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Crazy Egg is an interesting piece of software that builds a heat map of the traffic activity on your website. There's a huge amount of data associated with clicks and other ways visitors interact with your page, and Crazy Egg captures and organizes all of it.
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6 Best Alternatives to Crazy Egg

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Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for web and mobile helping over 200, 000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the “whys” behind users’ actions — why do users churn, or why aren’t they using a feature, or why are they skipping onboarding?
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SessionCam's Customer Experience analytics suite shows you exactly how visitors interact with your website so you can improve usability and conversion rates.
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Hotjar helps business owners and analysts take the analytics and feedback fro their customers and turn them into meaningful visualizations they can use to help their company grow.
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All-In-One Conversion Optimization Suite. Convert your website visitors through highly robust conversion optimization techniques.
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ScreenSquid Has Been Sunset. Sorry, we've shut down ScreenSquid until further notice. Ultimately this product requires a larger team and more attention.
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Your cluttered website isn't an aesthetic problem, it's a critical UX and business problem. Here's why you need to fix it.

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Pros of Crazy Egg

Easy Implementation
Optimize Layouts

Cons of Crazy Egg

Potentially Overwhelming
Requires High Traffic

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Heat Map Generation

Crazy Egg Reviews

by grex about Crazy Egg on March 2, 2018
"Heat map technology is relatively new in the world of analytics, but it has proven to be a powerful tool in the quest to gain as much optimal attention for your website as possible. When you use Crazy Egg, the system will catalog the activity of every user that visits your site. It's essentially a key-logger that works for all activity, from scrolls to clicks.

Crazy Egg is quite easy to implement. If you control the direct code of your website, you can add a snippet of code from Crazy Egg to the footer of those pages that you want to monitor. Once the site is active with the Crazy Egg script, they will confirm it is working by notifying you via email. If you use WordPress, it's even easier to use Crazy Egg with the dedicated plugin.

When you want to view the content collected by Crazy Egg, the software will take a screenshot of the specific individual webpage you wish to view. It will then overlay the collected clicks on top of the screenshot as a heat map. You can also choose to view the data as a scroll map, overlay map, or their proprietary confetti view. Each captured click not only contains the location of the click on the page, but tons of other metadata like the type of device used to create the impression, the country of origin, the referrer, and much more.

You can set the software to track users of certain groups, which is helpful if you are only interested in users from mobile devices. Of course, you can choose to view all the data side by side so you can compare mobile and desktop user activity. You can also choose how long you want the software to monitor the page. It can be continuous, for a certain number of days, or until a certain number of visitors have come to the site.

The scroll map shows how often people scroll through various parts of your site. It records the duration of static activity over certain areas, and it shows areas that are often ignored as they are scrolled over. You can use this to reorganize the information such that it is blended more evenly so users will get the full experience without focusing on a few small areas.

The overlay and confetti views are quite useful as well. With the overlay view, you'll see information arranged by website section, and it will show a large amount of data about how users interact with each section. The confetti view allows you to view the information behind each individual click."
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