Portainer Reviews

by grex about Portainer on March 6, 2018:
With Portainer, you can easily manage your Docker objects, including volumes, networks, containers and images. The web user interface is intuitive and straightforward, and you can use it to perform all the management tasks typically required for a robust Docker environment.

Installation is as simple as deploying the Portainer container as a Docker object. Once it's deployed, you log in to Portainer and connect it to an endpoint in your Docker environment. It detects whether you are connecting to a swarm (a cluster of Docker hosts built to automatically handle Docker node failures) or to a single host.

Portainer can be used to connect to TLS-secured environments, and the web UI can be configured to run over https for a higher level of security.

The Portainer tool is highly configurable and customizable. You can hide or show objects to streamline the interface. You can import a list of endpoints upon startup from a JSON file. There is even an option to display your own logo in order to make it fit with your standard corporate look and feel.

For larger Docker environments, you may choose to utilize the Application Programming Interface (API) to automate common maintenance tasks.

There is a demo Portainer environment available to the public via the GitHub site. The demo environment is a great way to get in and experience the power of Portainer first-hand. And you can't mess it up too badly: The information in the demo environment is reset every 15 minutes.
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