Camtasia Studio Alternatives and Reviews

Camtasia is a video editing suite, intended to be used for both editing video footage and grabbing recordings of the computer screen. This software is designed for use on both the Mac and Windows operating systems.
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8 Alternatives to Camtasia Studio

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Pros & Cons of Camtasia Studio


  • Having focused on being a video editor first, then adding recording capabilities into the software, Camtasia is an all in one solution for content editing and creation. Pair that with the fact that it is a cross platform product, and Camtasia becomes an easier choice for using as a video editor. Cross platform usage is important for users who either need to create content to share with other editors on other platforms, or for users who frequently bounce between devices running different operating systems. Each operating system has its own version of the software, though, so different downloads will need to be purchased.
  • Another advantage it has over some of the other options in its category is the option for easy green screen replacement. Their software makes removing a green screen as simple as finding the color and removing it. This feature isn’t typically offered at a price below $300, so it is nice to see this feature in a product at this price point.
  • There is multitrack editing in the linear video editor supplied, good for adding titles, overlay images, backgrounds to green screen footage, and adding multiple audio tracks to the videos. The editor supports video editing up to 4K resolution, so it will be able to handle modern camcorder footage.
  • It also offers functionality for recording the screen, either the whole screen or a part of it, in addition to support for audio recording and webcam recording. This is good for creating content to edit later.


  • The only way to really justify the price tag is to fully utilize the video editing in conjunction with the video and screen recording capabilities. As a video editor, it lacks options for color correction or other features that video professionals would need to use in their work environments. As such, it is more designed for piecing together existing footage than to edit mistakes in the footage or add significant pieces to the footage.
  • There are significantly cheaper options for screen recording software, including decent free options. The price tag is too expensive to justify this solely for its screen recording capabilities.

Features of Camtasia Studio

  • Camtasia is a video editor with the option for recording footage with the software, including screen recordings.
  • It offers the ability to remove the green screen from footage and supports multitrack editing to place backgrounds, titles, and audio within video projects.
  • It can handle 4K footage.

Camtasia Studio Reviews

  • Written by User 1 on 2018-01-17 04:38:41.
    Camtasia is primarily advertising itself as a video editor, with the secondary capability of recording the screen. At a price of $199, it is a more expensive option than many other video editors available, and there are cheaper options for those looking to only record their screen. However, for users who don’t need a full scale video editor, but still wish to have a powerful video editor, or need to record videos and edit them in one place, Camtasia will be worth the price. It offers features that will make the editing component worthwhile and makes recording and editing screen recordings of the desktop and iOS devices simple.

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