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When it comes to saving your files on a cloud server, it is important to ensure the security of those files. Keeping your delicate files out of the wrong hands can save you a lot of time and hassle... read more.

13 Best Alternatives to Cryptomator

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MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy.
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When you need to know that your information is secure, VeraCrypt offers an added layer of protection. Their encrypting process keeps your files and data safe from prying eyes.
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Encrypted cloud storage Wuala shut down completely on 15 November, 2015. Wuala recommended its users switch to Tresorit, a Swiss cloud storage service using End-to-End Encryption.
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Free backup software to store backups online with strong encryption. Works with FTP, SSH, WebDAV, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive and many others.
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The zero knowledge cloud sync & share solution for businesses. 100 % privacy guaranteed. Secure collaboration for your teams.
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Encrypted cloud storage for your confidential files. Using Tresorit, files are encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud. Start encrypting files for free.
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Boxcryptor is software program that allows you to easily encrypt your cloud storage system for added security. The program has end to end encryption technology for even greater security.
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The only all-in-one enterprise CASB and SaaS security provider to audit activity, protect data end-to-end, and enforce policies on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Slack.
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CryptSync. CryptSync is a small utility that synchronizes two folders while encrypting the contents in one folder. That means one of the two folders has all files unencrypted (the files you work with) and the other folder has all the files encrypted.
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EncFS provides an encrypted filesystem in user-space. It runs without any special permissions and uses theFUSE library module to provide the filesystem interface.
Encrypto icon


Encrypto is a free app for both Mac and Windows that allows you to add encryption to a file before sending it to friends or coworkers. Secure your files, download it now!
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ownCloud is a cloud sharing platform scaled to the demands of everyone from individuals to enterprise level business ventures.
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Store, share and access your files from everywhere with Sync.

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Cryptomator Icon More About Cryptomator

When it comes to saving your files on a cloud server, it is important to ensure the security of those files. Keeping your delicate files out of the wrong hands can save you a lot of time and hassle. Keeping your server applications secure is a breeze with Cryptomator’s highly adaptable crypto libraries. Let Cryptomator design unique applications and systems based on your needs. Offering an abundance of support plans, customizing Cryptomator to suit your very own organization. Protecting your documents with encryption for your cloud has never been as easy as it is with Cryptomator.

The Cryptomator website is perfectly designed to benefit its viewer. With such an easy to navigate interface, the site was developed to inform before anything else. It is pleasant to know the company wants to educate the client before selling their service. This shows they truly care about their customers and want to provide them with the best experience possible. With the simple yet intriguing appeal their website gives off, it’s easy to feel comfortable with a trustworthy brand.

Pros of Cryptomator

The website is rich in educational information about the brand and product without being too diluted with filler words and nonsense.
Between the FAQ section, the Cryptomator community or the professional support team, Help is attainable for any client.
The Software is free for download and only asks for generous donations allowing the customer to choose what price they want to pay for the service.
The dashboard is super easy to navigate which is beneficial to the user making the experience relaxing and stress-free while on the site.

Cons of Cryptomator

The download page is rather bland and may keep users attention if it were a little livelier or maybe even animated such as the homepage is.
The website could use some more descriptive language in order to help clients who have little experience with cloud server encryption a better understanding.

Cryptomator Icon Features of Cryptomator

Learn More” buttons which give the reader a chance to learn more important information about each aspect of the brand and its service.
This helps add to the overall customer experience and ultimately keeps people educated about the service.
The app is available for download on Windows, Apple and Google devices allowing users from all interfaces to utilize the service.
Transparent encryption ensures your files won’t be harmed or affected.
You can continue with your daily work routine without any interruption.
Easily accessible app run by a reliable and trustworthy brand.

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