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Grid is software designed to assist professionals in creating quality software. The software features a number of essential features for dedicated coding specialists, each of which can prove invaluable in the long run... read more.
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10 Best Alternatives to Grid

Flickr icon


Flickr is a mobile app that acts as a social network with a deep focus on sharing photos. With the app, you'll be able to easily upload new photos to your Flickr account, and you'll also be able to make minor edits to your images.
Imgur icon


Imgur is a website designed to provide individuals with an easy platform to share stories, images and videos. The base software behind the online platform is also meant to be extremely versatile, allowing individuals to customize their interface in any way that they desire through the use of third-party software.
ACDSee icon


ACDSee is an image viewer that uses very little system resources, and it has a small, sleek size that won't take up much space on your system. Thanks to the small size and basic functionality of the software, it is one of the most responsive image viewers in its category.
Adobe Bridge icon

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is a software used by creative professionals such as photographers and graphic designers to browse through their media. It is designed with the goal of making it easier to view and organize large groups of files.
Photobucket icon


Photobucket is a mobile app that is both a large library of images as well as a storage space for any of your photos. It can also act as editing software, allowing you to make some basic edits to your photos.
500px icon


The mobile app and website, 500px, is a photo sharing site for professional and semi-professional photographers to share their best photos. The app creates a community of photographers, and you can choose to follow certain photographers to see their latest photos.
Lychee icon


Lychee is an open-source, free software program for self-hosted photo management. It can be installed on the user's own server or website. The software permits the uploading and management of photos and also makes sharing photos very easy.
Corel AfterShot Pro icon

Corel AfterShot Pro

Say hello to Corel AfterShot Pro 3, the world’s fastest photo workflow tool! Edit your photos up to 4x faster than Lightroom so you can spend more time behind the camera.
SmugMug icon


SmugMug is a platform that allows amateurs and professional photographers to host their pictures and create a virtual gallery for promoting and selling their work.
Pixa icon


Pixa helps you organize and manage both inspirational and work images. With Pixa you can tag, comment and easily export your work with a simple drag and drop.

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Grid Icon More About Grid

Grid is software designed to assist professionals in creating quality software. The software features a number of essential features for dedicated coding specialists, each of which can prove invaluable in the long run. Grid is designed with driven professionals in mind, putting large emphasis productivity and efficiency. Gird accomplishes this by providing an expedient and intuitively designed user interface, crafted with the intention of keeping users working and not fiddling with complicated settings.

Grid also markets itself as an effective solution for creatives, as well as those looking for networking opportunities. Grid markets itself as a tool that allows users to create complicated pieces of software together, be it in a crowded boardroom or your bedroom. These networking tools go a very long way in lending itself to Grid’s value proposition. More on that, Grid is available as a free download on most devices. Google, Android, Windows and Apple all currently support Grid. More esoteric operating systems, such as open source options, are not currently supported. The software also features an array of organizational tools, designed to help users keep their ideas and projects in order. In short, Grid provides an impressive variety of ways for professionals to create complex, quality pieces of software.

Pros of Grid

Great Networking Options
Excellent Customer Service

Cons of Grid

Very complex
Not beginner-friendly (Tutorials help in alleviating this issue, however)

Grid Icon Features of Grid

Networking Options
Productivity Features
Complex Infrastructure

Grid Reviews

by grex about Grid on March 21, 2018:
Grid handily delivers on the majority of its promises. The software succeeds where most others falter in it delivering a smooth and intuitive experience without an enormous price point. Grid effectively provides users a way to connect with other like-minded professional in quick and easy fashion. Moreover, Grid excels at providing a smooth user experience as well. Grid’s interface is extremely well designed and easy to navigate. Additionally, the software features an extensive tutorial that ensures it’s easy to learn the ropes of its infrastructure. In short, Grid does a fantastic job of easing user’s into the experience.

Grid’s numerous different features impress as well. While the software could stand to have more in the way of customization options, Grid doesn’t disappoint when it comes to utilities. Productivity features are everywhere, allowing user’s to keep their various projects in check at any time. Moving forward, Grid’s selling point, that being its various networking options, also impress. The software makes it easy to connect with individuals at a moments notice, making collaboration with others a breeze. Grid performs admirably on most operating systems, and doesn’t feature any notable performance issues or slowdown.

In short, Grid is an extremely well-made piece of software. Grid comes highly recommended for any coding professionals looking to take their craft to the next level.
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