IBM BigInsights Alternatives and Reviews

IBM BigInsights provides a wide array of resources that help businesses track their metrics and adapt their business model to changing markets.
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4 Alternatives to IBM BigInsights

  • Databricks
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  • Amazon EMR
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  • Hazelcast
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  • Qubit
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Pros & Cons of IBM BigInsights


  • Easy integration with the full library of IBM's big business frameworks
  • Scales and adapts to the data needs of the client
  • Runs off some of the most respected database frameworks in the industry


  • Requires annual licensing for continued use
  • Not cost-effective for smaller business models
  • Requires other programs to make the most of your data analysis

Features of IBM BigInsights

  • Hadoop Distributed File System and IBM General Parallel File System allow you to store large amounts of information efficiently
  • IBM BigSQL lets you summarize, query, and analyze data easily
  • Spread storage and processing across multiple servers with Hadoop MapReduce

IBM BigInsights Reviews

  • Written by User 1 on 2018-01-17 04:38:41.
    BigInsights offers a robust package of tools that allow you to manage your company's databases and accurately gain access to a wide variety of metrics and statistics. Built off of SQL, Spark, and Hadoop, three of the most popular programming language frameworks for the creation and manipulation of databases, BigInsights is designed to adapt intuitively to the needs of any business model.

    One of the most important aspects of BigInsights is its scalability. BigInsights' standard settings provide a deep bench of features, but its hybrid architecture allows business owners to customize its functions to match their needs. You can integrate a wide variety of data types into your databases and customize settings that give you quick access to the information that's available to you. The combination of database architecture facilitates efficient compilation and analysis of information.

    Each of the three major frameworks integrated into BigInsights provide their own strengths and work together to create a complementary system that takes advantage of their specializations.

    IBM's Big SQL module is tailor-made for big analytics, taking the easy-to-use and intuitive SQL language and scaling it to the demands of big businesses.
    Users can query Hive and HBase databases with little hassle, and Big SQL is optimized to support multiple concurrent users and run more refined search queries. This allows BigInsights to isolate more of the junk data and deliver the metrics you need in less time.

    Big SQL is also optimized for intimate use with the Hadoop architecture. IBM understands that their users often have to query information across multiple serves and from countless locations. Whether you're storing your information in remote databases or massive data warehouses, BigAnalytics is up for the job.

    The integration of Spark allows for smarter analytics, making use of cutting edge machine learning libraries and computational analysis to adapt to the needs of the user and create an environment that's tailored to their demands. Its robust text analytics means that you won't have to convert unstructured and semi-structured text when making queries through the framework.

    IBM BigInsights operates hand in hand with Microsoft Security. That means you can store and manage your data knowing that it will be safe and protected in the Microsoft cloud.

    A license for IBM BigInsights also gives you access to meaningful resources you can use to gain a better understanding of how the technology works. An expert blog helps users learn from the people who built the software, while a healthy community forum means you can share your own insights and learn from others who have put the software to creative use. The IBM Knowledge Center provides a comprehensive library of product documentation to further enhance your aptitude.

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IBM BigInsights on Cloud: Use BigInsights for Data Scientists

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