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Pelican is a free and open source static site generator, offering many of the advantages that come from a traditional content management system while eliminating some of the limitations that come with such a structured platform.
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8 Best Alternatives to Pelican

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Drupal is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world. This open source software makes website development easy for those who have little or no coding experience.
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Blogger is a blog publishing and hosting service owned by Google, and access to it is included with every Google account. It lets people and organizations publish diary-style web logs about anything they want.
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Ghost is a software built to maximize technology use in the future of journalism. It is a blogging platform that allows you to write and publish your thoughts or research.
Jekyll icon


Jekyll is a static website generator that provides a program for creating your own safe and fast website using static HTML code, without the difficulty of hand coding everything yourself.
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Hugo is one of the most popular open-source static site generators. With its amazing speed and flexibility, Hugo makes building websites fun again.
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Sitecake is a website that is devoted to making it a bit easier to create a website or landing pages. There is very little HTML content involved. The step-by-step process is simple to understand, and you can easily launch your site once it's completed.
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No database, backend or hosting to manage. Webhook lets you build a custom CMS with matching HTML templates in about a minute. Design locally, deploy to us, then invite some friends to edit the content online.
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Static site generator for Grunt. js and Yeoman. Assemble makes it dead simple to build modular sites, blogs, gh-pages, components and documentation from reusable templates and data.

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Pros of Pelican

Completely open source and free to use for everyone
Allows a faster and more secure alternative to server-based development
Works with a range of lightweight formats

Cons of Pelican

Requires a steeper learning curve to execute the fundamentals
Editing content can't be done remotely
Standalone nature of static pages makes it hard to change everything holistically

Pelican Icon Features of Pelican

Streamlined static site generator offers an alternative to a CMS
Import options for a variety of CMS platforms
Support for customizable themes

Pelican Reviews

by grex about Pelican on August 3, 2018:
There tend to be two philosophies regarding the best options for web development and design. Where quality design once demanded an advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, and possibly JavaScript, the rise of content management systems like WordPress have made the development of things accessible to just about anyone. With the right CMS, you can essentially build the site of your dreams while barely understanding a line of code. Drag and drop has replaced neatly formatted lines for many looking to create a website. But the limitations are noticeable and lurking right on the surface. While a CMS can offer you all the fundamentals you need to build a site, that simplicity comes at a cost. You're typically locked in to the eccentricities of the platform, and there's much less room to bypass them with the more versatile methods of pure coding. Pelican provides a middle ground between these two philosophies, and it's one of the best static site generators around.

Pelican simplifies the process of uploading your sites. You can write a page in pure code and upload it to your server with no fuss. Along with that comes the promise that its functionality is dependent entirely on the quality of your code rather than any wrinkles in the management system you're using. Your content can be written in Markdown, reStructuredText, or AsciiDo formats without you having to be concerned about anything getting lost along the way. Just as important, all the site you've written is stored directly on your hard drive rather than on a remote server, so you can fully prototype what you want to do locally and know that the results will be replicated when it goes up for business.

Creating more basic pages in Pelican requires a more fundamental understanding of code than accomplishing the same results in a CMS, but Pelican really shines when you start working no more complex principles that contradict the framework your CMS was built on. A project that might just require CSS, JS, and HTML in Pelican could require pulling in
a knowledge of various other directory systems and APIs if you were to use a more conventional CMS. Pelican probably won't excel if you have a simple premise you want to put into action, but it's great for the developer who doesn't want to wrestle with multiple and complex layers of code to solve a problem they already know the answer to.

With Pelican, there are no databases to manage, and none of your code runs through the server, meaning that the results are both more secure and likely to run faster than they would with a more traditional setup. Pelican is also an open source and free program, meaning you can tinker with its inner workings to your heart's delight.
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