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A brief description of the application TotalFinder application is a universally acceptable navigation tool for Mac users. Users of the application are sure that it comes with improved features that are smart and convenient... read more.

15 Best Alternatives to TotalFinder

FreeCommander icon


FreeCommander provides an alternative to the file managers available out of the box with modern operating systems, allowing a more deeply featured and expansive management tool for power users, all of it completely free to use.
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Midnight Commander

Visit the Trac free software project athttp://trac. edgewall.
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XYplorer is a file manager and Explorer replacement for Windows. It's fast, powerful, portable, dual paned, and multi-tabbed.
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. Q-Dir the free Filemanager for Windows. # About # Help file # Screenshots # History # Faq # .
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Quicksilver is a fast and free productivity application for the Mac, allowing you to save time and improve your efficiency. Quicksilver is available for Lion, Snow Leopard and more.
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If you want a cross-platform file manager, muCommander is one of the best options available. It supports a wide range of protocols, including HTTP/HTTPS, SMB, FTP, SFTP, and many others.
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Manage your files quickly across local drives and remote servers with ease. ForkLift is a robust FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/Amazon S3/Backblaze B2/Google Drive/Rackspace Cloud Files client and a powerful and versatile file manager.
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Tabs & Dual Panel. • Arrange folders on top. • Cut & Paste. Copy queue. • Global hotkeys.
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Removes bloated metadata. Saves disk space & bandwidth by compressing images without losing quality.
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Cloud storage that is astonishingly easy and low-cost.
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Hazel watches whatever folders you tell it to, automatically organizing your files according to the rules you create. Have Hazel move files around based on name, date, type, what site it came from and much more.
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CodeKit allows you to optimize the performance of your website by automatically and efficiently compiling a variety of popular languages.

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TotalFinder Icon More About TotalFinder

A brief description of the application
TotalFinder application is a universally acceptable navigation tool for Mac users. Users of the application are sure that it comes with improved features that are smart and convenient. This application is essential in defining how users can interact with the system. TotalFinder is a must-have utility application that is easily compatible with the Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. You can access the application easily for as little as $18, and it will give you value for your money. When users open the app, it is difficult to notice any changes unless they are keen.

A review of TotalFinder software
TotalFinder is an excellent software that will complement the Finder on your Mac. This application comes with features that can allow you to easily modify and add unique but necessary capabilities to your Finder. For instance, the software makes cut and paste possible with users being able to use keyboard shortcuts to execute the command. Users of the application can also have enjoy tabbed browsing. Using the dual mode while browsing allows you to access TotalFinder on your Mac from various applications. TotalFinder has undergone major upgrades since it was launched and has gained an edge over the original Finder app.

Pros of TotalFinder

The application comes with many benefits to its users. Some of its benefits are
When users are using it in the dual mode, it can allow for side-by-side viewing of the Finder in one window.
The new version fixes the vertical window resizing problems that were an issue in the previous versions.
TotalFinder makes it possible for users to cut and paste files easily on their Mac. It always ensures space is well utilized as you can move files easily without creating any duplicate files.
It provides users a seamless transition as the application blends easily with the Mac system in a similar manner as the Finder application. This makes it a preference for users who were conversant with the Finder application.

Cons of TotalFinder

Users of the application have to contend with the following limitations of using this application
Users of the application may find the cost of using the platform unreasonably high for a specialized app.
Some users may have an issue with having to deal with resizing the TotalFinder windows that sometimes clip the information unexpectedly.

TotalFinder Icon Features of TotalFinder

Users of TotalFinder can enjoy a variety of benefits that come with this application.
Some of the outstanding features of the platform are
It comes with helpful tweaks: Using the platform's folders provides users with high levels of an organization.
By just clicking on the preference menu, users are able to access their prioritized folders from every folder.
It comes with reduced clutter: The previous applications of Finder have had the limitation of cluttering your system and sometimes hiding some of your files.
Users of the new TotalFinder are assured that the software comes with a specific emphasis on cleanliness, isolating excess files, and creating extra storage space automatically.
Offers a tab-based interface: Previous TotalFinder versions were disorganized and scattered.
With the new TotalFinder, however, users are allowed to merge all information and be able to create a tab-based layout.

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