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Spiceworks is an advanced and comprehensive software platform designed for use by IT professionals.
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12 Best Alternatives to Spiceworks

Zabbix icon


Zabbix lets you track, analyze, and graph metrics from your website, and it's scaled to the demands of even enterprise level businesses.
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Datadog makes use of a number APIs to connect you with every aspect of your stack and provide you with detailed analytics regarding all of the proprietary and third party software you use.
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Icinga Monitors Availability and Performance, Gives you Simple Access to Relevant Data and Raises Alerts to Keep you in the Loop.
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Pulseway is a powerful piece of software that encompasses a wide range of functions in the fields of infrastructure management, asset management, and app performance management.
Belarc Advisor icon

Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor is a piece of software that will help you keep track of all the hardware and software installed in your system. It does so by creating a profile of every piece of hardware and software, and it presents all that data through a web browser.
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor icon

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Advanced network monitoring for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud. Download a FREE 30-day trial of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) today!
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IT Asset Tool

Free Software asset management - Inventory software in your Company. It's Easy, Fast and Free!!
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Site24x7 offers both free & paid website monitoring services. Monitor websites remotely and receive instant email/sms alerts if your website becomes unavailable.
ConnectWise Automate icon

ConnectWise Automate

Solve IT Problems with ConnectWise Automate, Remote Monitoring and Remote Management Software. Visit to boost the effectiveness of your IT teams.
Kaseya VSA icon

Kaseya VSA

Kaseya VSA is a software used in remote monitoring, information technology management, cloud-based and network security resolution that gives functionalities and tools to IT enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSP) to enable systems to become faster, secure and cost-effective and employees become more productive.
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Atera - The world's first RMM software, built with PSA and Remote Access capabilities, specifically designed for MSPs in all shapes and sizes.

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Pros of Spiceworks

Offers a great suite of IT tools free of charge
Easy to set up and easy to understand
Different tools work great in tandem with one another

Cons of Spiceworks

Only available on Windows
Missing some functionality offered by equivalent but expensive software

Spiceworks Icon Features of Spiceworks

Online and self-hosted help desk platform
Inventor management for your software and devices
IP scanning, network monitoring, and remote support

Spiceworks Reviews

by grex about Spiceworks on March 8, 2018:
Sometimes it can feel like being successful in the field of information technology requires you to be both a jack and master of all trades. It means responding to the demands of coworkers who often have no idea how to explain the problem to you and learning to troubleshoot new problems practically every day. Spiceworks is a platform designed to assist everyone on your IT team and provide them with the tools they need to keep ahead of the curve and make sure everything is running as smoothly as it can. The Spiceworks suite is built as an all-in-one package split into a number of individual components.

The Spiceworks help desk cuts out wasted time by offering a ticket management system that helps coworkers quickly identify problems and the IT department quickly and effectively deploy the right technicians or engineers to the task at hand. There are plenty of ticketing systems out there, but Spiceworks' help desk is specially designed to help you track and improve the behaviors of your IT team. Managers can get a top down view of the whole ticketing system, allowing them to manage what tickets go where and even leave comments or messages. Additional reports and metrics allow you to effectively follow the behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses of individual members of your team as a whole. The help desk is available as either a self-hosted platform for users who have their own servers and are concerned about privacy and as a cloud-based platform hosted on Spiceworks' secure remote networks. Easy installation and an intuitive design mean it's easy to launch the software and hit the ground running without having to worry about training your team. Best of all, the mobile app integrates smoothly with the desktop program to provide seamless oversight regardless of where you happen to be.

Managing your team is one thing. Managing your devices is another. As businesses grow and start to absorb more and more pieces of technology, keeping pace can be a chore. But Spiceworks' inventory component gives you access to all of the cloud services, software and devices in one place. Software tracking and customized reporting allow you to keep on top of changes to your information ecosystem, and they're further supplements by notifications and alerts that you can set to your own specifications. A variety of unique and useful customization options are available for your reports, and scheduling allows you to work around their receipt to match the demands of your schedule.

Rounding out the Spiceworks experience are a number of more technical tools that might not have the managerial appeal but offer critical components that can greatly ease the life of an IT professional. An IP scanner allows you to keep track of who's on the network and stay alert to unauthorized intruders, while network monitoring and remote support functions make it easier to identify and then resolve IT problems even from across the office or across the city.
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