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Noise is a minimalist and streamlined music player that serves as one of the core proprietary apps for the Elementary operating system.
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11 Best Alternatives to Noise

foobar2000 icon


2018-01-11. The foobar2000 Software Development Kit has been updated. You can now make components utilizing v1. 4 beta features; the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio is supported out of the box.
iTunes icon


iTunes allows users to keep track of their music, movies, and podcasts in one place. It has been a longtime staple for Apple, and works with all of their products.
Winamp icon


Winamp is a media player that allows users to play multiple-file formats, arrange media in a varied file-management system, and play unique media with AAC encoding.
AIMP icon


Clementine icon


Clementine is a modern music player and library organizer. Clementine is a . This release is compatible with the Clementine Remote application for Android which lets you control Clementine remotely from an Android device.
MediaMonkey icon


MediaMonkey is software that allows a user to organize a music library. The software is billed by the company behind it as a media organizer "for serious collectors.
Rhythmbox icon


Rhythmbox is Gnome’s dedicated audio player and organizer. The successor to Banshee was created for the Linux operating system and its distributions. This software features most standard audio player tools in addition to a few unique attributes for its respective operating system.
MusicBee icon


While iTunes might be the benchmark music organizer and player app, MusicBee is a strong alternative that many prefer. The software includes a number of powerful tools for easily managing your music through a single intuitive interface, and if you already have a music library for another piece of software, there is a good chance that MusicBee will be able to integrate that library.
Amarok icon


As it may be customary for the upcoming season the Amarok team did some spring cleaning and is proud to announce the immediate release of Amarok 2. 9. 0.
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Play your music and videos. Keep up with your podcasts and Internet radio. Discover new music and podcasts. Keep your portable device loaded with good stuff.
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Pros of Noise

Speedy and reliable performance
Clean, minimalist interface gels nicely with the Elementary OS
File management and organization is intuitive and easy to learn

Cons of Noise

Being built for Elementary OS limits its practicality
Lacking many of the features of more robust music players

Noise Icon Features of Noise

Automatic import of local music files
Built on an open source framework
Smart playlists give you more control over what you listen to

Noise Reviews

by grex about Noise on March 2, 2018:
Music players have become such a standard and ubiquitous feature for modern personal computer users, that we often don't even pay attention to them. Their purpose is largely utilitarian, and unless you're a musician or sound engineer, it's unlikely you'll dig into the deeper features offered by many of the big name third party apps in the business. Noise plays to these strengths with a lightweight design and stripped back interface that minimizes slowdown and the threat of crashing and puts all the necessary features immediately at the user's fingertips.

Noise is the proprietary software packaged with the Elementary operating system, and it plays to the OS' mission statement. The Elementary OS is one of the fastest and most visually appealing Linux distributions around, and Noise's aesthetic appeal fits neatly into the general sensibilities of Elementary. If you're looking for a music player that bucks ostentation and unnecessary bells and whistles, you'll find plenty to love here. Unlock more advanced third party applications like Winamp that offer byzantine customization options and layers and layers of windows, Noise puts everything you need in one place. Your library and playlists are neatly aligned along the app's left side panel, and a larger panel on the right displays everything available in your current selection in a neatly tiled format. Directory functions give you more control of how you want your music laid out, making organization a breeze, and cover art, album titles, and song titles are all neatly presented before you. A panel at the top provides you with play, rewind, fast forward, and pause options and also contains the search bar.

Three options are available for users looking for more control of how they browse their music. The panel display is standard, and its bright and clean design simulates flipping through a stack of CDs or vinyls. The list view is more efficient, and more manageable when trying to sort through large groups of files. For advanced users, the technical view gives you a wide range of metrics in segregated panels. Sort according to any combination of genre, artist, and album to see the results displayed below.

Importing your music is easy. While users can manually add new songs to their library, it's far easier to just have Noise scour your hard drive or external drives for the music you're looking for. Directory management and meta data like song titles, genre, and album can all be inputted directly in Noise's interface. One of the cooler functions offered is the creation of smart playlists that allow you to populate a playlist according to a dense variety of different metrics.

Noise supports all major sound files, and its bare bones interface means that it runs quickly and efficiently. While users looking for vast and granular control over their music libraries won't find it here, it's a serviceable and reliable player for the everyday customer.
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