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Default Prefix: @CleanChat#5845
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When inviting CleanChat to a new server, it will send you this private message:
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CleanChat BOT today at 4:20 PM

How I work:
Once you register a bot using the addbot command, I'll listen in the chat for commands meant for that bot. When I spot a command, I'll wait for the corresponding bot to respond in chat, and delete your message when it does. Some bots, however, reply to the user in DMs, therefore, I'll delete messages meant for a bot after a time delay of 400ms. This should be enough for most bots to read the message and respond. If this feature is causing problems, you can disable it per bot with the disablemessagetimeout command.

How to use:
Commands can only be run by the server owner, or people with "Manage Server" permission.
Prefix: @CleanChat#5845 (Just tag the bot)

For a detailed commandlist with explanations, please visit my website:
- or use help <command> to read more about specific commands.
Simple Command Overview: fix
- help
- support
- limits
- purge
- purgechat
- forcepublicreply
- addbot
- botlist
- removebot
- changebotprefix
- disablemessagetimeout
- deletebotmsg
- deleteinitialmsg
- deletemsgdelay
- webhooks
- autodeletebot
- commandchannel
- noncommandchannel
- ignorerole
- usewhitelist
- whitelistchannel
- blacklistchannel
- cleanbots
- excludecommand
- includecommand
- clearexcludes
- excludedcommands
- banword
- unbanword
- bannedwords
- clearbannedwords
- reset
- claimserver
Want to remove the bot? Just kick it, simple as that!

Need more help? Join the support discord server by replying: support

This help message is sponsored by: Andy Hallot
If you like CleanChat, and want to help out, subscribe to my Patreon: It would mean so much!

Developed by Alexander Nørup (c) 2017-2019
Avatar by DeviantArt-user: "PenName-Kazeno".

A Discord bot for keeping the chat clean!

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CleanChat's current status is online
Last checked (2022-02-14 16:30:05 UTC)

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written by sio999 (2022-03-17 06:43:16 UTC)

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