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igHome is a website that was built to act as a replacement for iGoogle, a now-dead service from Google that acted as a personalized homepage for your web browser... read more.
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Papaly is a simple social bookmarking tool to manage all your links. Create custom boards and categories. Share and follow topics of interest to discover new content.
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Save time accessing the websites you visit every day. Go beyond bookmarks with our advanced dashboard features. Use across all your devices and browsers.
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Netvibes is a personalized platform for gathering intelligence from news, RSS feeds and other sources. The company behind Netvibes founded in 2005 and has offices in Paris, San Francisco and New York.
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iGoogle was introduced by the search engine giant in 2005 as a customized web portal and start page for Google users. The app allowed users to customize the things that would appear on their start page in a manner that is similar to the portal offered by Yahoo.
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Protopage is an award winning RSS reader. Use it to read RSS feeds, keep bookmarks, sticky notes and to share information.
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My Yahoo

My Yahoo is a feature for Yahoo account holders that allows them to customize their own Yahoo start page. Users can add specific news topics to view, check their email, and also access Yahoo Groups and other services from one convenient platform.
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start.io is your new homepage. It holds all of your most used links so you can get to them quickly from wherever you are, and it's super customizable.
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FVD Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial ★ Most popular ★ New Tab Page replacement. 1) The Fastest access to your Favorite and most Visited websites!
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Save your bookmarks and favorite websites online with Symbaloo! The best way to store, manage, and organize your bookmarks on the web. Create a free account to share your favorites with friends, colleagues or students.
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A JComboBox , which lets the user choose one of several choices, can have two very different forms. The default form is the uneditable combo box, which features a button and a drop-down list of values.
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This is the app drawer menu-driven freely configurable items. To those who do not want to put the icon and mess in your home. LAUNCHER FEATURE Is not only the app shortcut, you can register the files and scripts to "launcher menu".

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igHome is a website that was built to act as a replacement for iGoogle, a now-dead service from Google that acted as a personalized homepage for your web browser. It includes just about all the functionality from the iGoogle platform except integration with Google+, which makes sense considering the software isn't related to Google itself. It still offers email, weather, horoscopes, news, and much more.

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by grex about igHome on May 8, 2018:
When using igHome to create your personalized homepage, you can use something the site calls gadgets to add content to your page. Many of the gadgets are similar to those that were offered in iGoogle.

The Google menu is another welcome addition to the igHome website. Even though this site has no direct affiliation with Google, it still includes a Google search and menu bar at the top of the window. The bar contains links to most of the primary Google services, like Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Google News, Google Calendar, and Google Drive.

As you could with iGoogle, igHome supports the use of tabs to organize all the feeds and gadgets you want to use. The link for adding a tab is on the left side of the main menu bar.

There are also a number of background themes you can use to personalize the layout of the site. On the right side of the menu bar is a link that reads "Choose Theme" that you can press to browse available options.

You can also use the site easily on a mobile device. By clicking on the "Mobile" link near the bottom of the page, you can access a version of the site that is optimized for mobile devices. You can then create a shortcut on your mobile device that will go directly to the site.

The software for the website uses a grid system that is quite similar to the one used by iGoogle, and you can populate the various grid locations with gadgets of your choosing. There are many gadgets to choose from, and you can add them quickly and conveniently.

When you access the gadget library by clicking the "Add Gadget" button, you'll be shown categories of gadgets along with several that are featured by the system. You can use the comprehensive search bar to find a specific gadget, or you can search manually through the various categories.

By clicking on the "Add RSS Feed" link, you'll be shown gadgets that are specifically designed to showcase certain blogs or news sources. This makes it easy to catch up on the latest developments through your most trusted resources.

Anyone can visit the igHome website and create an account. Your initial page will come with several of the most popular gadgets, and you can edit them as you please. Those who once had an iGoogle account can transfer their personalization settings from the older system to igHome. The process is relatively simple, but there are some things that won't transfer over, so you'll have to set those preferences manually. This is one of the few suitable replacements for the inactive and unsupported iGoogle system.
by a user (e-mail not public) about igHome on January 26, 2019:
I have been using this as my homepage since IGoogle was discontinued, but now both Firefox and Google Chrome say this site is not secure. Why doesn't igHome's developer address this problem?
by Derek about igHome on April 22, 2019:
Used it for a few years and I like the concept. However, from time to time gadgets stop working and even just disappear. The content on my sticky note gadget just disappears without a trace. I kept a backup, but that became a nuisance. Lately even when signed in properly all my custom gadgets were gone. Don't know if somehow my security decided it was a threat (unlikely) but I'm done with this app. I am looking for a replacement.
by Dennis about igHome on August 2, 2019:
Sadly I am now looking for an alternative to igHome which I have used ever since igoogle went offline. First, tired of the barrage of ads every time I looked something up I permanently changed my search engine to duckduckgo. Second and to the point, in igHome the gadgets/rssfeeds are without question being filtered and removed from availability if they have ANY conservative viewpoints. Recently "both" feeds of Trump's tweets have been removed as an example. Liberals who say "good" to this need to seriously contemplate the ramifications of censorship which is gaining ground in all media platforms as it is now reported that it is happening to democrats. (see Tulsi Gabbard's lawsuit)
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