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Siri is an interactive app that you can speak to and listen to some of the phrases that are said back. The app also features a wealth of information that you might otherwise find on the internet.
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5 Best Alternatives to Siri

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Jarvis is a personal assistant app that was developed for the Android platform. This app is similar to Siri for the iOS. It interprets vocal commands to help users organize their daily life and use of the Internet.
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Meet Cortana, Microsoft’s Intelligent Personal Digital Assistant using Voice Command Technology to Save Time and Organize Your Life Across All Devices.
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Hound is a hands free way to quickly and intuitively get what you want. It’s your go-to-app that helps you get more done, instantly.
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Google Now

Google Now is a virtual assistant that makes use of your Google search history to help predict what you need before you need it.

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Pros of Siri

Send messages
Make phone calls
Open apps
Set alarms and notifications

Cons of Siri

Some words are not appropriate
Takes up a large amount of storage space

Siri Icon Features of Siri

Stay in touch with family and friends
Find anything on the internet
Easily talk to contacts
Stay organized

Siri Reviews

by grex about Siri on March 29, 2018:
If there is only one app installed on your phone, it should be Siri. The app has a simple concept, but there are a few things that you have to keep in mind when you're speaking. It's best to speak in a slow and clear voice so that she can understand what you're saying or asking. Siri can say a few choice phrases that aren't always polite, but for the most part, she will talk to you like you're talking to another person. You can ask to see a list of the things that she can do so that you aren't wasting your time asking questions or tasks. Examples include sending messages or telling you the weather forecast. You can teach Siri how to pronounce names the correct way. Sometimes, she might not know how names are pronounced if there are different variations.

Set reminders for important things that you have to do during the day, such as walking the dog or going to the doctor. You can also set a reminder to take pictures or turn in an assignment for school or work. A timer can be set for anything that you need to get done in a certain amount of time. There's also an alarm feature with a few fun voices and sounds that are sure to get you up in the mornings. You can tell Siri to call the people who are on your contact list, such as your parents or a sibling. Ask about the weather for the next day. You can ask Siri to open an app. There are so many features that Siri can perform that will take your mind off of using the phone and that can give you a good laugh during the day.
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