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New Relic helps enterprise level companies take every component of their business model and adapt it to a cloud based environment.
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12 Best Alternatives to New Relic

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Zabbix lets you track, analyze, and graph metrics from your website, and it's scaled to the demands of even enterprise level businesses.
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Datadog makes use of a number APIs to connect you with every aspect of your stack and provide you with detailed analytics regarding all of the proprietary and third party software you use.
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Monitis is an all-in-one tool for monitoring the performance of websites, servers, and applications. After a quick registration process, all of the monitoring tools are completely online, which means you can access them from anywhere.
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Instana is the Application Performance Management solution for modern dynamic applications, using automation and AI to manage their service quality.
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Dotcom-Monitor is a web monitoring service geared towards helping businesses more effectively manage their servers and ensure that web applications are properly optimized.
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Site24x7 offers both free & paid website monitoring services. Monitor websites remotely and receive instant email/sms alerts if your website becomes unavailable.
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Sentry is an impressively versatile and functional platform that developers can use to test their code and respond nimbly whenever their users receive an error message.
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Prometheus is a software program that allows you to collect and visualize data more easily. The data that you collect can easily be dissected through the use of Prometheus's easy to use query system.
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OverOps’ AIOps Platform analyzes your code in real-time, as it’s executing, in pre-production and production environments to automatically identify anomalies and deliver True Root Cause to the right person.
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Raygun gives you a window into how users are really experiencing your software applications. Detect, diagnose and resolve issues that are affecting end users with greater speed and accuracy. icon

Cloud logging for . NET web applications using ELMAH. Find bugs before you go live. Powerful search, API, integration with Slack, GitHub, Visual Studio, etc.

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Pros of New Relic

One of the most well known cloud performance platforms around
Great documentation and tutorials to help new users get started
Range of services that can be combined to match the needs of users

Cons of New Relic

Complex price structure makes it difficult to know you much you'll need to spend
One of the pricier options on the market

New Relic Icon Features of New Relic

Offers customized dashboards for a number of different specializations
Robust API and extension support
Real-time metrics can be displayed as graphs or charts

New Relic Reviews

by grex about New Relic on March 30, 2018:
Managing the ins and outs of your large business doesn't have to be an unwieldy affair. Cloud technology makes it easier to gather, analyze, and share information, and New Relic is positioned as one of the best platforms around for maximizing the potential of an enterprise sized company. Over 16,000 companies rely on New Relic to handle their cloud computing needs. Their flexible, powerful, and dynamic platform can help you engage more effectively with your customers, respond to their needs, and adjust your product or service based off the input you receive.

New Relic offers a wealth of insight tools that you can use to better understand the demographics and demands of your clients. Their Metric Explorer allows you to receive real-time analysis of customer engagement, a valuable tool for everyone from sales to IT to development teams. They automate the process of data collection. While New Relic comes with a number of smartly defined metrics right out of the box, users also have the ability to define their own metrics. These can then be compiled into more easily digestible charts, and you can export data from external sources to provide you with a more nuanced view of the big picture. All of your information is handled through smartly designed and intuitive dashboards that increase the ability for collaboration among your teams. Unique dashboards are available for development, operational, and product teams, making sure everyone has information to information that's tailored to their specific demands. Individual members can set custom alerts that keep them up to date on important data, and specific concerns from customers can be prioritized on a detailed and granular level.

On an infrastructural level, New Relic can help you connect the problems of your customers directly to the source, expediting the process of resolving it. It helps you find correlations between issues and recent config changes, saving you time, frustration and money in the troubleshooting process. Since New Relic is a cloud software as a service company, they have little difficulty scaling to the demands of their clients. You can scale the platform to the demands of your busiest day and make adjustments as your company grows and changes. The cloud nature also makes it a great choice for businesses spread across multiple offices or campuses, and their mobile app allows everyone to get the information they need regardless of where they happen to be.

One of the best aspects of New Relic is that it operates on the full stack. That means that regardless of what social media outlets you use to communicate with your clients, you'll get the data you need integrated into one smooth platform. New Relic accomplishes this through smart and simple to use APIs and extensions. It also integrates easily with a variety of popular team software like Slack, HipChat, and Campfire, making communications between every layer of you enterprise operation a simple affair.
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