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Celtx is a scriptwriting software platform with applications in a wide range of mediums but that specializes in helping screenwriters.
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26 Best Alternatives to Celtx

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HandBrake allows users to easily convert video files into a wide variety of different formats.
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FocusWriter is a simple, distraction-free writing environment. It utilizes a hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of the screen, allowing the program to have a familiar look and feel to it while still getting out of the way so that you can immerse yourself in your work.
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Scrivener is a writing studio that claims to provide all the tools you need to take a manuscript from concept to completion. Created by writers for writers, Scrivener's modular take on document management adapts to virtually any style of writing and provides many of the organizational tools missing from conventional word processing applications.
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Software for full screen distraction free creative writing. No whistles and bells, just empty screen, you and your words. WriteMonkey is light, fast, and perfectly handy for those who enjoy the simplicity of a typewriter but live in modern times.
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iA Writer

iA Writer is a tool for the brave. Because starting something new is not easy. Telling someone who you really are, never feels entirely comfortable. It takes courage.
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yWriter is word processing software developed to help novel writers organize their writing tasks. The software encourages you to break up your novel into a set of scenes that can be organized into different chapters.
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Byword is a piece of software that acts as a markdown editor, and when you take full advantage of the software, you'll be able to focus on your writing with a much higher rate of success and stability.
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For Mac users to write without distractions. WriteRoom is a full screen writing environment. Unlike the cluttered word processors you're used to, WriteRoom lets you focus on writing.
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bibisco is a novel writing software that helps writers to develop characters, design novel structure, organize chapters and scenes, analyze the novel.
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Organize your thoughts and snippets in a hierarchical manner. Organize them as you wish, reorganize them on the go.
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Gingko is a new kind of tool, that lets you shape your ideas . “I can recommend gingko — very cool web tool for structuring prose.
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OmmWriter is a program designed to drown out outside distractions so users may focus on their writing. It is not designed for any type of writer in particular, so whether you need to write a report for a class, a business letter or a novel, OmmWriter's features can help you get it done.
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LiveStream is a program where users can stream their activities, videos, or whatever they want live to anyone around the world. With LiveStream, you are able to stream your content to your audience over almost any platform and social channel using the LiveStream API and platform, and you can embed the LiveStream software onto your own website to make sure it's seen as soon as viewers reach your web page.
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The free, multiplatform, feature-rich screenwriting program!
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JotterPad Writer for Android — Turn your thoughts into text. Go about your creative writing without distractions, write to your hearts content.
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Renderforest is a website where users can get free software to create professional looking slideshows, intros, animations, and music visualizations. Renderforest can be used for personal videos like family videos, wedding slideshows, or video invitations.
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Easily make engaging videos. Explainer video. Promo video. Training videos. Video tutorial.
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Final Draft

Considered the ultimate screenwriting software by professional scriptwriters, Final Draft offers a myriad of features designed for the creative and technical elements of crafting on-screen stories.
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Atomic Scribbler & PageFour. A novel is made up of many chapters and pages, introduces major and minor characters, contains plots and sub-plots, incorporates folders of research material, and often involves first, second and third drafts.
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Compressor offers powerful delivery for custom output, such as 360°, HEVC, and HDR video, distributed encoding, and packaging for the iTunes Store.
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Wideo is a browser-based video creator that allows users to create engaging animated videos. It requires no prior experience with animation and produces amazing videos.
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You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience.
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The Freewrite is a distraction-free smart typewriter funded on Kickstarter. Leave the internet at home and write anywhere with the Freewrite.
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GoAnimate is a cloud-based platform for creating animated videos. It is designed specifically for use by those who do not have a background in either animation or art, and it allows users to quickly and easily build animation in a variety of styles, including 2D and whiteboard animation.
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The vMix Software Video Mixer and Switcher is the complete live video production software solution. For more information, visit vMix online today!
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Presenter is een online communicatiebureau gespecialiseerd in krachtige content op ieder online device. Ontdek samen met ons de kracht van jouw content.

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Pros of Celtx

All scriptwriting functions are free, and other features are offered in scaled subscription plans
Cloud-based tools make communication with your whole team a simple affair

Cons of Celtx

Final Draft is still the industry standard, and it uses proprietary files mean many producers demand their writers use it
Sacrifices more in-depth screenwriting features for a focus on the whole pre-production process

Celtx Icon Features of Celtx

Fully featured scriptwriting tool kit
Storyboarding and scene by scene breakdown options
Budgeting and scheduling tools

Celtx Reviews

by grex about Celtx on March 2, 2018:
Like Final Draft, developed all the way back in 1991, Celtx is a piece of software designed to help screenwriters give life to their concepts and turn rough ideas into fully polished scripts. But as the new kid on the block, Celtx has an uphill battle to climb in dethroning the most established name in the business. Its philosophy is to offer more in practically every regard. While the Celtx software is designed primarily for use by screenwriters, the versatility of the software makes it equally as useful for playwrights, comic book writers, novelists, and practically anyone who works in the written word. For those working in film, Celtx does far more than just offer a screenwriting tool. Celtx is an acronym standing for Crew, Equipment, Location, Talent, and XML, and that's an accurate reflection of the greater mission statement of the software. It's designed to help screenwriters and production crews through all the stages of pre-production.

As many failed screenwriters will attest, a good script is more than just a collection of good ideas, and with all the moving parts involved in a film's production, structure is of great importance when trying to get a project off the ground. The scriptwriting component of Celtx draws from time tested rules to help them make sure they hit all the important beats and elements of a good story. Using a workflow structure that allows you to select different formats for scripts means that you can more easily create scripts in the style or genre that suits you. By automatically classifying scenes within the script, Celtx makes it easy to cut up and move components of your script around when trying to make sure the final product plays as intended.

Scriptwriters rarely exist in a vacuum. Collaboration is an essential part of even indie films, and Celtx draws from the classic form of storyboards to help communicate what a script will look like in action. From lighting and positioning to camera angles, you can help every member of your crew understand the big picture. Every aspect of a Celtx script is presented in a single master file, so there won't be any problems with different members of your teams having outdated or incomplete versions as you work through the pre-production process. Once the storyboarding is complete, options are available to break down lists of every single shot, simplifying the process of communications between the writer and the director.

Celtx even takes the budget into account. Scheduling components of Celtx prevent wasted time and ensure all the members of the crew are where they need to be when they need to be there, and budget tracking helps you prevent from sinking into the red halfway through production of your project. Celtx is a cloud based platform, and your information is available on the web or through their useful mobile apps.
by Ellis about Celtx on May 28, 2019:
I used Celtx for creating comic scripts and found that it was far and away better than any alternative I've tried. I logged on today after a few months away and discovered they've "stepped back" from comic scripting, and I'm unable to create any new projects with that template. I can understand no longer developing comic scripting features, but I don't understand not letting people create with the existing template you've already sunk money into developing over the years. Ridiculous. Cancelling my subscription.
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