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PyCharm is an IDE with a rich set of tools for Python developers. The software was developed by JetBrains, and it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux... read more.
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18 Best Alternatives to PyCharm

Atom icon


Atom may be the new kid on the block as far as text editor software is concerned, but it brings with it a number of neat innovations and features that can make life easier for professional coders and hobbyists.
Eclipse icon


The Eclipse Foundation - home to a global community, the Eclipse IDE, Jakarta EE and over 350 open source projects, including runtimes, tools and frameworks.
Visual Studio Code icon

Visual Studio Code

When developing software or a web application, it is absolutely essential to have an editing tool that can support you in establishing proper workflow, optimal organization and also provide a friendly and appealing workspace.
PyCharm Community Edition icon

PyCharm Community Edition

The Python & Django IDE with intelligent code completion, on-the-fly error checking, quick-fixes, and much more.
Light Table icon

Light Table

Light Table is the next generation code editor. Light Table Connects you to your creation with instant feedback and showing data values flow through your code.
Komodo IDE icon

Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE - the best multi-language IDE for Python, PHP, Perl, Go, Ruby, web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and more. Includes visual debugging, unit testing, code refactoring and other tools, with installers for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Qt Creator icon

Qt Creator

Qt Creator is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) for developing and debugging C++ applications using the Qt GUI Application Development Framework SDK, and is included with the SDK.
IDLE icon


IDLE is Python’s Integrated Development and Learning Environment.
WhiteSource Software icon

WhiteSource Software

WhiteSource offers an open source license management and security solution. WhiteSource automates the entire process of open source selection, approval, detection of vulnerable or problematic components and remediation.
SonarQube icon


SonarQube is code review and management software. The software is developed by SonarSource, which was founded in 2008 by Freddy Mallet, Simon Brandhof and Olivier Gaudin.
Wing IDE icon

Wing IDE

Using Wing Pro for Remote Python Web Development. Wing Pro is a Python IDE that can be used to develop, test, and debug a website on a remote server, VM, or other system where an IDE cannot be installed.
JSHint icon


New JSHint website. Anton Kovalyov Oct 1st, 2013. For the last couple of weeks I've been working on a new homepage for JSHint and today I'm proud to announce the new jshint.
StyleCop icon


StyleCop is a small tool built on open-source code that is designed to analyze C# in order to determine its consistency with the coding syntax that StyleCop designates.
Black Duck icon

Black Duck

Organizations worldwide use Black Duck Software’s solutions to ensure open source security and license compliance in their applications and containers.

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PyCharm Icon More About PyCharm

PyCharm is an IDE with a rich set of tools for Python developers. The software was developed by JetBrains, and it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. PyCharm will analyze, test, and debug code. It also integrates with the Django web development platform. An open-source version of the IDE is available for free, and paid plans are available which offer more features.

Pros of PyCharm

More features than similar IDE platforms
Advanced auto-completion engine
Refactoring support
Integrates with multiple platforms

Cons of PyCharm

Uses a lot of memory
No inline plot support
Cannot edit other languages

PyCharm Icon Features of PyCharm

Python IDE
Rich feature set with over 50 plugins
Completes, analyzes, and debugs Python code
Lets developers collaborate
Integration with Django and other development software
User-friendly interface

PyCharm Reviews

by grex about PyCharm on June 22, 2018:
Python has become one of the world's most popular programming languages. One of the most effective integrated development environments for the language is PyCharm. With the tools in this IDE, developers can quickly write Python code and check it for errors.

There are many standard features here that you will find in other IDE platforms. Auto-indentation, syntax highlighting, and code completion are just a few. PyCharm begins to excel, however, when it moves beyond these basic functions to provide an extensive toolkit for professional developers.

For starters, this IDE is practical. Code is written for a reason, and PyCharm integrates with various other development platforms to simplify the process of actually using Python code. The program works with Django, Flask, Pyramid, and other popular applications. Framework support creates a cohesion that isn't present in many other development environments. This type of setup can save developers both time and money.

There is also an integration with the IPython notebook. This allows developers to easily collaborate on complex pieces of code. Projects will be accomplished much faster than they would without the ability to share code snippets.

The program can also be customized to fit a developer's unique needs. More than 50 plugins are available for free download. These add-ons greatly expand the functionality of the environment. PyCharm also has an intuitive and interactive console that will encourage new developers as they work more with the language. A built-in terminal is also provided.

Having an IDE that will test and debug code is a must, but this program offers so much more at a very affordable price. A subscription plan with the max features begins at less than $10 per month, and there is also a free version of the software for those who are working on open-source projects.
by about PyCharm on August 14, 2019:
Too slow to load and far too many features, too much information in preferences configuration,

Why does it have to be so complicated ?

Resouce hungry
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