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Scala is a coding language that bridges the gap between functional and imperative programming.
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17 Best Alternatives to Scala

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Java is a longstanding collection of computer software and rules that is responsible for the development and deployment of hundreds of thousands of applications and websites.
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JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight interpreted or just-in-time compiled programming language with first-class functions. While it is most well-known as the scripting language for Web pages, many non-browser environments also use it, such as Node.
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Lua is a lightweight programming language that contains a serious amount of power underneath the hood.
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Haskell is a purely functional programming language that can accomplish a wide range of tasks in a seamless and streamlined manner.
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Dart is a language optimized for client-side development for web and mobile.
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Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.
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Selective colour. Saturation control. Photoshop plugin and standalone application.
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Enplug helps you make the most of the digital screens in your business by turning them into intuitive and customizable billboards.
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BroadSign is a tool that lets you spread your company's message across the city and across the world through the use of robust and dynamic digital marketing.
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Cloud-based digital signage software platform, one price per connected player with support and updates. BrightSIgn, Samsung, LG, Philips, PC, MAC supported.
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Offer your customers and guests captivating, brand-promoting content through mediaPanel’s digital signage solution. You’ll save thousands versus comparable solutions and you can manage it all from any computer or tablet—anytime, anywhere.
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Skykit Digital Signage provides digital signage and menu solutions that are simple to install, use and manage, and work across industries and applications.
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Create great ads and transfer messages to your screens: ✅ Upload content ✅ Set order ✅ play. Advertise easier with viewneo.
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Digital Signage Software from Visix lets you easily import, create, schedule and deliver messages, media, and alerts to digital signs, video walls and more.
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Moblty has built software which digitizes the consumer experience and enables real-time deployment of content through cloud based digital signage.
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TelemetryTV’s content management and device management makes managing and deploying digital signage systems easier than ever before.

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Pros of Scala

Offers many of the advantages of both object oriented and functional programming
Given its increased use in the field and its complications, companies take developers who know Scala seriously
Simple, clear, and efficient once you understand the language's fundamentals

Cons of Scala

As a less popular language, there's less support available online
Steep curve for learning the language's fundamentals
Takes a long time to compile

Scala Icon Features of Scala

Integration with both Java and JavaScript
Supported by an enthusiastic community of programmers
A statistically typed language

Scala Reviews

by grex about Scala on March 2, 2018:
Scala is short for "scaling" and "language", and that's a pretty accurate assessment of the language's strengths. Designed in large part to address many of the issues users have with Java, Scala is designed for versatility. Due to its combination of functional and imperative language functions, it can scale to the demands of users, though there can be a steep learning curve, especially for users with little to no programming experience.

Functional programming has long been used in academia, but it hasn't gained as much traction in the business and app development communities. Meanwhile, object oriented programming has the opposite problem. Scala draws from both models to create a system that requires a high degree of logical learning but rewards the programmer who learns the fundamentals. It has a high level of compatibility with Java, making it a great choice for Java coders looking for more range or transitioning into the basics of functional programming.

Like other object oriented languages, every value in Scala is also an object, that gives you more control over defining the factors of your code through the use of classes and subclasses. Scala also integrates an elegant system to help mitigate the complications that come from multi-inheritance in more complicated and dense blocks of code. As a statistically type system, it minimizes the risk of poorly defined abstractions throwing a monkey wrench in your program. Support is available for everything from generic classes and upper and lower bound types to variance notification and compound types.

While Scala may not have the name brand appeal of larger languages like Python, Java, or C#, it's finding a lot of traction in the programming community. The ability to interoperate organically with Java and JavaScript offers a lot more versatility and provides coders with the best of both worlds. If you can't find out how to make something work in Scala, chances are likely you can cover the gap with existing Java code. Many important modern frameworks, such as Apache Spark, Akka, and Kafka, are built off of Scala, and it's become an important component in the infrastructure of Tumblr, Twitter, and Coursera.

Scala comes equipped with a number of free libraries that further improve the utility of the language, and new additions are being made every day. Its developer community is small but passionate, and many are long term developers with years of experience in the field. It's certainly not the best language for a user just getting into programming, but for experienced developers looking for a more elegant alternative to Java or a way to improve their full stack versatility, it's a language worth learning. Like most modern programming languages, Scala is free to use by anyone.
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