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Help Command Preview

This message is shown by GameStats when the help command is sent to a channel:
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GameStats BOT today at 4:20 PM
About Gamestats Bot |
Support Server

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Adding an Account via the GameStats bot

You can add your username for a game by sending the bot a direct message in the format gs.add GAME
For example to add your Rainbow Six Siege account, send a DM of gs.add siege
The bot will ask you a few questions, reply to them and your account will be setup in no time.
Some games ask more questions that others.
If you're having issues you can always delete and try again: gs.delete siege gs.delete uplay gs.delete xbl

Showing off your stats

Now you have a game added it's time to show off your stats. Simply use the command for that game: gs.siege
Some games have one command, some have many. You can see a list of all commands with gs.commands
You can see another users stats by @ing them or using their Discord display name such as:
gs.siege @Dave#1234 or gs.siege TheDavenator

View Commands List

Type gs. commands to view list of commands

View Profile

View gamestats profile by typing gs.profile

Gamestats Website

You can create profile by visiting gamestats website by clicking here

You can check out the games supported on website by clicking here

To visit read the guides visit website by clicking here

Game Cards

Show off your Game Cards.

Visit website to customise game cards by clicking here here

Additional Links
You can always get more help on the command list of GameStats by visiting their support server or their website:
Command Description
gs.apex -
gs.ark - -
gs.csgo -
gs.destiny -
gs.destiny2 -
gs.dota2 -
gs.ffxiv -
gs.fornite -
gs.wildlands -
gs.nms -
gs.osu -
gs.ow -
gs.paladins -
gs.paragon -
gs.pubg -
gs.siege -
gs.rocketleague -
gs.rust -
gs.smite -
gs.tankpit -
gs.tf2 -
gs.wot -
gs.wows -
gs.wowp -
gs.psn -
gs.steam -
gs.uplay -
gs.xbl -
gs.profile -
gs.add -
gs.accounts -
Command Description
/announcement Set, disable or auto create announcement channel
/apex Get APEX player stats
/battlefield3 Get Battlefield 3 Profile
/battlefield4 Get Battlefield 4 Profile
/battlefieldhardline Get Battlefield Hardline Profile
/battlefieldv Get Battlefield V Profile
/brawlhalla Get Brawlhalla Profile
/brawlstars Show your Brawl Stars card
/card This command is strange and mysterious
/clashofclans Show your Clash of Clans card
/clashroyale Show your Clash Royale card
/commands Shows the list of commands
/compare This command is strange and mysterious
/crossfire Get Crossfire Profile
/csgo Shows your stats from CS:GO
/delete Delete specified account, if you have multiple accounts it will ask which to delete
/destiny2 Get Destiny 2 player stats
/dota2 Shows your stats from DOTA2
/ffxiv Get Final Fantasy XIV character profile
/fortnite Get Fortnite Battle Royale player stats
/games List supported games
/genshin Get Genshin Impact Profile
/guide Explore guides for games
/halo5 Get Halo 5 stats
/help This command is strange and mysterious
/info Info about the bot and credit where it is due
/join Provides a link to invite the bot to join your server.
/lbprivacy Opt in/out of the leaderboard in the server
/lbset Set the statistic that should be tracked for the leaderboard!
/leaderboard Display a leaderboard of server members for the game of your choosing!
/lol Get League of Legends stats
/mygames This command is strange and mysterious
/myplatforms Privately lists all your registered accounts via Direct Message
/osu Shows your osu! stats
/overwatch Show your Overwatch profile
/paladins Shows your Paladins stats
/payday2 Get Payday 2 profile
/platforms List supported accounts
/profile Create your profile or list registered accounts, see help profile for sub commands
/psn Get PSN profile
/pubg Get PUGB stats
/quakechampions Get Quake Champions Profile
/rocketleague Get rocket league player stats
/rust Shows your stats from Rust
/siege Shows your stats from RainbowSix: Siege
/smite Shows your Smite stats
/splitgate Get Splitgate stats
/steam Shows your Steam profile
/tf2 Shows your stats from Team Fortress 2
/worldoftanks Get World Of Tanks Profile
/xboxlive Get XBL profile

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