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XMarks is a website and browser extension designed to keep track of all your bookmarks and make them easily searchable. The site was acquired by LastPass in 2010 and will be shutting down on May 1st, 2018 after more than 12 years in service.
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12 Best Alternatives to XMarks

Tagpacker icon


Tagpacker is a free tool to collect, organize, and share your favorite links.
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Read, share, and save stories that you find on the internet so that you can enjoy them later or so that other people can enjoy them.
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Papaly is a simple social bookmarking tool to manage all your links. Create custom boards and categories. Share and follow topics of interest to discover new content.
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Diigo is a powerful research tool and a knowledge-sharing community.
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Raindrop.io is a software program that overhauls the bookmark system in your browser. It changes the way that you save and organize your bookmarks by adding a new system that allows you to customize the way that your bookmarks are organized.
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Google Bookmarks

';c=_. H(c)+" doesn't support signing in with multiple accounts. To use a different account, you must first sign out of all Google Accounts.
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Welcome to Pinboard! Social Bookmarking for Introverts. Pinboard is a fast, no-nonsense bookmarking site for people who value privacy and speed. There are no ads and no third-party tracking.
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The safe way to remember everything. Take all your important data with you.
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Pearltrees is a place to organize everything you’re interested in. It lets you organize, explore and share everything you like.
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FVD Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial ★ Most popular ★ New Tab Page replacement. 1) The Fastest access to your Favorite and most Visited websites!
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Stash is an intelligent bookmarking tool that will automatically analyze and organize links that you save, allowing you to find them when you need them.
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Hush mutes your computer automatically when Hulu commercials come on.

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Pros of XMarks

Quick way to sync bookmarks across browsers
Available for most modern browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
Backup & restore your bookmarks to keep them safe
Site info built directly into the bookmarks

Cons of XMarks

Shutting down May 1st, 2018

XMarks Icon Features of XMarks

Bookmark sync across browsers
Searchable bookmarks
Site info built into your bookmarks
Open tab sync (Premium-only)
Mobile bookmark access (Premium-only)
Backup & restore bookmarks (Premium-only)

XMarks Reviews

by grex about XMarks on April 1, 2018:
XMarks is a website designed to keep your browser bookmarks synced across all of your browsers. Plenty of people do work in one browser while using another for personal stuff. Maintaining bookmarks across browsers was a hassle without XMarks.

XMarks started life as a FireFox extension called Foxmarks before eventually being ported to other browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The primary benefit of this extension over any browser's bookmark feature is that XMarks stores site information about your bookmark, so you can more easily identify why you bookmarked a site.

XMarks also pioneered better search for bookmarks when you have hundreds that you haven't correctly categorized. If you could remember a snippet about the website, the captured site info gave you more information to link to your search term. It seems like an essential feature now, but when XMarks was introduced back in 2006 browser bookmark search was non-existent.

XMarks helped you better organize your bookmarks by suggesting tags based on the content of the site info. This organizational feature was better than most browsers at the time since most just kept a list of bookmarks and didn't allow you to categorize your bookmarks into folders.

As the world grew more mobile focused, XMarks also allowed mobile access to bookmarks across separate browsers. However, the feature was designed to be tied into its paid subscription for the service. Premium access to XMarks cost $1 a month and was available to users up until LogMeIn decided to shut down the service on May 1st, 2018.

XMarks also offered a secure password sync feature briefly, but after the service was acquired by LastPass in 2010, it was retired in favor of LastPass' in-house password protection service. Since that acquisition, XMarks and its browser extensions have been on life support.

Overall the usefulness of XMarks as a service has waned over the years with Mozilla and Google incorporating some of its features into their browsers as default settings.
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