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ACMarket is a free mobile app that acts as a marketplace for apps and games designed for the Android system that have been cracked. That means the apps are free even if the official version comes at a premium price, and it means you can do anything in the game software that you like.
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Licence: Free
Platforms: Android Browser

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Pros & Cons of ACMarket


  • Free Apps and Games
  • Lots of Content


  • Questionable Legality

Features of ACMarket

  • Cracked Play Store
  • Free Downloads

ACMarket Reviews

  • posted on 2018-05-01 07:14:57:
    "Every game or app that you download from ACMarket has been modified or patched in some way so that it becomes free to use. Generally, this means the software has been completely disconnected from any monitoring server and forced to run without connection to its source framework. In many cases, this works fine, but there are some cases when a cracked app essentially becomes meaningless once it no longer communicates. However, if you want a game that doesn't require a connection to the web, but instead acts as a standalone download and gaming experience, this is a good place to find it for free.

    You'll be downloading the files directly from the server, so they are always fast and efficient. The amount of content on the marketplace is pleasantly surprising, and the library is constantly growing with additional games and apps. An active community of users is part of what makes ACMarket possible. Most of the apps on the marketplace were placed there by other users who have cracked the apps personally and decided to share them. That active community means that you'll never run out of content on the marketplace.

    Anyone who has downloaded anything from the Google Play store will find this app incredibly intuitive and straightforward. Like most other content libraries, it organizes the material by genre, and the controls are based on the touch gestures that signify modern smartphones.

    Not only are all the downloads direct and secure, but the marketplace can actually install files of pure data for you as well. This makes the service exceptionally comprehensive compared to others in the category. You'll be able to leave feedback through the settings menu of the app, and there are various customizations that you can alter in the settings to personalize your content browsing experience.

    Much of the content on the ACMarket is found on other sites as well, but you'll end up paying a premium to download and install those APKs. The ACMarket platform provides you with numerous cracked and patched APKs that give you the freedom to play as you like. If you've ever seen a video in which a player is recording him or herself in a time-based management and strategy game like Clash of Clans, and the player has what appears to be an impossible army or completely maxed resources, they have most likely cracked the game so they can test the limits of the game characters and the software itself. Those are the sorts of apps and games that you'll find on the ACMarket. It contains apps you know without the limitations or costs."

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ATC Apps Review #2 | Native clipboard | Ac market

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