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OASES is a game created by Armel Gibson that attempts to explore what might have happened to his grandfather, who went missing while flying in Algeria in 1960. The game is offered through a "pay what you want" system. Users can enjoy psychedelic graphics, immersive music by Calum Bowen, and the tranquility that results from soaring through the sky as a small white plane on a multicolored background.
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Pros & Cons of OASES


  • Innovative game with psychedelic graphics.
  • Name your own price to download it.
  • Experience a thoughtful journey based on a real story.


  • Lacks proper control and camera options for optimal gameplay.
  • Limited in scope.
  • Issues with running the game on some systems, despite not being graphically intensive.

Features of OASES

  • Fly through an array of interesting landscapes.
  • Experience a story told from the perspective of a grandson learning about his grandfather.
  • Explore randomly selected levels for a unique experience each playthrough.

OASES Reviews

  • Written on 2018-03-02 04:26:11:
    "Since OASES is essentially free to anyone curious enough to try it out, it's difficult to criticize it too much. Despite its free nature, there are a few issues with it though. Numerous people have reported crashes when trying to start up the game, and others have noted that even when the game runs, its options are fairly limited. If the game doesn't look right on your computer, you'll have a hard time being able to make any appropriate changes to it.

    In terms of gameplay, the developer did include randomized levels to introduce an element of uniqueness to each playthrough, but even this is limited in its scope. There are a total of five different levels, with a single playthrough incorporating two of them at a time. If you enjoy the game enough, you'll quickly exhaust the content that remains in it, though that's not really saying much. The game simply consists of flying your plane through different levels, guided mainly by your own curiosity than anything else. There aren't any enemies in the game or clear goals of any kind.

    Given the ambiguous nature of the game, OASES is more of an experimental flight simulator than anything else. With that in mind, OASES does have its merits as a relaxing alternative to traditional video games. If you're not in the mood for something overly difficult or competitive, you might find the relative ease of OASES to be refreshing. Since the game doesn't take long to complete and is effectively free, it's worth looking into if you're even mildly curious about it."

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