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Accounting CS is an accountant's best friend, offering a wealth of tools to help better manage information from multiple clients.
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5 Alternatives to Accounting CS

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  • Xero
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Pros & Cons of Accounting CS


  • Exclusively available to accounting firms
  • Deep and broad features for establishing and tracking account balances
  • Impressive integration with other Thomas Reuter products


  • Pricing is not always transparent and can vary according to a number of metrics
  • The requirement of integration with a NetClient CS portal somewhat limits its standalone uses
  • Options for integration with third party programs are limited

Features of Accounting CS

  • A toolkit of options that can be scaled to your needs
  • Ability for multiple users to access the program at once
  • A streamlined and easy-to-use client portal

Accounting CS Reviews

  • Written by User 1 on 2018-01-17 04:38:41.
    Developed by Thomas Reuters, a leader in accounting software, Accounting CS is designed to accommodate the needs of everyone from individual CPAs to major accounting firms. Whether you're helping individuals file their tax returns or assisting with the complicated affairs of major corporations, this suite is able to scale to your needs.

    Of course, given the size and scale of Accounting CS, the value you get out of it is predicated on how much you'll use its extensive selection of features. But for accountants looking to automate the heavy lifting in their practices, there's plenty to work with. This includes a variety of accounts receivable options that allow you to file reports ranging from customer activities, invoice and payment lists, and invoice item lists. Whatever information your clients need, you'll be able to provide it without having to dig through reams of paperwork or dense and eye-straining databases.

    An additional client portal allows CPAs to more effectively communicate with their clients. Rather than having to field calls and schedule meetings to keep your clients current on changes to their business, they'll be able to access the reports directly and easily, and you can focus on more important work.

    Thomas Reuters understands that many accounting firms handle clients who take in a large volume of orders, and Accounting CS has options to expedite the task of processing vast amounts of information. Users can enter multiple points of information from a single screen, and preferences can be set for each client, meaning you won't have to rearrange how you do business whenever you shift between different profiles. The software also accounts for the various types of complications that come with retail and service outlets. You can set terms for discounts, rebates, and finance charges easily and set them to trigger under a variety of different conditions.

    Accounting CS is designed to be used in conjunction with the rest of the Thomson Reuter line of accounting products. Integration options are available with both File Cabinet CS and Ultra Tax CS. Coordination is also supported for third party software like ProSystem fx, Lacerte, and Excel spreadsheets.

    A license with Accounting CS allows multiple users to work on different files at the same time. So regardless of the size or scale of your office, you can get the work you need done without having to rely on external applications, and all of the entered information will integrate together seamlessly.

    While Accounting CS can work for smaller businesses, they may not be able to make the full use of the program's features. While the amount of options are vast and powerful, the learning curve for using Accounting CS can sometimes be steep.

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