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OpenDNS provides faster and safer Internet access for your home or Business.
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OpenDNS is now a part of Cisco

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Pros & Cons of OpenDNS


  • OpenDNS home is easy to install. Simply change your router's configuration to use the OpenDNS servers, configure your security settings and you are all set.
  • Several versions of OpenDNS are available for free. Simply sign up for the service and you can protect your home network.
  • OpenDNS makes your Internet browsing a better experience, through speeding up DNS host resolution and by preventing access to known bad sites.


  • Using a service such as OpenDNS routes all your traffic through the OpenDNS network. Because they are providing all of your DNS host resolution, this provides OpenDNS with full information about all of your Internet browsing history.
  • Because of the increased security provided by OpenDNS, users may be less cautious when browsing the Internet and go to riskier sites.
  • Cisco maintained the free pricing for the OpenDNS Home and Family versions, but they may seek to increase revenue by changing this in the future.

Features of OpenDNS

  • OpenDNS provides faster and more secure Internet browsing with minimal configuration required.
  • Allows content filtering and domain blacklisting (denial) by category.
  • Within the blocked category, you can whitelist (allow) specific exceptions to the category blacklist.
  • The Home VIP version allows you to blacklist and whitelist more domains than the basic version.
  • For example, the Family version comes pre-configured to block access to adult sites.
  • OpenDNS provides reporting on network usage, including domains visited.

OpenDNS Reviews

  • posted on 2018-04-30 00:44:13:
    "OpenDNS provides a faster and safer Internet experience to home and business users. It also provides a way to block access to sites through content filtering.

    OpenDNS was recently purchased by Cisco, and the business-related services have been rebranded to Cisco Umbrella. For the home user, OpenDNS remains the same free service that it has always been.

    The OpenDNS solution is easy to "install". Simply sign up for the service then point your router's DNS configuration to point to the OpenDNS server(s). Configure your router as your network's DNS server and push the change out via Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) to your clients and you are all set. All the devices on your network are now leveraging OpenDNS servers for quick and safe RFC-compliant DNS resolution.

    DNS servers provide devices such as your computer the "friendly name to IP address" mapping that your device needs to communicate across the Internet. OpenDNS provides a faster Internet experience through routing all the DNS requests generated by clients on your network directly to their high-performing DNS servers, which improves your response time and makes your browsing go faster.

    OpenDNS also provides a safer Internet browsing experience, as they block traffic to known phishing and dangerous sites. Content filtering is also an option, to prevent your users from accessing things they shouldn't."

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