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FreeCommander provides an alternative to the file managers available out of the box with modern operating systems, allowing a more deeply featured and expansive management tool for power users, all of it completely free to use.
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16 Best Alternatives to FreeCommander

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Clover is software that allows the user to view Windows Explorer windows in a tabulated format, similar to different tabs in Google Chrome. The software is a product of Ejie Technology, a Chinese software development company.
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. Q-Dir the free Filemanager for Windows. # About # Help file # Screenshots # History # Faq # .
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Midnight Commander

Visit the Trac free software project athttp://trac. edgewall.
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Explorer++ is a free and open source file manager for Windows that can replace the functionality of Windows' native File Explorer. It can even be set to be the default file manager.
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If you want a cross-platform file manager, muCommander is one of the best options available. It supports a wide range of protocols, including HTTP/HTTPS, SMB, FTP, SFTP, and many others.
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XYplorer is a file manager and Explorer replacement for Windows. It's fast, powerful, portable, dual paned, and multi-tabbed.
xplorer? icon


Offering a complete line of rugged tablets is the newest way Zebra delivers a performance edge to the front line of business.
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TagSpaces is an open source platform for personal data management. With TagSpaces you can manage and organize the files on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.
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Multi Commander

Download and use Multi Commander free of charge. Just unpack the portable version (keep the folder structure) and run MultiCommander.
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Krusader is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE and other desktops in the *nix world, similar to Midnight or Total Commander.
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Altap Salamander

Homepage of Altap Salamander, intuitive and powerful two panel file manager for Windows.
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The most up-to-date breaking news for the New York Rangers including highlights, roster, schedule, scores and archives.

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Pros of FreeCommander

Very easy to use interface, with a variety of viewing options
Great and effective keyboard shortcuts
Backup and restore functions built in

Cons of FreeCommander

Won't find much use from more casual users
Irregular update release structure

FreeCommander Icon Features of FreeCommander

File search in both main folders and archives
A dual panel view that can be adjusted in a number of ways
Functionality for manipulating large groups of files at a time

FreeCommander Reviews

by grex about FreeCommander on August 31, 2018:
The native File Explorer available with a Windows operating system isn't exactly a revelation. That's not to say that Windows file manager is bad. It's just that it gets the job done without much in the way of deeper features or bells and whistles. If you're a user who wants more expansive control over what's happening on your hard drive, FreeCommander is a great alternative. Despite its depth, learning the ins and outs is a pretty simple process, but the deeper you dig, the more quality of life tools you'll find at your fingertips.

On the surface, FreeCommander doesn't look that much different from a traditional Windows file manager. Anyone who's worked with a Windows machine in the past two decades won't have much trouble getting acquainted with the interface. A double pane window structure makes it easy for you to keep track of where you are in your directory system and make transfers from one folder to another a simple task. Getting used to advanced functions is handled through a series of tabs along the top of the screen as well as some pull down menus. It's not the most intuitive design, since FreeCommander tends to lean into text-based rather than icon indicators, but with a little exploration, you can get used to the more complex commands available here in no time at all.

Whether those commands are right for you will really decide whether or not you should replace your existing file manager with FreeCommander. If you do any direct website management or otherwise need to upload a large number of files on a regular basis, the FTP integration makes FreeComander almost a practical necessity. You can upload files directly from your machine through the use of that integtated FTP and even designate entire folders for FTP so that they automatically get uploaded to your web host. But beyond that, you have a lot of control over the actual alteration of your files. You can compress or split files directly through the interface, in addition to traditional copy, rename, and moving options. Further adding to the value are a number of different plug-ins you can use to expand your user experience and make it unique. Digging even deeper the file viewer lets you look at your files in a number of formats that include binary, hex, text or image. You can expand your control on a more macro level with a tool that automatically estimates the size of files and folders. Archiving functions are also available, and your archives come equipped with the full range of traditional features.

FreeCommander is freeware, so whether or not it's the right fit for you really comes down to whether or not you'll use it. While it expands impressively on the feature set of the traditional Windows file manager, the standard choice will probably serve most users just as well.
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