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Law enforcement can more accurately identify potential suspects with this facial composite software.
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Pros & Cons of Identi-Kit


  • Displays facial composites at high definition 200 dpi
  • Streamlined interface makes it simple to start using
  • Built from over five decades of industry experience


  • Potentially less effective than traditional sketch photography, according to some law enforcement sources
  • May require specialized training and certification to make use of its fullest potential
  • Only available to licensed law enforcement professionals

Features of Identi-Kit

  • Facial sketch exporting to more widely used software like Microsoft Word
  • Training and certification available directly through Identi-Kit
  • A rich collection of facial features and ethnic libraries

Identi-Kit Reviews

  • posted on 2018-05-01 13:08:13:
    "Local and federal law enforcement agencies have long used sketch artists to help them communicate with potential witnesses and spread notice about community threats, but it's only in recent decades that the development of technology has managed to provide a meaningful alternative to traditional sketch artists. Identi-Kit, developed by Smith and Wesson, stands at the front of the pack and is utilized by hundreds of police agencies throughout the world. Its precise functionality makes it a valuable resource in police agencies as a complement or alternative to traditional sketch artists, and many schools are using it as a core part of the curriculum in their criminal justice programs.

    Identi-Kit was designed as an egalitarian approach to composite sketching, allowing any officer trained in the software to properly debrief their witnesses and identify perps even if they don't have the artistic skills necessary to draw out a sketch themselves. In furtherance of this aim, Identi-Kit has worked hard to create a streamlined interface that simplifies the process of sketching. Multiple presets are available to help create a template from which to draw, and artists can mix and match features to more accurately hone down the image witnesses have in their minds. Ease of use is integrated into every aspect of the Identi-Kit process, and this is reflected in the program's export feature, which allows users to transfer their finished sketch to Microsoft Word so it can be shared easily via online media like social networks and traditional print media like flyers and posters.

    Identi-Kit is compatible with both Windows 7 and 8, and Identi=Kit maintains a valuable network of instructors and teachers to help with certification and training. They also offer free IT resources for established users who are having trouble with the technology.
    Licensing your Identi-Kit software gives you access to all of these resources free of charge. The newest version of the software also offers a dedicated training portal so officers can get the training they need with nothing more than a high-speed internet connection.

    Studies have found that color has little effect on identifying a suspect, and the addition of color may actually lead to more confusion than the alternative. Identi-Kit makes use of high definition grayscale drawing tools to help officers accurately put description to digital paper. Assisting with this are a range of features that can be plugged directly into the software. There's no need to download extra features or purchase ethnic libraries to get the full complement of options. Everything's included in the program from the start.

    Identi-Kit can help you streamline the process of completing sketches and reduce the pressure on artists in-house. With the proper training, most sketches can be completed in roughly an hour."

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Identi-Kit: "Picture Puzzle Aids in Criminal Identification" c 1950s Universal Newsreel

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