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Banktivity is a personal finance program that was designed specifically for Mac and other Apple devices. It lets users create budgets, track expenses, and keep an eye on investments.
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12 Best Alternatives to Banktivity

CountAbout icon


CountAbout lets you control your finances responsively and effectively directly through your phone or other mobile device.
HomeBank icon


HomeBank is a free software (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") that will assist you to manage your personal accounting.
Money Manager Ex icon

Money Manager Ex

A simple money management software, released free and available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android e iOS.
Microsoft Money icon

Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money is a free program that is designed for people to use to manage their personal finances. With Microsoft Money, you can get your finances under control and make personal finance easier to manage than ever before.
Quicken icon


Quicken is one of the oldest and most well respected financial management software platforms available on the market.
Buxfer icon


This is the official Buxfer Android application. Buxfer helps you make better spending decisions by making it easy to see all your accounts at one place, understand where your money goes, reduce unwanted spending, and save for future goals.
KMyMoney icon


KMyMoney is a free open source accounting software application designed for the Linux KDE desktop, with a design and functionality similar to Quicken for Microsoft Windows.
Mint icon


Mint is a free personal finance management app that contains all the tools you'll need to stay on top of your budget. It can show you just about any piece of financial information related to you, ranging from broad data like your entire net worth to individual transactions in your various accounts.
Manager icon


Internet Download Manager increases download speed with built-in download logic accelerator, resume and schedule downloads.
MoneyWiz icon


MoneyWiz is an online personal finance cloud-syncing app that works for both Android and Windows users. Once you download the app, you can organize all of your accounts and pay all of your bills in one place.
AceMoney icon


Using AceMoney, personal finance software for Mac OS X or Windows, to organize your personal finances is quick and easy. AceMoney, personal finance software, supports different account types like checking, savings, credit cards, loans, debt accounts.
iFinance icon


iFinance is an app where the user can keep track of and control their spending, income, or other financial aspects of their life. iFinance shows the user transaction lists that follow all of their transactions from their debit or credit card.

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Pros of Banktivity

Very simple to use
Creates multiple reports
Workspaces permit working in different sections of the software simultaneously

Cons of Banktivity

Very expensive
Not for businesses
App has limited

Banktivity Icon Features of Banktivity

All-in-one set of budgeting tools for individuals
Tracks investment accounts
Includes net worth report
Tagging for quickly finding transactions

Banktivity Reviews

by grex about Banktivity on March 2, 2018
"When done properly, personal budgeting can be beneficial. Banktivity aims to help users reap the benefits of sound budgeting by providing an all-in-one suite of financial tools. The software must be downloaded or installed on a Mac, but once this is done the program can be synchronized with apps for iOS devices.

Banktivity incorporates workspaces to let users access multiple sections of the program simultaneously. For example, a user can pull up their recent bank transactions in one workspace and view their stock portfolio in another. These workspaces are useful for getting a complete picture of one's finances.

The software is very easy to use. It can be customized in a couple of hours. There is also a tagging function which allows users to define custom tags that can be searched. This is useful if users want to know how much they are spending on specific things. Create a fast food tag, enter restaurant purchases in that category, and the search results will show how much money has been spent on trips to the drive-thru in a given month.

Reporting is another big plus. The report function helps to summarize spending. Budget software is at its best when it can point out areas where spending is a problem. Banktivity will do that with just a couple of clicks. The reports can be saved and compared against reports from another week, month or even another year. There is a net worth report which will allow individuals to view their overall solvency with a single click.

The budgeting features on the software are traditional and straightforward with one exception. Banktivity allows for envelope budgeting. This works pretty much like stuffing receipts into an envelope at home. Just label the envelopes, file expenses in the right place, and the software does the rest.

One thing that some people will not like is the price of the software. It costs $105. It is possible to get the same benefits offered by Banktivity for less money, but doing this requires using multiple budgeting programs."
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