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Balsamiq Mockups is an app-design tool. It offers a gentle learning curve and collaboration capabilities. The product's makers sell it on a per-user basis.
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25 Best Alternatives to Balsamiq

Lucidchart icon


Lucidchart is your solution for visual communication and cross-platform collaboration. Create professional flowcharts, process maps, UML models, org charts, and ER diagrams using our templates or import feature.
Adobe Illustrator CC icon

Adobe Illustrator CC

Create logos, icons, sketches, typography and other vector art with Adobe Illustrator.
OmniGraffle icon


OmniGraffle is a premium mobile app designed to help you create beautiful visual diagrams, sketches, and other designs. It has enough power to meet the needs of professional designers, but it is intuitive enough for beginners to fully utilize.
Creately icon


Easily draw diagrams online using Creately’s online diagramming tool.
Moqups icon


Moqups is a streamlined and intuitive web app that helps you create and collaborate on wireframes, mockups, diagrams and prototypes — for any type of project.
UXPin icon


10 actionable tips and tricks to help improve your homepage.
Gliffy icon


Gliffy is a diagramming software for creating flow charts, organizational charts, network schemas, and other two-dimensional diagrams. You can start creating diagrams by using one of the existing templates or themes, or customize your own diagram by dragging and dropping shapes and other elements onto the interface.
Axure RP icon

Axure RP

Axure RP is a rapid prototyping program that has been around for over a decade. While it’s still among the favorites for UX developers, there are far more options available now than there have been in the past.
Zoho Creator icon

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a complete suite of business apps that help business owners manage various tasks. The tools provided by the software include apps for tracking inventory, managing orders, and overseeing distribution channels. icon is software that allows users to create working prototypes of apps without having to do any coding. It accomplishes this by mocking up some complex slideshows, sort of like a powerful Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
mockingbird icon


Mockingbird helps you you create and share clickable wireframes. Use it to make mockups of your website or application in minutes.
Pidoco icon


Pidoco is a website that helps you design websites by providing you with wireframes to work with. You can sketch on a blank space if you want to get an idea of what you want to put on your webpage.
Iplotz icon


Create clickable, navigable mockups and wireframes for prototyping websites and software applications.
MockFlow icon


Your collaborative whiteboard for Brainstroming Interfaces.
Fluid UI icon

Fluid UI

Free lifetime account. Simple to learn, quick to master. Design interactive prototypes for Android, iOS, web and desktop in minutes.
Wirify icon


Wirify is a bookmarklet that lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click. Wirify is free, easy and fun to use. Wirify Pro lets you export and edit your wireframes.
Monitis icon


Monitis is an all-in-one tool for monitoring the performance of websites, servers, and applications. After a quick registration process, all of the monitoring tools are completely online, which means you can access them from anywhere.
Optmyzr icon


Optmyzr gives advertisers and agencies tools to automate PPC account management. Our One-Click Optimizations™, Data Analysis and Reporting solutions will save you hundreds of hours each month.
Flairbuilder icon


Flairbuilder is a website that provides website designers with wireframes to use as the basis of their new webpages. Flairbuilder gives you the option of working with your wireframe off of a grid, allowing you to design the site more easily and with better results.
NinjaMock icon


NinjaMock is a piece of design software that makes it easier to do graphic design on computers with wireframes. They come at design with a lighter sense of humor than most other design websites. icon

A simple wireframing tool that doesn't get in your way. Create and share simple wireframes of websites and mobile apps.
Justinmind icon


Justinmind is a prototyping tool for web and mobile apps, letting teams test out the design of their projects before they ever start coding.
HotGloo icon


HotGloo is a UX, wireframe and prototyping tool designed to build wireframes for web, mobile and wearables.
Teracy icon


GitHub is where people build software. More than 31 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects.

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Pros of Balsamiq

Balsamiq Mockups can be easily learned by app-prototyping novices.
Users can quickly install this tool.
This title can be configured in minutes.
Using Balsamiq Mockups is easier and faster than drawing and writing on paper.
Frequent users laud this title's templates and drag-and-drop features.
Balsamiq Mockups offers an intuitive and elegant interface.

Cons of Balsamiq

Balsamiq Mockups lacks preview-related features.
Experts will feel limited by this tool.
For large teams, this product's per-user pricing structure can become very costly.
Balsamiq Mockups is not intended for interactive prototypes.
This product does not integrate with other design tools.
The title creates only low-fidelity prototypes.

Balsamiq Icon Features of Balsamiq

A simple software-prototyping environment
Drag-and-drop features
Usability testing
Version control
Wireframes for collaboration
Desktop interface

Balsamiq Reviews

by grex about Balsamiq on March 27, 2018:
The makers of Balsamiq Mockups call their product zenware. They conceived it as a software-prototyping tool that runs without the user noticing it.

Balsamiq Mockups suits novice app designers. It offers them the ability to open the tool for the first time and instantly begin drawing, dragging, dropping and making notes. However, its simple and easily adopted interface leaves expert app designers longing for more features.

Still, teams that feature members with widely varied skill levels can easily collaborate on app prototypes via Balsamiq Mockups.
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