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Zeplin bridges the gap between designers and developers, helping the former provide the latter with all the elements they need to properly put together new apps and facilitating communications between the two over the course of the project.
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5 Best Alternatives to Zeplin

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Collaborate with other people about designs and ideas that you have for yourself or your company.
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Figma is the first interface design tool with real-time collaboration. It keeps everyone on the same page. Focus on the work instead of fighting your tools.
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Avocode is a development program used by developers in the transition from Sketch (PSD) to code. Rather than automatically generating sites for you, the platform provides users with a variety of tools that enables them to create personalized sites.
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Wireframe, design and prototype fast with our intuitive design and prototyping tools. Instantly generate design specs and connect integrations that power up your workflow.
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Mit hervorragendem Produktdesign, höchster Qualität und Langlebigkeit möchten wir für das Fahrradfahren begeistern und Ihre Mobilität sicherer machen.

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Pros of Zeplin

Archiving options allow you to keep track of old projects without cluttering your dashboard
Automatically populates a style guide
Supported by a number of user-created plugins

Cons of Zeplin

Documentation is sparse and difficult to find
No native apps for Linux or Windows
No preview for layers lists

Zeplin Icon Features of Zeplin

Cloud storage offers automatic changes to assets and specs throughout the team
Generate code snippets and spec details easily
Commentary functions facilitate communications between devs and designers

Zeplin Reviews

by grex about Zeplin on March 2, 2018:
If it sometimes feels like the designers and developers at your company are speaking two different languages, Zeplin may be the software for you. There's no doubt that both these professions play an important role in crafting the final product, but it can sometimes be difficult to communicate these ideas to the other half. For designers, Zeplin allows various members of the team to communicate and collaborate on the UI, UX, and frontend elements of the project and effectively establish the specs and features that need to be implemented. For developers, it puts all the assets they need in one handy place and lets them generate reusable code snippets. The final result is a meaningful merger of front-end and back-end development.

UI and UX can make or break your app's appeal in the market. A well functioning product might never catch the attention of a consumer if it's ugly to look at, but Zeplin can ensure that the specs and assets the designer wants to convey are accurately reflected in every aspect of the development process. All you have to do is upload your specs into Zeplin, and it automatically converts it accurately and conveys it to your design and development collaborators. Since everything is stored in the cloud, you can make changes to your style guide on the file, and these changes will automatically be conveyed to everyone involved. This helps facilitate clean and formalized design sensibilities through every layer of the project, particularly in teams where numerous designers may be working together. You also don't need to manually alter your assets to match the demands of different devices. Once you've exported your asset, Zeplin will automatically create scaled versions to meet the demands of your platform.

Development can be a tedious affair, but Zeplin strives to smooth out costly miscommunications between developers and designers. Clicking any layer in the prototype will automatically provide you with all the relevant information so you can code quickly and more efficiently. There's no need to convert the language or dimensions, as Zeplin automatically translates spec information into the languages developers use. It also minimizes repetition by automatically exporting code segments based off of the existing style sheets. That allows you to focus on deeper level design principles without having to go in and manually assign values to specs. Assets can similarly be exported directly from Zeplin's main screen.

No one on the team will have to worry about losing touch or falling behind on new developments or changes. Developers can assign notes to any aspect of their prototype to fill in the developer on any special needs. Zeplin projects can also be connected to Slack channels so that users can receive automatic updates in real time.
by user about Zeplin on May 13, 2019:
For a product that's meant to make life easy tell me this - why is it so difficult to export vector and/or high res full images?
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