Tictail Alternatives and Reviews

Tictail helps connect users to a whole new world of boutique shopping and provides aspiring entrepreneurs with an online marketplace on which to sell their products.
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Platforms: Android iOS Browser

6 Alternatives to Tictail

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    Magento icon


    Magento is one of the world's most-used e-commerce platforms.
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    Sellfy icon


    Sellfy is a website which offers an e-commerce solution for individuals who wish to market their own digital products.
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    Big Cartel icon

    Big Cartel

    Your independent brand. Easily customize the images, colors, fonts, and options of one of our beautiful pre-made themes, or if you're comfortable with code, give your store a completely custom look by tweaking the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly.
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    OpenCart icon


    Hi I need to change the default home page of my shop. There is only the one product, so I want to skip all the welcome and category pages and just have go straight into the product page.
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    WooCommerce icon


    WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin for creating shopping carts.
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    Payhip icon


    Desscription: Payhip is an online marketplace where aspiring retailers can sell their digital wares.

Pros & Cons of Tictail


  • New storefronts are easy to set up and manage
  • Inviting and intuitive interface helps shoppers find exactly what they're looking for
  • Retailers can set up multiple stores to showcase a wide range of products


  • Premium functionality locks retailers out of some critical functions
  • Staying competitive in such a large marketplace can be difficult
  • Non-intuitive shipping options mean shoppers don't always know how much they can expect to pay

Features of Tictail

  • Multiple additional apps available a la carte
  • Full-featured website construction tools
  • A robust marketplace curated personally by Tictail staff

Tictail Reviews

  • Written on 2018-03-02 04:26:11:
    "The first thing you'll notice upon the Tictail app on your device is the slickness and elegance of its design. Understated is the name of the game, with a sleek interface that brings to mind glossy fashion magazines. Popular categories on the main page make it easy for users to find the items they're looking for - and making it easier for retailers to connect with customers - and some of the most popular items are displayed beneath those. If you're looking to sell products in more popular categories, the market can be highly competitive, and getting your storefront featured can be difficult. The quality of many of the retailers is highly professional, meaning it can be easy to fall behind if your products can't keep pace. Results are tightly curated by the Tictail team. This can be an impediment to prospective sellers but a boon to shoppers who want to find the cream of the crop without having to sift through row after row of amateur materials.

    Tictail makes the process of putting together your storefront simple. 20 available templates provide you with some flexibility to design a store that reflects the attitude of your products, but customization options are somewhat limited. Users are confined to these templates, and the variety on offer to personalize your website is about on par with the more popular social media platforms.

    Retailers looking to create a store website on Tictail can do so free of charge. Involvement in the app is monetized through the integration of optional apps. While customization options for a standard site is limited, but these options allow you more versatility to make your storefront stand out. Users can pay a monthly fee for a unique domain name or add slideshow functionality to help you highlight specific products and put them in positions of prominence on your store. You can also add simple analytics to your site that allow you to track the spending patterns and traffic of your site. This is a critical tool for most shop owners, and putting them behind a pay barrier insists an upfront cost for most retailers looking to treat Tictail as a steady source of personal income. The standard Tictail account also comes with a variety of free options like the ability to add coupon codes to your store. Tictail charges no commission for products sold directly through your store's site, but they take 10% of the fee on products purchased through their marketplace.

    Additionally, retailers can sign up for Tictail Plus, a paid premium service that bundles together some of the most critical features Tictail offers. These include Google Analytics, a custom domain name, as well as a wealth of other options."