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AnyLogic is a new piece of software seeking to innovate in the simulation space. Bringing many lofty promises, from improved profits to increased worker information retention, AnyLogic has its goals set extremely high... read more.
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MATLAB is a mathematics software designed for visual integration and detailed analytics. It combines math, graphics, and programming to make mathematical data entry and analysis easier than ever before.
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Mathematica is a technical computing system with a broad range of uses throughout various fields of discipline. Its advanced computational capabilities make it a valuable tool for theoretical mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists as well as professionals spanning countless other careers.
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Scilab Official Website. Enter your search in the box aboveAbout ScilabScilab is free and open source software for numerical . Thanks for downloading Scilab!
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Enterprise Architect

Full life cycle modeling for: Business and IT systems; Software and Systems Engineering; Real-time and embedded development. With built-in requirements management capabilities, Enterprise Architect helps you trace high-level specifications to analysis, design, implementation, test and maintenance models using UML, .
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OpenFOAM® - Official home of The Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Toolbox.
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COMSOL Multiphysics

COMSOL is the developer of COMSOL Multiphysics software, an interactive environment for modeling and simulating scientific and engineering problems.
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Simulation software that is accessible, robust, and intuitive. Imagine That Inc. provides a precise, proven toolset to build powerful simulation models.
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NetSim software was created to simulate various Cisco systems. Cisco software is known around the world as being one of the best network, routing and switch systems for businesses and private use.
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NI Multisim

Powerful Teaching, Research, and Circuit Design Software. Multisim is an advanced, industry-standard, best-in-class SPICE simulation environment used by educators, researchers, and engineers worldwide.

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AnyLogic Icon More About AnyLogic

AnyLogic is a new piece of software seeking to innovate in the simulation space. Bringing many lofty promises, from improved profits to increased worker information retention, AnyLogic has its goals set extremely high. Simulation’s effects on business and efficiency are well documented by researchers in the space. That in mind, competent simulation software can do a lot for businesses big and small. AnyLogic, in particular, claims to already be heavily integrated in a number of industries. According to their website, AnyLogic is already at work in at warehouse operations, mining, road traffic, rail logistics and transportation industries. The company behind AirLogic claims the software has helped its clientele tremendously. It is important to realize, however, that simulation is still a relatively new area of workplace optimization. That said, AnyLogic’s posted statistics are nothing if not impressive. According to the software’s homepage, the benefits AnyLogic can provide to business’s of all sizes are extremely tangible. Risk-free testing environments are the first of the software’s talking points: according to the homepage, AnyLogic’s simulation are easy, expedient and completely without risk to the user.

Additionally, AnyLogic claims to provide users the opportunity to save massively on money and opportunity costs. This is an extremely important factor for costly software, as it provides the potential for business to earn back their initial investment. Savings of any kind are always a welcome promise from any piece of software. AnyLogic claims that by using its simulated testing environments, users are accessing a significantly less expensive and much more efficient process then available to them otherwise. This decreased cost and expedited work time can be extremely beneficial in the long run.

As with any simulation software, AnyLogic allows clients to visualize potential strategies and models within a risk-free environment. This process has proven to be extremely beneficial to several industries. Be it economics or logistics, simulation software can be a potential game changer for any growing business.

Pros of AnyLogic

Extremely reliable models
Well designed User Interface
Consistent operations timing
Extremely accurate results

Cons of AnyLogic

Confusing for the uninitiated
Lacking in tutorials
Very costly

AnyLogic Icon Features of AnyLogic

Risk-free testing environment
Uncertainty algorithms
Dynamic insight

AnyLogic Reviews

by grex about AnyLogic on March 9, 2018:
But how does AnyLogic compare to other offerings? In almost all categories, AnyLogic handily out performs other offerings in the space. To start, AnyLogic’s simulations are noticeably more accurate than its competitors. What this translates to in regards to user experience is a significantly decreased disparity between the results of repeated tests. This increased accuracy essential in gathering information and is indicative of a quality product. Additionally, AnyLogic handles the most tumultuous factor of simulation, uncertainty, extremely well. In simulation, uncertainty refers to the outcome of simulation models. In most simulation models, uncertainty is among the most frustrating aspects of the software. The time it can take software to yield accurate results can be extremely inconsistent and ultimately unsubstantial in many cases. Not so with AnyLogic. The software provides an expedient and costly simulation model within an expedient time frame. Consistent, accurate and risk free, AnyLogic impresses in virtually every regard. The software features extremely an intuitive user interface. Additionally, customer service is swift and stress-free. Ultimately, AnyLogic comes up as one of best options available for reliable simulation software.

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