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Clougistic is a comprehensive and versatile warehouse management program compatible.
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Pros & Cons of Clougistic Magento WMS


  • Cloud-based software lets you access your warehouses anywhere
  • Easily adapted to a wide range of business sizes and models
  • All the information you need directly available through your Clougistics dashboard


  • Only accessible through an existing Magento framework
  • Requires a monthly service plan

Features of Clougistic Magento WMS

  • Support for multiple businesses and warehouses for each
  • Integrated forecasting and replenishment
  • Automatic generation of purchase orders

Clougistic Magento WMS Reviews

  • Written on 2018-03-02 04:26:10:
    "Scaled for businesses of any size, Clougistic automates and simplifies the process of managing your warehouse's operations. It's designed for use with Magento, an e-commerce platform written in PHP which is structured to handle a wide variety of e-commerce needs. Clougistic further increases the functionality of your Magento by integrating in a variety of features to give you better control over the nuts and bolts of your warehouse. With Clougistic, you can connect directly with a range of major shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, and USPS to expedite the process of delivering products from the manufacturer to warehouse and from your warehouse to your clients.

    Every major component of the warehouse experience is facilitated by Clougistic's features. This starts with inventory. Their predictive forecasting options allow you the insight to know when your stock is running low before it happens, and Clougistic lets you track your materials through every stage of the shipping process. Larger businesses can rely on the multi-inventory system to track their goods even across multiple warehouses, and bill of materials are automatically compiled with each update made to your inventory.

    The purchase functions of Clougistic's software coordinates directly with the inventory feature. You'll have options to three different replenishing policies which will automatically file and send purchase orders according to the needs of your company, automating one of the most tedious processes warehouse managers have to deal with. Clougistic's robust tracking features extend to when you have to return products due to damage or defects. Order adjustments can be regulated depending on the fluctuation costs on the market, and access to multiple suppliers allows you to adjust who you order from and keep your warehouse competitive.

    Many of Clougistic's customers deal in complicated products that require multiple moving components, and that's why they've integrated a production function into their software. Bill of materials can be produced that take these complicated shipments into account and nest items accurately and readably.

    Tracking the inventory of your warehouse isn't worth much without the ability to track the metrics of your operation. All of this is handled through an easy to read dashboard that lets you oversee every aspect of your business model. A clean tabbed interface gives you control of sales orders, purchases, shipments, tasks, inventory, process and products at the click of a button. This also allows you control over forecasting and reports.

    Clougistics is designed to scale to a variety of business models, and that's where its integration with Magento comes in. You can connect your Clougistics profile across multiple installations of Magento and access the info you need from your PC, phone, or other device. Clougistics is available through both the App Store and the Play Store. It can be scaled up or down to meet the demands of your changing business, and administrators have full control over the accessibility options for their employees."

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