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SmugMug is a platform that allows amateurs and professional photographers to host their pictures and create a virtual gallery for promoting and selling their work.
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21 Best Alternatives to SmugMug

Flickr icon


Flickr is a mobile app that acts as a social network with a deep focus on sharing photos. With the app, you'll be able to easily upload new photos to your Flickr account, and you'll also be able to make minor edits to your images.
Imgur icon


Imgur is a website designed to provide individuals with an easy platform to share stories, images and videos. The base software behind the online platform is also meant to be extremely versatile, allowing individuals to customize their interface in any way that they desire through the use of third-party software.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom icon

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Lightroom empowers you to make amazing photos, from anywhere. It’s the first ever complete photo service made specifically for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts.
Pixlr icon


Pixlr is a mobile app that combines the power of a camera app, a collage maker, and a photo editor. It could easily be called the leader in its class thanks to the vast array of options and functions that it includes.
Google Photos icon

Google Photos

Google Photos offers more organization when capturing your pictures and keeping them in albums. The pictures that are taken are backed up automatically.
ACDSee icon


ACDSee is an image viewer that uses very little system resources, and it has a small, sleek size that won't take up much space on your system. Thanks to the small size and basic functionality of the software, it is one of the most responsive image viewers in its category.
Photobucket icon


Photobucket is a mobile app that is both a large library of images as well as a storage space for any of your photos. It can also act as editing software, allowing you to make some basic edits to your photos.
iCloud icon


iCloud is built into every Apple device. All your photos, files, notes, and more are safe and available wherever you are, and it works automatically.
500px icon


The mobile app and website, 500px, is a photo sharing site for professional and semi-professional photographers to share their best photos. The app creates a community of photographers, and you can choose to follow certain photographers to see their latest photos.
ImageShack icon


ImageShack is a photo storage and sharing site that allows to do more than the competition via its subscription business model.
Adobe Bridge icon

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is a software used by creative professionals such as photographers and graphic designers to browse through their media. It is designed with the goal of making it easier to view and organize large groups of files.
TinyPic icon


TinyPic is an image hosting website designed to make it easy to upload images to forums and other places on the internet. It's free to open an account, but you don't need an account to save files on the service.
Corel AfterShot Pro icon

Corel AfterShot Pro

Say hello to Corel AfterShot Pro 3, the world’s fastest photo workflow tool! Edit your photos up to 4x faster than Lightroom so you can spend more time behind the camera.
Lychee icon


Lychee is an open-source, free software program for self-hosted photo management. It can be installed on the user's own server or website. The software permits the uploading and management of photos and also makes sharing photos very easy.
Pixa icon


Pixa helps you organize and manage both inspirational and work images. With Pixa you can tag, comment and easily export your work with a simple drag and drop.
Pixpa icon


All-in-one platform for photographers, artists and designers. Get your online portfolio with built-in ecommerce, client proofing and blogging tools. Try free.
Tilda Publishing icon

Tilda Publishing

Create a website, landing page or online store for free with the help of Tilda modules and publish it on the same day. No knowledge of coding required.
PhotoFunia icon


PhotoFunia is a leading free photo editing site packed with a huge library of picture editor effects & photo filters. Edit pictures with online pic editor.
Photoshelter icon


The best websites for photographers. Get a site, built-in photo selling, unlimited storage, client proofing and more. Simple. Fast. 14-day free trial.
Grid icon


Grid is software designed to assist professionals in creating quality software. The software features a number of essential features for dedicated coding specialists, each of which can prove invaluable in the long run.

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Pros of SmugMug

Subscription plans are smartly diversified and reasonably priced
No limits on how much you can upload to your site
Once the framework is set up, updating your gallery is a simple affair

Cons of SmugMug

No free plan available
Not as robust a website building platform as more dedicated software
Mobile app only offers a portion of SmugMug's

SmugMug Icon Features of SmugMug

Create a photo-based website using a range of smart templates
Sort your galleries with intuitive and responsive tags
Enable and moderate comments on your galleries

SmugMug Reviews

by grex about SmugMug on May 29, 2018:
SmugMug has been one of the most popular platforms for photographers since its launch in 2002, and for good reason. While photo sharing social media platforms like Instagram and Flickr have become all the rage for casual photo sharing, SmugMug is positioned as a platform catered specifically to the needs of professionals. It's more about sharing your photos. It's about creating a brand identity and serving as a market to sell your pieces to buyers. It successfully brings the idea of a photo gallery to the online marketplace at a relatively inexpensive price. It's certainly more accessible and cost-effective than trying to get your photos featured in traditional physical galleries, and the democratization of the process means that you don't have to pay an exorbitant premium to achieve visibility with your work.

At its heart, SmugMug is a website builder - and while there's an avalanche of such products on the market today, SmugMug takes their commitment to specifically meeting the needs of photographers seriously. A basic but functional website builder means that you can create relatively appealing websites with no coding knowledge, but the minimal bells and whistles in the system mean that creating something more complex will require a firm grasp on HTML, CSS, and maybe JavaScript. But where SmugMug sets itself apart from the pack is with its features specifically catered to the needs of photographers.

The heart of the experience is your photo library. Through the use of robust tags, you can easily sort your photos into separate galleries. Basic photo editing functions are included directly into SmugMug, and you even have control over curating comments on your work. A number of plans are available, but all of them require a monthly fee. Galleries improve the experience by providing users with an eCommerce platform at a sensible rate, while higher scale plans also offer marketing and branding tools you can use to expand your presence.

The mobile app itself provides a clean and efficient means to upload photos to your dedicated SmugMug gallery. The creators understand that photography is a natural extension of life, and getting new works up quickly is critical to photographers looking to engage with their audience. The app's interface is simple and cleanly designed, presenting all of the photos in your roll in a neatly tiled format. The stripped down interface is designed for a simple purpose: to let you upload new photos with just a couple taps of your fingers, but you also have control over which gallery each photo is uploaded to, and you can upload multiple photos in a single batch. You can even directly upload your images to social media platforms like Facebook at the same time, a great addition in a world where publicity is so driven by a robust social media presence.
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