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Opera Dragonfly

Opera Dragonfly is the name for the development tools offered standard with the under-appreciated Opera internet browser.
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14 Best Alternatives to Opera Dragonfly

Adobe Dreamweaver icon

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is the industry standard when it comes to web design software. The program allows users to create attractive websites with a vast library of tools.
KompoZer icon


KompoZer offers a simple interface for authoring a website with minimal coding knowledge, but it also offers a variety of advanced features perfect for more experienced users.
Microsoft Expression Web icon

Microsoft Expression Web

Expression Web is a full-featured professional tool for designing, developing, and publishing compelling, feature-rich websites that conform to web standards.
TinyMCE icon


TinyMCE is a content editor that functions as a plug-in for Wordpress websites. This WYSIWYG editor is used on more than 100 million websites. This software expands the functionality of the standard Wordpress editor with multiple features including enhanced formatting, tables, lists, and image editing.
BlueGriffon icon


To install the software itself, just download it from the current website. One license of BlueGriffon® is for a single user on a single computer. You can always de-activate an already activated license to switch user/computer.
PVS-Studio icon


PVS-Studio is a useful piece of software for detecting problems in source code. The software examines program codes written in C, C++, and C# for any problems that might prohibit the code from functioning properly.
ContentTools icon


ContentTools is a collection of small, flexible, extensible and framework agnostic JavaScript libraries for creating beautiful WYSIWYG editors for HTML content.
FirstPage icon


Solutions for the Webmaster - Over 3 million users use our free HTML Editor, Web Hosting, Web Design, Website Builder and Website Promotion products and services.
NetObjects Fusion icon

NetObjects Fusion

NetObjects Fusion is powerful Website Design Software that has earned critical praise and worldwide recognition as one of the fastest, easiest ways to build, manage and promote websites.
Summernote icon


Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor on Bootstrap Summernote is a JavaScript library that helps you create WYSIWYG editors online.
CKEditor 4 icon

CKEditor 4

Rock-solid, free WYSIWYG editor with collaborative editing, 200+ features, full documentation and support. Join Microsoft, Mozilla, Adobe and 20k+ other companies.
Maqetta icon


Maqetta - Visual authoring of HTML5 user interfaces - in the browser.
Launchrock icon


A website builder dedicated to early customer acquisition. Publish a landing page in minutes and validate your startup with over 20 million early adopters.

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Pros of Opera Dragonfly

Nice streamlined interface covers all the bases devtools need
Additional components ideal for web designers
Sleek and intuitive design to the UI

Cons of Opera Dragonfly

The platform on which it's based, Opera, isn't as commonly used as other browsers
In pursuit of a simplified look, they stripped out some of the deeper functions available in alpha

Opera Dragonfly Icon Features of Opera Dragonfly

Fully featured DOM inspector
Tools for tracking your site's metrics
Remote debugging for multiple types of device

Opera Dragonfly Reviews

by grex about Opera Dragonfly on March 2, 2018:
While most of us make use of our browser everyday, few are even aware that most browsers come standard with a powerful set of development tools. These provide the user with deeper control over the inner workings of your browser, allowing you to do things like inspect the HTML and CSS code and see the speed at which sites load. A good devtool can make a web developer's life significantly easier. The Opera browser may not have the mainstream cache of Firefox, Edge, or Safari, but it's a workhorse of a browser that can keep admirable pace with the big guys. Dragonfly, the native development tools for Opera, are equally as functional, attractive, and able to get the job done.

The DOM (Document Object Model) inspector is a critical tool in the kit of modern developers and the heart of most devkits. It's from here that users can examine the flowchart of the site being inspected and get up close and personal with the higher order elements of their website. The design is stripped down, providing developers with easy access to all of the components of the site. Any developer with a firm understanding of the languages can jump in and start making edits to the code immediately, and Dragonfly even offers the option to debug and edit SVG graphics on the fly. Additionally, the DOM allows users to debug JavaScript. Opera is stronger than a lot of the competition in this regard. Of particular note is the fact that the JavaScript debugger operates as a transparent overlay, so you can continue to reference the code underneath while you work on debugging. An easily accessible errors tab is great for making a to do list of debugging, and it registers problems arising from bad code in all of the most important web development languages.

Moving from the development end of things to oversight, Dragonfly gives you the tools you need to track the metrics of your website's traffic. Digging deeper unveils a range of other features useful to both developers and designers. Networks and resources allows you to track all downloads from your site and see their request and response times, a valuable bit of information to have when you're looking to optimize the performance of your website. You can even open the files in their own tab to take a closer look.

The utilities available in Dragonfly really help it stand out from the dev tools on competing browsers, as they offer an extra layer of versatility for designers that you don't often find in this type of software. These include a color picker and palette tool for helping you with layouts as well as a zoom tool. Dragonfly also offers remote debugging, so developers can make sure everything runs smoothly regardless of the device being used by their visitors.
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