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TinyPic is an image hosting website designed to make it easy to upload images to forums and other places on the internet. It's free to open an account, but you don't need an account to save files on the service.
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Use imgbox to upload, host and share all your images. It's simple, free and blazing fast!
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23 is easy photo sharing.
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Professional photo hosting and sharing. Create your own photography website, sell photo and video downloads online. Free plan.

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Pros of TinyPic

No account required to upload images
Easily tag images to make them searchable
Categories make browsing images easy

Cons of TinyPic

Ad-supported interface
Images only kept for 90 days after the last view
Cannot make uploaded images private
Relatively small file upload size

TinyPic Icon Features of TinyPic

Upload images with no account
Upload videos with no account
Search categorized images & video
Images removed after 90 days of no activity

TinyPic Reviews

by grex about TinyPic on March 31, 2018:
TinyPic is the best place to host relatively small images like memes you want to share on forums or other social media sites. The site doesn't require an account to upload images or video, and all files uploaded to the site are public, so this is not a place to store private photos you don't want anyone else to see. Message boards, reddit, social media, and other sites that don't host content on their own are the best uses for TinyPic.

There are also some limitations to the size of images you can keep on TinyPic. If you upload an image that has a larger resolution than the service supports, their site will automatically downgrade the image to the largest size they support. For video files, you can only upload a file that is less than 100MB in size.

When uploading images and video, you can add quick tags to make them easily searchable. The images that TinyPic hosts on the site are kept alive for as long as they're still receiving views. However, TinyPic removes images that have not had any views for more than 90 days. Therefore, the site isn't the best place to keep images that don't get seen very often.

However, for a no-frills image host that doesn't have many restrictions, it works fine. It's a great place to store memes and funny pictures you want to share with your friends, and if you decide to create an account, you can group all your photos and see how many views they're getting.

The terms of service for TinyPic don't allow the site to host pornographic material since every image uploaded is public, so it's not a place to share NSFW images if that's your inclination.

For people who want to use a more private photo service that shares with select others, TinyPic's sister company Photobucket allows people to store private images online that you can then share with select family and friends.
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