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Blisk is a browser designed to help IT engineers and web developers find information related to web design more easily. It circumvents other traditional browsers that search the web at large for keywords, and instead allows users to search for more specific information within the tech industry.
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6 Best Alternatives to Blisk

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BrowserStack makes it easy for you to test the performance of your website or app across a number of different browsers and devices.
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Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different operating systems and browsers. It is a free open-source online web application providing developers a convenient way to test their website's browser compatibility in one place.
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Browserling allows you to test your website across multiple browsers to ensure compatibility for all of your visitors.
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Sauce Labs

Cloud-based platform for automated testing of web and mobile applications. Access web browsers, mobile emulators and simulators, and real mobile devices.
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Litmus is a responsive email marketing tool that lets users create attractive and meaningful messaging regardless of the device their recipient uses for their email.
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Browser Testing made simple! Run automated, visual, and manual tests on 1500+ real browsers and mobile devices. Test more browsers, in less time.

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Pros of Blisk

Blisk offers a unique toolbox by not using traditional browsers. Because of this, you have many options at your fingertips rather easily.
You do not have to sift through irrelevant web results when trying to find web development information and tools.
Blisk allows you to see desktop and mobile views at the same time while developing.

Cons of Blisk

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Blisk Reviews

by grex about Blisk on March 2, 2018:
Blisk browsers are effective tools for building websites, if you are not already somewhat of an expert. They allow you to see desktop and mobile views side by side, which is helpful because you do not have to reformat the website you create to fit a mobile view. By not using traditional browsers it allows web developers to get information and tools rather quickly, although it may limit your options in some cases. Trying to set up a website or trying to test a new website can be a very daunting task if you do not have a lot of experience or training. For people like this who are not already familiar with the ins and outs of web design and development, Blisk is a very useful tool. However, if you already know how to effectively create websites, then using Blisk may be a waste of time for you. Blisk is certainly not perfect and tech experts can accomplish much more than is capable solely through the use of Blisk. That said, it can still make your job simpler for easier websites to build.
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