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As soon as you invite Arthur to your channel, it will send the following message:
Arthur avatar
Arthur BOT today at 4:20 PM

Aye! My name's Arthur, one of those multipurpose bots who does things.
Thanks for adding me to your server
My prefix is currently a., change it with the prefix command.
To change the server's language, use serverlanguage, and to change your own, use language. (If you know a non-English language, help translate! Ask in the support server.)
For more help, use
If you have any problems, feel free to join the support server (in the help commmand).
By using this bot, you agree to the short TOS available at


Google Docs

Any message sent to the digital Discord™ bot Arthur’s direct messages (nothing in a server) that does not start with @Arthur or Arthur’s defined prefix will be logged in a channel on Arthur’s official Discord™ server, showing the message’s content along with the author of the message’s name, prof...

When inviting Arthur to a new server, it will send you this private message:
Arthur avatar
Arthur BOT today at 4:20 PM

Invite | GitHub | Support Server | Trello | TOS
Made by Gymnophoria#8146
When using commands, <> indicates a required argument and [] indicates an optional requirement. (Do not actually type these symbols.)


a.8ball › Ask the magical eight ball a question. › Get a cat picture. › Get a free dog photo.
a.math › Evaluate math expressions and conversions.
a.mchistory › View all the previous names of a Minecraft user.
a.mcserver › Get information about a Minecraft server
a.mcskin › Get the skin of a Minecraft player
a.strawpoll › Create a strawpoll.
a.ud › Define a word or phrase using the glorious urban dictionary
a.xkcd › Get a random, chosen, or latest xkcd comic.


a.webshot › Take a picture of a website.
a.endpoll › End a currently started poll early
a.poll › Start a poll › View the help menu. › View information about Arthur.
a.invite › Invite Arthur to your server.
a.mp3 › Get an mp3 file of a YouTube video or Soundcloud song
a.suggest › Suggest a command or feature to be added to Arthur.


a.dice › Rolls a dice
a.hug › Hug Arthur (or someone else)
a.l › L
a.lenny › ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) › Get a random meme.
a.owoify › Owoify some text
a.reverse › Reverse some text
a.spacify › A d d s o m e s p a c e
a.spongebob › It'S tImE tO sPoNgEbOb SoMe TeXt
a.stopwatch › Time something with your dandy stopwatch

Server Management

a.humongoji › Enable or disable humongojis in a server. They're wumbojis, but better.
a.levels › Enable or disable leveling for a server.
a.blacklist › Blacklist a user or role from using Arthur in your server.
a.levelmessages › Toggle level up messages for your server.
a.prefix › Set or view the server's prefix.
a.unblacklist › Unblacklist someone previously blacklisted from Arthur.


a.guildlanguage › Set the language of Arthur for your server. User settings overwrite.
a.langinfo › Get detailed information about a language.
a.language › Change the language of Arthur for yourself. Overrides server language.
a.languages › List all languages that Arthur has available.


a.leaderboard › Show the leaderboard for the current server or global.
a.xp › Show your current XP and level
a.xpinfo › Gives information about Arthur's leveling system.


a.forceskip › Force skip the current song › Like the currently playing song
a.liked › View all your liked songs
a.likedlb › Get a list of the top liked songs.
a.loop › Loops the current queue of music indefinitely.
a.move › Moves a song at position a to position b.
a.nowplaying › See what song is currently playing
a.npnotify › Send a message when a new song starts
a.pause › Pause the currently playing song › Play a song or add it to the queue
a.playnext › Queue a song next in queue
a.queue › View the current queue
a.remove › Remove a song from the queue
a.resume › Resume the currently playing song
a.shuffle › Shuffle the current music queue
a.skip › Skip the current song.
a.stop › Stop all music and leave the channel.
a.unlike › Unlike that one song you liked

Sound Effects

a.airhorn › Alias for play file airhorn
a.airhorns › Alias for play file airhorns
a.badumtss › Alias for play file badumtss
a.interiorcrocodilealligator › Alias for play file interiorcrocodilealligator
a.oof › Alias for play file oof
a.oofcat › Alias for play file oofcat
a.rickroll › Alias for play file rickroll
a.sadoof › Alias for play file sadoof
a.sadviolin › Alias for play file sadviolin
a.traphousebob › Alias for play file traphousebob

Type <command> for a detailed description of the command

Bot Status

Arthur's current status is online
Last checked (2024-05-04 22:30:03 UTC)

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