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StumbleUpon is a popular way of locating useful things online. The mobile app for this platform is available for both Android and iOS devices. This powerful app curates customized content for users.
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15 Best Alternatives to StumbleUpon

Twitter icon


Twitter is arguably one of the two most popular social media platforms. Based on the concept of short status updates, Twitter originally limited posts to 140 characters.
Facebook icon


Communicate with friends and family members using the Facebook mobile app. Several features allow you to monitor your privacy while showing pictures, status updates and other information that you want to display on your page.
Tumblr icon


Tumblr is a multimedia microblogging site that launched in 2007. Users can post photos, text, gifs and more onto a short form blog. You can follow other blogs and post your own original content.
Papaly icon


Papaly is a simple social bookmarking tool to manage all your links. Create custom boards and categories. Share and follow topics of interest to discover new content.
Flickr icon


Flickr is a mobile app that acts as a social network with a deep focus on sharing photos. With the app, you'll be able to easily upload new photos to your Flickr account, and you'll also be able to make minor edits to your images.
Pinterest icon


If you've looked at anything online or on social media sites, then you have likely seen ideas shared from Pinterest. The site offers ideas for recipes, crafts and almost anything else that you can make yourself or purchase.
Instagram icon


Instagram is possibly the most popular photo sharing app in the world with over one billion downloads, and it has earned such a distinction thanks to the incredible editing tools that come with this free app.
Google Photos icon

Google Photos

Google Photos offers more organization when capturing your pictures and keeping them in albums. The pictures that are taken are backed up automatically. icon
Freemium is a software program that overhauls the bookmark system in your browser. It changes the way that you save and organize your bookmarks by adding a new system that allows you to customize the way that your bookmarks are organized.
Pinboard icon


Welcome to Pinboard! Social Bookmarking for Introverts. Pinboard is a fast, no-nonsense bookmarking site for people who value privacy and speed. There are no ads and no third-party tracking.
Google Bookmarks icon

Google Bookmarks

';c=_. H(c)+" doesn't support signing in with multiple accounts. To use a different account, you must first sign out of all Google Accounts.
Path icon


Simple, Personal Social Networking. icon

Stash is an intelligent bookmarking tool that will automatically analyze and organize links that you save, allowing you to find them when you need them.
Flipagram icon


This is a software program that allows you to create videos using fun techniques and edit pictures using various filters and tools.

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Pros of StumbleUpon

Free to download and use
Organized and efficient UI
Doesn't take up a lot of space

Cons of StumbleUpon

Can't comment on websites
Can't make personalized lists

StumbleUpon Icon Features of StumbleUpon

Android and iOS versions
StumbleDNA learns from your preferences
Share to social networks with a single click

StumbleUpon Reviews

by grex about StumbleUpon on March 2, 2018:
StumbleUpon isn't really a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter, but the service still falls under this broad designation. Users can share Internet content and interact with one another. The app for the platform can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices, and it offers a few nice features that can relieve the boredom of random web surfing.

Technically, StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site. It essentially allows you to like or dislike content found online. You create a profile, add in your interests, and the service searches out web content it thinks you will appreciate. The browser-based version of the app has been around for a few years, but the mobile version is only just beginning to come into its own.

The app will recommend websites it thinks you will enjoy. In most cases, the app gets it right. This is because it uses an algorithm based on your previous likes and dislikes. The more you use the app, the smarter it gets. Not every suggestion will be a hit, of course, but it's almost guaranteed that you will find some interesting new websites to visit.

The most recent version of the app offers a nice, clean interface. It also includes an optional feature called StumbleDNA. This feature keeps track of your preferences and serves up tailored recommendations. It also incorporates color coding which is displayed on user profiles. It is very easy to identify which of your friends share your interests.

The app boasts integration with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can easily share things you stumble upon with a single click. A downside of the app is that you cannot comment on pages or add them to a list. These features are only available with the browser-based version of StumbleUpon.

The big elephant in the room with an app like this is that your browsing preferences are being tracked. This might be of concern to individuals who are serious about their Internet privacy. For those who don't sweat such things, StumbleUpon is more or less an organized way to kill time surfing the Web.
by a user (e-mail not public) about StumbleUpon on February 20, 2019:
The real value of stumbleupon was the randomness it allowed me in my searches. That is what I want most of all.

I learned a lot by stumbling randomly into sites, and I am mourning the loss of stumbleupon. Randomly being linked to stuff in my set of interests was a superfuel for thinking and inspiration and I miss that most of all.

It helped me find a lot of what I failed to realize I didn't know.

I found
a) Instructables
b) hackaday
c) Boingboing
through stumbleupon.

I want to be fed more sites with a lot of serendipity. (To date I had racked up over 20K stumbles)
by tina about StumbleUpon on March 26, 2019:
StumbleUpon was awesome. I wasn't interested in the social media aspect of it, but I liked being able to give it a little guidance and have it introduce me to all kinds of sites I would never have otherwise seen. I miss it. I hate social media.
by M about StumbleUpon on May 17, 2019:
Stumble was great a a way to kill time and a good way to learn random things
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