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Tide is a mobile app that makes use of gentle colors and sounds to provide users with a more peaceful waking and sleeping life.
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Noisli is a fantastic background noise and color generator for working and relaxing. Plus Text Editor for distraction-free writing and Markdown support.
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Running myNoise implies significant costs. Your support keeps this site running without ads, and gives you access to many bonus features for a lifetime!
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Relax Melodies

Ipnos is the company behind Relax Melodies, the #1 sleep app worldwide. We are a wellness app development studio focused on sleep, meditation and yoga.
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Noizio is an app that will drown out the noise of the street and allow you to concentrate on the work at hand, increasing your productivity.

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Pros of Tide

Minimalist design reflects the nature of the product
Photo backgrounds change over the course of the day
Easy to learn and use

Cons of Tide

Soundscape selection is somewhat limited
Requires a paid subscription

Tide Icon Features of Tide

Focus Timer lets you break up work into sensible segments
Sleep and Naps Timers provide restful sleep
Five different soundscapes to choose from

Tide Reviews

by grex about Tide on May 22, 2018:
It may seem like every app and piece of software on the market today is about productivity. The world is awash with apps that can automate the simple tasks in your life and apps that can help you better manage your time. The philosophy of the modern world seems to be built around the premise of packing in as much work as you possibly can into as small an amount of time as possible, but that might not be the healthiest way to look at things. Tide was built on the premise that a successful life is about quality rather than quantity, and the app is designed to help users create a meditative sense of inner peace while sleeping and trying to concentrate. It may be a simple premise, but the simple things can be more important than we realize.

Some people study or work well in loud and crowded places, and some prefer the sound of silence. Tide meets these users in the middle. Rather than offering loud music which can lead to dissonant shifts, Tide focuses on creating the feel of a natural environment. Five different soundscapes are packaged with Tide, and these include ocean, rain, meditation, forest, and coffee. There's also a music fusion function which allows you to play music and white noise at the same time.

From its function to its design, there's a sense of zen at the heart of the Tide experience. The whole package is tightly and intuitively designed with an eye towards minimalist sensibilities. A diverse set of colors makes up the Tide palette, but you never have to worry about loud colors and jarring contrasts distracting your eye. A lack of menus makes navigation a breeze, and turning on or off your timer is as simple as clicking a simply button on the screen. While it's not feature rich, this streamlined design means that anyone can learn how the app operates within just a few minutes. Even the typography was carefully chosen to reflect a sense of inner peace.

The background picture varies with the day and comes with inspiring words that can help keep you motivated throughout your work process. While the principles behind Tide may be simple, the application is broad. The Focus Timer draws from the Pomodoro Technique - which suggests breaking work down into 25 minute segments - and it allows you the ability to customize your timer and simply set it to run. More complex functions even let you set longer break intervals after a designated number of reps. Tide is just as useful for when you're trying to nap during the day or sleep through the night. The natural sounds can serve as a great backdrop to a good nights sleep, while the alarms included are gentle enough to wake you without jarring you.
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